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Mozambique 0 – 1 Zambia (As it happened)


Africa Cup Qualifier
Match Day 5

Mozambique 0 – 1 Zambia
Estadio Nacional do Zimpeto
Saturday 15 November 2014

Kick-Off: 16:00
Live on Supersport Select Channel (Not on ZNBC TV)

Mozambique Vs Zambia XI

Kennedy Mweene, Emmauel Mbola, Donashano Malama, Christopher Munthali, Nyambe Mulenga, Nathan Sinkala, Rainford Kalaba, Bruce Musakanya, Given Singuluma, Emmanuel Mayuka, Ronald “Sate Sate” Kampamba.

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  1. @Germiston South which SSL are you watching because am watching the game live on SSL Channel 233 on DSTV and I see Zambia wining this match its half time now

  2. Munthali and Donashano shaky mu mid., nice distribtion of balls in mid by Sinkala, Musakanya has not been seen in the first half. The pair of Sate Sate and Mayuka are lacking chemistry, mayuka always in a hurry to shoot. We need kangwa and Chisamba in this game.

  3. @CBK, thats why we should have put in flesh blood, why cant this Janza read that?, we have no people on the bench, awe mwandi this coach , huh

  4. @Chief analyser. I agree. In the attacking positions you really should be able to make a change quickly. We have substitutes that can make a difference

  5. Janza shud have talked to Musonda to tell him to keep it simple in defense; obviously a newbie will get to excited!

  6. Congrats boys tho there is room for improvement,Mozambique had the 13th player (Referee) resulting in that fake penalty thanks to mweene.we are lacking captain,s leadership I feel mweene shd be given the Arm band he commands the players well and reads the pace of the game.Nathan too quiet to command his collegues.

  7. Uganda thanks for putting duct tape on some pple, good Bafana Bafana ….Zambia’s victory was for our late Presido ,so was Senzwes as Bafana Bafana bring down Sudan.

  8. As Power yet again kiss dust with the League. And if we can rewind and remember how our young brother from Ndeke made noise here of how Billy Mutale would be the defender to watch (but Sate showed him how it isn’t easy)-kekekekeke. Power’s game is one dimensional, too predictable and not championship winning style.

  9. Malama should be replaced by Nkausu at right back and try to partiner Nyambe with Katebe in central defence in the absence of Sunzu. The two guys(Malama & Munthali) were weak links in defence. The young chap Lubambo should start against Cape Verde.

  10. I think the game was much beter only that Bruce was having a bad day. The courch did not quickly notice that Mayuka was tired and Evans needed to come in abit earliar than he did. Am proud with Nyambe Mulenga, he has really shown some maturity in his game. I like that.

  11. I knew we would win. The last game will be a formality. thanx Janza for qualifying the team, now go back to technical directorship, let Wedson Wada Nyirenda take over. Go Zambia Goal.

  12. We missed Sunzu on the game. He commands the defense well. Arm band to big for Sinkala. If u watched the game, you agree with me that Mweene deserves the band & Sunzu deputy or even Kalaba-he captained well against Sudan @ Heroes stadium. Nkausu should start @ right back ahead of Malama, Aaron katebe ahead of Munthali.Bruce today had a quiet game,not his day. Lubambo made a difference, Evans shudve been introduced earlier. I missed Chisadinho in the game. Otherwise, football is about winning no just possession or flair play. Confirmed,we have qualified. Iv oredy bought the ticket for Cape Verde. Ndola, here i come.

    • Most teams prefer an outfield player taking up the role of captain. As good as the Brazilian Ronaldo was; Cafu was always the captain. Midfielders tend to be handed the captaincy.

  13. My opinion is malama at Nkana is used just in front of the back four different from the right back is at the national team as in for Muthali he is just too slow period.Jaza just work on right back,number seven and central defender and you are home and dry.Oh and please give that arm band to Mweene,he is too vocal .

  14. Thanks to chipolopolo now I can go ahead and buy capeverde vs Zambia ticket…Does it mean we automatically qualify even before we play cape verde? lets be careful on this one remember what happened to south Africa 2010 they thought they have already qualified but things changed…..

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