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Chiplopolo on a tough course to Cosafa Cup title defense

Cosafa senior challenge cup champions Zambia will kick off the defence of their title on 25th May in South Africa.

Cosafa has invited formidable guest teams in 2015 Africa Cup of Nations runners up Ghana and East African side Tanzania.

Zambia who will enter the competition at the quarter final stage will play the winner of Group A which has Tanzania, Namibia, Lesotho and losing finalists in the last edition, Zimbabwe.

Group A
17/05 – Namibia vs Zimbabwe
17/05 -Lesotho vs Tanzania
19/05 – Zimbabwe vs Lesotho
19/05 – Namibia vs Tanzania
21/05 – Namibia vs Lesotho
21/05 -Zimbabwe vs Tanzania

Group B
18/05 – Seychelles vs Mauritius
18/05 -Madagascar vs Swaziland
20/05 – Mauritius vs Madagascar
20/05 – Seychelles vs Swaziland
22/05 – Seychelles vs Madagascar
22/05 – Mauritius vs Swaziland



24/05 -Ghana vs Winner Group B
24/05- Mozambique vs Malawi
25/05- Zambia vs Winner Group A
25/05 – South Africa vs Botswana

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  1. Honestly I’m fed up of talk of this tournament. This cup is taking us nowhere. We should focus on caf and fifa competitions and send our under 23 players for this competition.

  2. @john, I totally agree with you. This cup is not improving our football and its better to invest in youth football than this good for nothing cup which just makes us think we are better than we actually are. Our so called developmental side which featured in the cosafa cup had overage players like Bronson Chama and Kondwani Mtonga who were in their late 20’s. Infact Kondwani is now 30 years old so what were we developing?

  3. Cosafa is a sheer waste of time! Janza should give his critics a reason to have Little faith in him by winning cosafa,taking us to Chan 2016 and eventually winning it!

  4. Cosafa is good for our football development, the local guys should always get the feel of international football and those who excel at that level should be drafted to the senior team. it enhances competition in the team and it’s even nice to see teams like Ghana coming to participate.

  5. I think it’s about time we focussed on bigger tournaments. The U17 team should have qualified to the U17 WC. Only then were these boys gonna be exposed to world renowned scouts. I also hope that the U20 boys team can go far in the coming tournament in Senegal. This COSAFA is a useless tournament, with only Zambia and South Africa being the only formidable sides.

  6. The failure of our national teams to excel at continental tournaments is just unacceptable.It is worrying and very disappointing.Kalu and his coaches owe the entire soccer family an explain as to why are teams are failing

  7. For Zambia to improve we need a good coach and play against good teams. How do you improve when you always play against teams that have never been to afcon before? and when we beat them we say we have a good team. You develop a junior team into a senior team, therefore if we say COSAFA is for the development of the team then we have to send the under 20. How can you develop a senior team ? How long will it take to develop a team ?

  8. good point guys. the senior team hasn’t really benefited from this cosafa. let faz use this to develop the under 23, which has largely bin idle

  9. The best team to send is under 20 not those under 23 who in real are not that old that is just African football age.I personally feel it for our benefit if Faz sends developmental side not senior since that is what this cup is all about.

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