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At yonder: Kitwe, Nkana derby is lethargy


THAT Nkana, Kitwe United is the bona-fide Kitwe Derby it is preposterous to a modern-era Zambian football fan. Notwithstanding that the other Kitwe derby involving Power Dynamos and Nkana was a makeshift, unequivocally it is the prima dona of Kitwe and the country by extension.

On Saturday, the rivalry between Nkana Red Devils and the ‘Chingalika’ [nickname] Kitwe United was renewed as the former savoured victory over their longtime foes. In the run-up to the match day, this clash was acclaimed by local newspapers, social media and the cognoscenti – as the original Kitwe derby – at the same time looking down on Power Dynamos.

But when rubber met the road, the derby was short of fitting the billing. A glance at yonder, where the author is grounded: The Chingalika have a long course to reclaim their erstwhile status which apparently was replenished by Power Dynamos. Perhaps those on the ground and proximity to both teams can make a better, informed with depth opine than the author whose assertion is from a yonder.

Lest Kitwe United have the wherewithal to match their town rivals – they can not just be mentioned in the same breadth of aristocracies. An oomph Power Dynamos, Nkana clash is befittingly the original Kitwe derby of this era.

Meanwhile, Congratulations to the Zambia U-20 national team for scoping the team of the year accolade at the Regional Annual Sports Awards yesterday. Hard lucky to Coach Bestone Chambeshi and others who came out short to winning their respective categories.

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