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Throwback Thursday: 1st round exit at AfCON 1986

Africa Cup of Nations 1986 – Alexandria Egypt

One of the worst performances by the Zambia national team at Africa Cup of Nations when Zambia exited in the first round with only a point.

In the first game Zambia under Coach Brightwell Banda were beaten 3- 2 by a star studded Cameroon which had the likes of Roger Miller, Thomas Nkono and Louis-Paul M’fede. Zambia scored through Michael Chabala and Kalusha Bwalya (penalty) but were undone with goals from Roger Miller and a brace from M’fede.

In the next game Zambia played to a goalless draw against Algeria before succumbing to a 1 – 0 loss against Morocco after conceding an own goal through Jones Chilengi.

Uncle Bobs wrote –

Charles Musonda played in the first match outplaying the famed Cameroun midfielders Theophelius “The Doctor” and Mbida so much that one them in frustration got the ball and threw it in Charlie Cool’s face leading to double vision and out of the tournament replaced by Langson “Forces” Phiri but couldn’t match up as Abega and Mbida were in control.

Young Great Kalu announced his arrival at this tournament.

Ba Chilengi indeed hesitated to clear the ball from dark skinned Morrocan Krimal who turned and scored and sending Jones Chilengi into retirement.

The photo was the team that played and lost to Morocco in the final game of the group stage.

Standing L-3 Jones Chilengi (Gbfc)-5, Wisdom Chansa (Power)-10, Laban Chishala (Gbfc)-2,Efford Chabala (Mufulira Wanderers)-1, Kapambwe Mulenga (Gentile) (Nkana Red Devils)-3, Jericho Shinde (Nkana Red Devils)-6, Big Michael Chabala (Nkana Red Devils)-9

Squatting L-R Ashios Melu (Mufulira Wanderers)-4, Kalusha Bwalya (Cercle Brugges)-11, Derby Mankinka (Profund Warriors)-8 and Chilufya Mwenya (Vitafoam)-7

[Uncle Bobs]

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  1. One player I remember though is the Algerian keeper Nacerdine Drid, a damn good keeper we just couldn’t beat in the the World Cup qualifiers losing 2-0 in Algiers and 1-0 at Independence despite Zambia launching an all out attack, including Kalu’s famed freekicks that couldn’t just go in. At one point a ball boy at Independence Stadium got his cap suspecting “Juju” and match was stopped for a few minutes. Algeria went to the World Cup in Mexico eliminating Nigeria in the final round. And the World Cup guess who Drid came face to face with, Brazil with a lethal frontline line Careca, fast running winger Muller, Alemao, Silas (what a brilliant player but didn’t return in 1990) and Drid was at it again thwarting wave after wave of the Brazilian attack and it only took an own goal for Algeria to win. In the final first round match Drid came up againstSpain with Emelio Butragueno and Michhel relentlessly attacking with Drid again at his best. Sensing danger, Spain had to play it rough and drew on their rough neck player the “famed” butcher of bilbao to inflick head, shoulder and neck injury on Drid would couldn’t continue and Spain went on to score winning 3-1 Algeria (Bensaula, Menad, Belloumi, Mehdja etc) bowing out. What keeper he was world class for me!

  2. Thanks Uncle Bobs for the memories. Correct me if I am wrong, the game against Algeria at independence Stadium was the debut games for One Edwin Kanyanta at left back and Derby Mankinka in Central Midfield. Jericho Shinde made a blunder in midfield which resulted in the only goal of the game. The 1986 picture just reminds me of how long some players played for the national team, Wisdom Chansa for instance. I think one of Zambias finest and complete players!

    • Unless I’m mistaken, Can’t remember if Derby played in the first leg in Algiers,but certainly his full home debut, but one thing for sure is Edwin kanyanta played for Zambia 5yrs earlier when Power’s coach and standing in as National Team coach for KK11 fielded at least 5 Power players (Edwin Kanyanta himself, Michael Musonda, Stafford Mutalama, Peter Kaumba and Alex Chola) in our scoreless draw with Sudan having lost 1 nil away. This may have been Great Kalu’s full international debut and Peter Kaumba had to be shunted to the right wing to accommodate Greaypt Kalu on the day!

  3. Yes Drid was one of the best goalkeepers at that time and was outstanding in the game against the mighty Brazil at the World cup though he was very short in stature.Laban Chishala-small but hard tackling at right back and Gents power on the left.Ba Denis Liwewe MHSRIP talked a lot about the own goal by chilengi even after the tournerment. Charles Musonda was supposed to be at the tournerment but was reported to be injured.

    • Ba Ngizo Charles Musonda was there and played in thhe first match outplaying the famed Cameroun midfielders Theophelius “The Doctor” and Mbida so much that one them in frustration got the ball and threw it in Charlie Cool’s face leading to double vision and out of the tournament replaced by Langson “Forces” Phiri but couldn’t match up as Abega and Mbida were in control. Young Great Kalu announced his arrival at this tournament. Ba Chilengi indeed hesitated to clear the ball from dark skinned Morrocan Krimal who turned and scored and sending Jones Chilengi into retirement. Dennis two years earlier in the final of the East and Central Africa Championship against Malawi (Harry Waya, Reuben Malola, Kinah Phiri, Young Chimodzi, Jack Chamangwana etc) with game scoreless missed a penalty and Liwewe “Jones but why miss a penalty the Zambians shall skin you alive. You’ve never missed a penalty”. Strangely Jones had scored a penalty in the same tournament. We won on penalties for our first major Trophy. Oh those days pure class and nostalgic

      • Ba Uncle Bobs so true and you have a sharp memory, you indeed follow the game, and not just being armchair critic.

  4. Uncle bobs u wil make us cry with your very precise soccer history,as if we are watching live soccer na ba mudala mr liwewe on commentries Mhsrip.For sure u are remainding us those old good days of zambian soccer unlike these days.Zamfoot thumbs up for coming up with such.Uncle bobs wemufyashi continue with the good works

  5. I remember Drid very well. He was badly dribbled by Lucky Msiska in that game tho we cudnt score. Every effort was thrown at Micheal Chabala’s head but Drid was up to the task. To date he stands to be the best goalie ever to have graced African Soccer. The Moroccans had Azizi who made beef of Jones Chilengi. The following day, the Zambia Daily mail head line was, “I Have been insulted too much” says Chilengi. That was his last international match before he even quit Buffaloes to join Nitrogen Stars of Kafue as Coach Player..

    • Msiska was surprisingly started on he bench for this game at Independence with Lackson Chanda (Jack “African Pele” Chanda’s young brother) of Vitafoam getting the nod to my chagrin, who failed to tick.

      • Uncle Bobs.Was this the same game that Lawrence Monde from Nkwanzi also made his debut,i mean against Algeria at Independence?

        • No Lawrence Monde of Nkwazi (star of the league at the time) was a one match wonder against Uganda at Independence to be replaced by Richard “Spark” Siame of Power plucked from Mansa Sparks (Baterries) in the match and never to be heard thereafter

  6. Uncle bob’s yes the nostalgia….!! Those were the days where wearing that Jersey was the pinacle!! That east and central challenge cup win was incredible, I remeber listening to the commentary on radio! Big Micheal Chabala, yup the Afcon in 86! Was it not a header he score against Cameroon of a corner…?! Laban chishala, small in stature but tough as nails! To show dominant Red Devils were in that period, look at the players in the starting 11!! As a Power fan I hated them, but they were damn good!! And drid!! Shit thanks for that one uncle Bob! Lakdar Belloumi et al…..? Careca, Zici, Socrates for Brazil….. Eyali Bola!!!

    • It’s more of what was lacking then-players were too talented but with very bad attitude killing team work, which is why we always faltered at the last minute despite always outplaying teams then. Ucar and Chitalu the best strikers had discipline issues. As for current players talent isn’t just abundant and with money readily available the players easily become content with a little money as they quickly want to come back to Zambia and shine in flashy big vehicles-they need mentors (Xris Katongo has been wise to have Brand Ambassadors). Another thing we miss now is going only one third of the journey like I’ve consistently been saying by focusing only on coaching (looks only at performance on the pitch) leaving out two other important aspects of Counseling (handles players’ personal problems) and Mentoring (Advisory services to chart out players careers-imagine if ba john’s favourite player Fwayo Tembo had this and where he would be). By focusing on coaching, all teams only hold coaches accountable when team is performing dismally. But we ignore Counseling and Mentoring that Team Executive Management are responsible for but focus more on allowances-good example is Napsa who have been changing coaches like shirts yet the Club Chairman with his team has never sat to evaluate themselves. Thank Club Licencing as now Management shall be accountable to Sponsors.

    • Kekekeke, I’m humbled but thanks but no,only available to assist in whatever role if called upon in areas of Mentoring, Counseling, Coaching (not on the pitch but performance enhancing)Strategic Implementation and Execution, Brand Packaging (Wooing Investors and Sponsors) etc.

  7. Uncle Bob last question,today they is more tactical,and technical training but but tops scorer in zambia for past three years is 14-16 goals the whole season.But players like Stone Nyriend could score 31 goals before leaving fo Europe pa half season and Ucar 107 in on seasonn.What is wrong with Zambian strikers?even pa PSL our strikers are no longer tops scorer as they used to be the likes of Wesdon Nyrienda,D.Lota and others.

    • Serious lack of talent as even defenders of those days (Ackim Musenge,Dick Chama, Kasier Kalambo, Bernard “Tools & Hardware” Mutale, Jack Simbule, Martin Sebele, John Yamba Yamba, Ronald Mkandawire,Mustapha “Police & You” Kalizamani, Roy Ntambo, Peter Chikwempe,Patrick Chabu etc)can’t be matched with ones of nowadays-with due respect to Mbola, he would not even make the bench for KK11 not even the terrace!!!

  8. Rich history from Uncle Bobs there I salute you and those who where there like KK11 and others because I was young in my village when we never had FM waves only on badly interfered SW channels.

  9. Our soccer problems are compounded by the demise of ZCCM which was by far the biggest sponsor and nurturer of talents in Zambia. Look at DRC as well…the collapse of GCM, equivalent of ZCCM, had negatively affected soccer in Katanga province until Katumbi returned and single-handedly rebuilt TP and Don Bosco to where they are now.
    I had hoped North-Western province would become an important soccer development centre with all the new mines but unfortunately today’s miners are nakedly anti-social and community development…we cant count on them. We need soccer entrepreneurs like Katumbi to emerge…the Katumbi Academy Team, coached by a Frenchman who was part of the team of French coaches who pioneered those successful Ivorian Academies which have produced the likes of Yaya Toure, reached the final of Coupe du Congo…these kids are between 17-20 years. They are a marvel to watch!

  10. Though KK11 coudnt bring Africon or just clubs in Zambia,the football we played was entertaining,a lot of skill xibited,dribbling and a lot of goals.I recall in 1994 watching BP TOP 8 Between Wanderers and Roan utd the lsk independence stadium was full to capacity bcause it was entertain,today stadia are not full to capacity us it used to be.

  11. Good points Uncle Bobs, Kampinda and Instructor. When you mentioned that one player could not have featured in the old KK11 you are absolutely right. Zambia had All Starts and The Rest (Basically Zambia A and Zambia B). In some instances we had Zambia C as well. The Rest tried as much to go into All Stars (Zambia proper) and it was not easy to displace a player there unless due to sickness or injury! Our Afcon winning team could have been a C but for one or two or three players who could be in The Rest! Every year, at the beginning of the year, All Stars played The Rest and it was an opportunity for The Rest to shine if they needed to be noticed. Yes the demise of ZCCM impacted negatively our game. We started watching games at 13:00hrs with the B sides before the A sides came out at 15:30hrs. The B sides were nurseries and fought very hard for promotion. Also, each team had nurseries e.g. Nkana had Ajax. Sometimes at break time these little “things” played entertaining football and awed everyone! Zambia schools was great too and you hardly see any player from Zambia Schools (Schoolboy International) such as Jericho Shinde, Mark Masumbuko featuring for the National Team today.

  12. I remember that it was in the first game against Cameroun that Mfede hit a free kick into Charlies’ face and led to his substitution. This was the 16 year old’s first cap. He never played in the rest of the tournament, and most of us believed this was what led to Zambia exiting the tournament in the first round. the kid was just one genius.

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