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Janza: I am to blame for Chipolopolo’s exit

Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza has stated that he is to blame for the poor performance of the Zambia national team at the just ended Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

Speaking to the ZamFoot Crew on Wednesday Janza stated that he was responsible for picking the team and did not regret dropping former Chipolopolo captain Christopher Katongo.

“I am happy with the team I picked. Because I accepted everything, what happened, whatever happened it is on my shoulders,” Janza said.

“I take the blame for everything that happened and no one else should take the blame for Zambia’s performance,” he added

Inside sources close to the Chipolopolo camp have reviewed to ZamFoot that Janza failed to hold his together in the dressing room.

Lookout for an exclusive on the on inside the Chipolopolo camp.

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  1. That’s some leadership qualities there Mr Janza,I applaud you. True leaders take responsibilities when there are no results too, not just when things are good like we would see our corrupt FAZ president would come and remind everyone of how great he had put all the pieces together for Zambia to win the AFCON. Kudos to Mr Janza for putting this on his shoulders even though we know the anointed on was the one hand picking who was going to the AFCON. Why include Kola in the team? The anointed one does not rate Kola highly..Wow. Do your job in developing the sport in the country and let the coach do his too.

  2. I as a Zambian soccer fan i wholeheartedly accepted your apology and congratulate you for helping the Zambia national team qualify to the nations cup in Equatorial Guinea but i however feel you should pave way for others capable coaches to steer our mighty Chipolopolo forward.

  3. Janza should be dropped to assistant coach. He has failed. Faz should engage the Ugandan coach with zambia’s talent that guy can take us to the world cup. He is a tactical genius and collected 4 points from the black stars. I would immediately suggest our fa enter talks with the Ugandan fa so he can coach our chipololpolo

  4. Zambia is a football powerhouse both the u-17 and u-20 have qualified for afcon. Both are fighting to go the world cup. With our talent we can win afcon in 2017 what we need is a European coach not Janza.

  5. You dont need to say as everyone knows you are to blame, the best you do is to admit the fact that you do not deserve that job as a consquence you should resign no more no less

  6. Janza has not apologised, he is saying ” iam the one who picked the team, and i do not regreat” given another chance, he will do the same because he is not regreating what happened. where is chishimba kambwili kanshi?

  7. Janza was not bad tactically in the games after the DRC game. i feel though he could not motivate the boys enough sometimes and lacks the ability to things during the course of a game. On the plus side in the game against Tunisia his tactical formations were on point. Moving Kalaba to a free role in the centre after it was clear we had no midfield against DRC was an excellent tactical move (especially in the absence of an Isaac Chansa). The strikers Kangwa and Mayuka were just blunt plain and simple in that game which is why Kalaba was so frustrated. All in all Janza should move back to his technical advisor role or to assistance coach as has been suggested. My main concern is the greater FAZ organisation which is not up to scratch. A simple example – compare how Zesco and Power are organising their away games to how FAZ operates there’s a big difference.

  8. Then what are you waiting for, Janza? Resign then. If you admit you’re to blame for the dismal performance at the just ended AFCON, then what the hell are you still doing there?

  9. Give him another chance he will prove his mighty or failure and from there will move forward. Keshi from Nigeria has been a lot of room why not Janza please.We don’t have confidence in our own that’s the biggest problem yes if he cant deliver yes then lets look around and move on.

  10. Janza has been given enough chance he has failed he should be replaced Janza can’t win afcon we need a coach who can win afcon and take us tot he world cup.

  11. Mitigation is the word Mr. Janza. We respect the fact that you take responsibility and acknowledge that you screwed up but what are you going to do to mitigate this? What’s the next move so that there is no repeat.

    Your selection criteria left a lot to be desired so if you say something like ” As a coach I am deploying a whole new system when it comes to team selection criteria because the previous criteria was a disaster” then we will know you are taking the right path. You just apologising and acknowledging the screw up is only the first part, now we await what your are going to do about it. That is the next part.

  12. You are a USELESS and PATHETIC coach who should not be near that team. You are best suited in an office as a technical guy and not managing the national team. I have always said a million times on this blog that FAZ should advertise for the job of the national team coach and appoint someone from the candidates with experience and a proven track record. We are sick and tired of experiments. Time for experiments is long gone!!!

  13. I am happy that the likes of John on this blog have realized that we took a bunch of small boys to the AFCON. I was insulted and called names when i said that the team was full of small boys. I was vindicated again just like always!

  14. Zambia is ranked number 17 in Africa , am not impressed though we are in top 20. A report has been reviewed from the closed source that Chisamba upon returning from AFCON had a party at home playing loud Music with yo exsays or tu yobaliz. In as much as is he is entitled to privacy and free will , I see it to be absurd, he is a public figure and to me it translated to our first round exit, how do you hold part just after you have lost a fight for yo nation. I begin to worry if at all some of these players care about us fans each time they loose a match or games at the tournament . Seriously do we have pipo on this blog site who are close to some of these players. Please caution them tha we do develop heart attack each Zambia is to the losing side, for how long are we going to be to the losing side? FAZ should seriously engage a striking force coach ,Midfield department coach,defense department coach to help Janza even psychologist coach. am upset and my apologies for not sticking to the topic

  15. Ba Zamfoot tell us our new sports minister, I hear its Mwale something Chipangali MP under MMD, what is agenda concerning Sports and Soccer in particular please engage him to highlight on some long term pending issues over poor preparation of the national team at all ages, he should fire the permanent secretary under his ministry who failed us on several occasions like Ghana trip en-route to our bowing out from 2014 World cup qualifiers, the just ended AFCON. By the way what passion does he have for soccer compared to other sports disciplines? How I wish RB had power to influence this Kalu man would have been in pressure. I am sure ba shushu will whisper to the president over some of these matters. Yaba again out of topic, 🙂

  16. A minister can’t fire a permanent secretary! How do you fire your boss? lol. Well Mr Janza do the honourable thing and resign

  17. Fellows, all this ranting about Janza will not work until a way is found to oust the anointed one Mr.Kalu. With all these failure and the corruption, the time is now to show him the door out of FAZ offices. This guy is very arrogant and thinks he owns Chipolopolo. Time to take away that remote control he is using from South Africa and let someone capable and transparent lead FAZ. Kalu the football player? Great. Kalu the FAZ president, pathetic, arrogant, corrupt and selfcentered. Time is up Kalu, Time is up.

    • I have followed your negative comments about Kalu and all your allegations against him. Before i throw in my views, kindly tabulate or break it down for me the corruption that Kalu has been involved in that warrants you to declare him a pariah in the football circles of Zambia. Please don’t give me blanket statements but be specific to these activities. And also tabulate for me his failures and achievements in your own words and understanding.

      • Bolapazed, the Qatar scandal? When the money want to his personal account? The giving of a marketing deal to his wife without any bidding? What do you call that? As for the failures they are just too much to name poor team travel arrangements to failing to advertise the coaching jobs. You call that success? Pooleeaze!

  18. I like Janza as a man but when you read the history books it doesn’t say Honour Janza nice guy it says, Zambia bottom of the group first round exit.

    To me Zambian football is going nowhere at the moment, its dead……..

    The best thing for Janza is to stop working for Faz and get a real coaching job so he can earn some respect, because to me hasn’t earned any.

    All this is ridiculous, this statement from Janza is so misguided its not even funny.

    Its not on Janza, it is on Kalu. Every moment that passes without leadership, info or direction.

    • No matter what people will always hate the truth and people hate it when we remind them who Kalu is. A corrupt self centered individual. No wonder Charles musonda doesn’t want anything to do with this guy.

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