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Sate Sate hands Cape Verde killer blow

Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba scored a clinical goal to give Zambia a deserved 1 – 0 win over Group F leaders Cape Verde in the Equatorial Guinea 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

Zambia looked like the team which wanted it more from the start but the team struggled to hit the target despite pressing the visitors who looked comfortable to sit back.

Kampamba could have put Chipolopolo ahead after he received a defence splitting pass but his first ball let him down as he overrun the ball for the keeper to pick.

A long searching ball then found Mayuka who was sandwiched between two defenders but he opted to chest the ball for the keeper to pick when a header on target could have counted.

After the restart, coach Honour Janza made his second substitution after Given Singuluma had been subsituted by Chisamba Lungu after a muscle strain in the 33rd minute this time bringing in Lubambo Musonda for Bruce Musakanya.

The tempo of the game immediately changed as the Zambian midfielders started running rings around the Blue Sharks.

Lubambo’s 52nd minute run on the right saw him square the ball for Mayuka whose well taken shot was blocked and he failed to make proper contact on the second bite with Cape Verde now pinned in their area.

Zambia could have gone up in the 71st minute when captain Nathan Sinkala’s 35 yard deflected beat the keeper only to canon of the woodwork, and it only looked a matter of time before Zambia could take the lead.

Seven minutes later, a long searching ball was headed back in the path of Mayuka who controlled well to find Kampamba in acres of space in the ‘D’ area with his back on goal who turned to 180 degrees and place the ball beyond the reach of the Cape Verde keeper.

There were still chances for Zambia with Mayuka again played into space by Lubambo in the 84th minute who managed to beat his marker but shot over the bar with only the keeper to beat in the 18 yard box.

However, Zambia did not strut to victory without concerns as they survived scares in defence with Cape Verde making a strong penalty appeal after Nyambe Mulenga who again stood out in defence brought down his striker in the box in the 84th minute.

Janza will be happy to win 3 in 3 and to have seen the confidence in his boys who were show-boating but will know that there is work to be done in defense before January.

Zambia will know their group stage opponents at the tournament on December, 3.

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  1. Well done boys. Unlike some self proclaimed ‘giants’ of Africa, we never struggle to qualify for Afcon. It’s our birthright. We even FIRE coaches for qualifying to Afcon. It’s never about qualifying with us. Who ever care to think back at any Afcon without Zambia? Didn’t think so. Afcon is about Zambia and THE REST baby. FACT!!!!
    FOREVER Chipolopolo

  2. I stil maintain janza is a usless coach he wil be exposd at afcon. C.V had nothing to play for ,mozambique is weak and we got lucky against niger. we need to find a coach and revert janza to tecnical. he has no game plan

    • I agree with you Stumpy on this one.A good coach cannot pick Donasho over Nkausu,Musakanya over Lubambo and bench Chisamba the only effective playmaker in the middle of the pack.Whats the rational in having Sunguluma ,Sate Sate and Mayuka on the pitch at the same time?You will end up misplacing one of them like it has now happened by playing Sunguluma in as amidfielder rather than as a supporting striker where he is effective.

  3. Janza is a useless coach Janza this Janza that come on guys you talk too much pathetic renard couldnt even beat sudan at home yet Janza and Lobahm are winning games. Zambia will jump on the Fifa Ranking now.

  4. And now for a talk on Our Chances at Reclaiming the Title, if any.
    We have at best an outside chance. Definitely not among the top contenders owing to the following three factors;
    1.) To win a championship, a team needs a consistent starting 11 that virtually picks itself. We don’t have that YET. No 3 people on this blog can pick a first 11 that’s identical.
    2.) To win a marathon tourney of this scale, a team needs perfect equal replacements of its best 6 players. Mweene, Kalaba, Sunzu, Sinkala + (Chansa & Katongo) have no PERFECT replacements
    3.) A settled coach in command of the nation’s supporters & players’ confidence + critics respect is essential in the modern game. Our coach himself would not even be able to tell you if he has the job tomorrow. A day after warping up qualification to Africa’s finest 15. Remember Bonetti?
    4.) Each department of the team; Defense, Mid & Attack needs a combo of personnel who have played together for at least 5 consecutive top billing fixtures. Only our defense gets 3/5 on that.
    VERDICT:- We have 2 months to FIX THIS if we are to make a successful return to Eq.G. Just my thoughts

  5. I’m not sure it was a deserved win but at the very least it showed us where we are weak. The full back positions are a cause for concern. And also our ability to keep the ball and make passes in midfield.

  6. Though we have won, I am not very impressed with the defence, and to some extent midfield. Donashano Malama and Munthali should not be starting the games. Lubambo Musonda should also be starting against Musakanya. Honour Janza should also be able to read the game and come up with tactics. Mayuka missed an opportunity which could have wrapped up the game when he rounded of a CV defender and only needed a tap to score but ballooned the ball over the bar. Anyway we won 1-0, as a win is a win. Good game though.

    • you are right, only a full can field Munthali and that Malama fella at the tournament, running like head less chickens, Kalaba also should learn on when to shoot at goal or pass

  7. Sate sate was no in “acres of space” the author here is embelishing a little bit. One wonders why, Chisamba and Lubambo were on the bench. The direct play and one on one ability to beat a player by Musonda is what we have lacked in years. this kid will be special. I manged to cathc the last 30 mins of this game and i have to admit, Musonda i special. Him and Chisamba combined well and sate sate goal was pure clinical. Mayuka needs to loose some weight an obviously is lacking game time, but his experince will come to do the younger strikers well. Kalaba is not what he once was and the new kids will overtake him soon enough. The two central defenders were suspect, slow and playing chipante pante bola. Can they not control the ball? seems they lack confidence on the ball. Munthali is a big liability, that was a PK when he fouled the cape verde player in the box. Malama is another liability, a two footed tackle…..??!! why? this is not street ball!!!!! Mbola is great going forward, but the big teams will take advantage of those gaps at the back! Nathan was economical and sound, something is missing from him. But still a great freekick and would have been a fantastic goal!! Mayuka needs game time, the fundementals are there, needs to play more. Once again, why is Chisamba on the bench??? Lubambo on the bench??? these two fellas were brilliant!! Sunzu missed!! Mweene should be captain!! again i only watched the last half hour of the game.

    Janza should give way to another tactician, thanks for taking the team to Afcon but he will be out witted in January. we have the talent, we just need the right mind to harness this talent and get us playing proper football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Technical enlightenment
      What a lecture
      Maybe the team should be handled by both you and Ba John
      You can really analyse and antidote all the technical frailties “at all times”
      Super humans
      I wonder when some people will realize there can never be a perfect game of football
      You always find fault with anything at anytime anywhere
      What a wow

  8. I will still ask that we maintain faith in Janza he has shown that he is in charge of the team he has made some changes that have proved vital. Calling back Nyambe,Given singuluma, retiring tired legs like the katongo brothers, brought in the likes of L.Musonda and Bruce. Many say he doesn’t read the game but how come he makes subs that bring impact and win us the games. Please bloggers stop playing haters lets support our own.

  9. this is wat kampinda the blogger wrote in The other thread.
    Sate Sate may be ok for
    club football but the chap
    has proved time and time
    again that he cant play
    at national team level.
    kampinda were u in a sober mind wen u wrote that?

  10. Kudos to the team. This is what was expected from this team. Lubambo Musonda was impressive again today though he needs to work on his crossing. Chisamba Lungu. What a player! He was the game changer and a beast when given space in the middle of the park!

  11. This PATHETIC Nigerian team has failed to qualify for Afcon. Hell knows how they won the Afcon last year. We should be still champions if it was not for the stinking corruption at CAF!

  12. Chisamba Lungu made too many adverts today,the boy cn dribble…lubambo musonda is on point…..Sate Sate doesn’t need 15chances to score!!

  13. First of all, congrats to the boys for the victory.
    I was one of those who questioned the appointment of Honour Janza as coach when he took over from Patrice. Fast forward to today after Zambia’s final group match and I’m convinced even more so that we need someone else to take us to the next level. I’ll be the first to salute Mr. Janza for a commendable job he’s done in qualifying us to AFCON 2015. However, logic and honesty should prevail over sentiments. The callibre of our technical personnel sends out a clear message on where we stand insofar as football development is concerned.
    Many bloggers seem to have issues with our shaky defense, and rightly so. But could it be that our strike force is equally inept? In the last three matches no single striker can put claim to being the “main man”. Even more worrisome is the fact that apart from Kabala, we don’t seem to have scoring midfielders to chip in with goals from time to time.
    While we have been watching our beloved chipolopolo in these qualifiers, I hope we have also been keeping a close look at how other nations have been displaying their tactics, team organisation, potency in front of goal, solid defending, team discipline and other visible signs of serious contenders.
    Not wanting to be misunderstood, I’ll not mention names of individuals I strongly feel Zambia still needs in one way or another if we’re going to mount a serious challenge when the games begin in two months time. God bless Zambia.

    By the way, I’m all for Mweene and Kalaba for captaincy and vice respectively.

  14. Sate Sate was ineffective ….A waste…of space… that goal was offside….Bruce is useless…why does Janza insist on wasting 45 mins with Bruce ….when Lubambo made such a huge difference even in Niger game…

  15. Ghana,Algeria,Cameroon, I.coast for afcon semi finals, Senegal and South africa will be the dark horses of the tornament, the rest are useless.

  16. I have used the word disjointed to describe play before, but the word i have to use to describe allot of the play is ragged. Zambia is playing to its strength now and that is speed, and i think that more than anything is what has seen Zambia through.

    I want to see the success of local coaches but one must be practical. Zambia has allot of potential to do well at this tournament but if we play the way we have in the last three matches i dont think that potential will be exploited.

    We need to maximise potential and therefore we need a new coach ASAP! Sorry to say.

    Will comment on the play later.

  17. Congrats to Zambia for making it. We started very badly but picked up as more games were played.
    To bros from Ghana @Nkwame, @Alex zz and my brother from another mother @LBJ congrats. South Africa to me is the most improved team this year in Africa.

  18. When Zambia failed to reach the second round in 2013 what did people say ? I think we did better than some of the teams who fail even to qualify. I would like to hear the noise they made over Zambia. Especially ancient teams. pwa pwa kikikikkikikiki, long live CHIPOLOPOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My comments are being censored, Like i said Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon and I.coast for afcon semis, Senegal and South Africa are darkhorses, the rest are useless and will be in equitorial guinea to add numbers.

  20. Ooooo Naija fare thee well
    Congrats Chipolopolo
    I hope gh exact it’s revenge at Afcon 2015
    Better luck next time Uganda
    Cape Verde can cause an upset
    Last time EG hosted,Zambia won,Naija didn’t qualify
    Can same happen?
    The Ebola Cup will be keenly contested
    Let the games begin

  21. Nigeria stands a chance of getting through by being one of the best three qualified teams. Do your research before you voice your vile hatred for certain people group.

    I am certain without a doubt that Nigeria is in based on the group standings currently. Regardless of Egypt vs Tunisia result.

  22. this was the easiest group to 2015 AFCON. Had Niger being in Ghana’s group and Togo in Group F. Zambia would be scratching ……………………….. at home come 2015 AFCON.

  23. there is an arrogant nigerian who came to brag on this site that he is an elder. Nigeria is a fluke champion. Super falcon has also since disappeared.

  24. No Nigeria,no AFCON for West Africa. How I wish Cameroun was in West Africa ( Central Africa ). CIV have only won it once ,Ghana will be tourists as usual.Senegal yet to be in an AFCON final, dis is y I say Nigeria ‘a demise is West African demise….no cup for this region now.

  25. For me the idea of playing Singuluma,Sate-Sate and Mayuka in one starting lineup is not working.You could see hw our midfield was been exposed on many occasions due to inadequte cover for Nathan Sinkala.much as some might argue that Singuluma was coming deep to collect the balls from midfield he didnt do it well enough,the coach should start with Chisamba and Sinkala in the middle of the park and choose either Singuluma or Sate-Sate to partner Mayuka as strikers.Donashano Malama was our weakest link and should not be in the starting 11 (atleast until he improves his game) we need Nkausu.The coach should also work on postioning of our players when we are not in possesion of the ball otherwise we are bulding a strong team for the future

  26. Congrats! But Janza is not the right man for the job. Nick should go with the team to AFCON,he (Janza) lacks game timing and reading. Its not just a question of having CAF license A or B. What we need is Game plan which lacks him, i say so because we all saw how Munthali and Malama struggled in Mozambique but again he puts them in for cape verde game and the situation was the same.That is nonsense.

  27. evans should have gone in for mayuka .sate will never warm the bench in many games to come,the boy has jaguar teeth.soccerguru are u blind?

  28. Cabo verde is not top ten in Africa for fluke, indeed it is a very good side.Coach Janza about Malama I think
    Just find a natural right back as while for a central defender to replace Muthali before these two cost as a game.Bruce is not good enough hence why not start with Lungu and with say thirty minutes to go in comes Lubambo for Lungu,as an INPACT.I am not for the idea of Lubambo starting.

  29. Janza time for trials is over now.At the finals there are no return matches hence Malama has failed to impress at right back so is his teammate Muthali at central defense,please work on that department.

  30. I do not have a UEFA B Licence but am able to point out that our national team’s right back,one central defender,right wide midfield and a box to box midfielder is all we are lacking and people agree with me.Ba Coach with the above big qualification thinks otherwise oh very funny,please take not coach.

  31. Ohhh what a shame some Nijas can even have the audicity to come on this site and say no matter what nija is nija. Fluke champions you cannot even qualify to last 16, you have shown that you are useless. One could even see it at the W/C that the fluke champions were very useless. Now we shall show you guys that Zed means business when we walk in EG to reclaim our cup. Congrats Bafana Bafana we need quality teams to represent SADC. The most difficult team to deal in EG will be Zambia and Algeria. We need two good friendlies before we travel so that the team can gell together.

  32. The best candidate to win the AFCON in the west African region ( Nigeria ) is out .
    Central Africa has in Cameroun ,Congo n DRC whilst Southern it’s SA n Zambia .Also posing a threat are North African teams Algeria n Tunisia. The rest will make up the numbers.

    • Ba Mulenga, this team needs a lot of work, mo especially in defence. Because even Nyambe who looked to be a better of our back 4 is still not in the shape of continental championship material.

  33. This is not the kind of performance that can get us past the group stage of the Afcon. Let’s not fool ourselves. Part of the problem is the coach who hasnt worked out the right parnership combinations in all departments. A team like Bafana would have torn us to shreds on the day.

  34. I will say this again, please fellow bloggers, lets give Janza chance, simply because he is a Zambian. How much is he getting compared to what we were giving Renard?
    The man started shakily, but we call all see that he has been improving slowly. He is also learning from some of the mistakes and as I said on a past thread, he feels the pain of losing more than anybody else. I believe that he like the rest of us, has also been keeping a close look at how other nations have been displaying their tactics, and he hasn’t been bad. With time, I believe he will definitely work on his team organization and improve our players efficiency and potency in front of goal. He needs time to enable our players reach peak solid defending. I could see that the players themselves lacked confidence, may be because of the absence of Sunzu their partner. We have no problem with team discipline and with enough practice matches Zambia will be showing visible signs of serious AFCON contenders. But as it stands now lets not forget that the probability of winning ithe 2015 AFCON is 1/16.

    We could do much justice to our coach and boys by sending them to South America for a 2 or 3 weeks training programme. Or could our technical advisor arrange some sort of training programme for our boys in Europe before the AFCON 2015 kicks off?

    • Your team ain’t fearful as 2012
      No Renard
      No katongo
      Mayuka is a pale shadow
      Sinkala and Sunzu don’t inspire confidence
      Your goal turnover is less
      The dynamics ain’t the same
      You guys should manage expectations else you gonna over burden the players with undue pressure
      That’ll be suicide
      These have been the bane of ghana over the years.

  35. According to Supersport website Chintu Kampamba scored a winning goal for Chipolopolo against Cape Verde. Chintu Kampamba hung his boots years ago.(pathetic reporting)

  36. Paradox, Pulu Mulenga, Kampinda
    How are you guys. It is been long

    Where is Super falcon of Nigeria to give me an update as to what is happening to Super Eagles of Nigeria

  37. Sate Sate shall continue causing heartaches to many here. Their preferred players dont even get in off-side positions. Someone spoke to him ati “Abena Zambia bachili balichita doubt” and his answer was “I need them to encourage me to score more goals”. With Sate don’t expect flair, effectiveness (whatever it means) but goals as it’s the only thing that matters to him. His critics, he takes yours as feedback. Meanwhile ifwe we shall continue mentoring, coaching and counseling him”.

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