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Hire Chipolopolo coach – Government tells FAZ

Sports Deputy Minister Ronald Chitotela has said FAZ should expedite the process of hiring a new coach as the government has mobilized the needed funds.

“We have done our part to engage the corporate and private sector and they have responded differently. Thats why we are saying its up to FAZ,” Chitotela told the Daily Mail.

Some of the companies Chitotela named are; Zesco Limited, National Pensions Scheme Authority, Zanaco, Mopani Copper Mines and Lafarge Zambia.

He said government was committed to funding the national team coach position whether for a local or expatriate individual.

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  1. as long as kalu is still in charge, no diference. we need to get rid of the head first. been africans hayatou and kalu cant resign. where are the qatar dollars? … @f15, sorry am not on watsapp.

    • for sure we must start from the top. kalu must be changed first of all, then the Zambian football will improve.

    • You have a point. Like @billy said, the challenge is the counselors. They will still vote him back in office.

      Viva Ponga, Viva Kamanga or Simata.

      The best thing to do is stop funding FAZ like what is happening in Zimbabwe. Because it ppears Kalusha wamuyaya…whenever, kamanga points out flaws in FAZ…most club officials will be the first to defend kalu….

  2. Next we want to hear that the so called Coach has been shown the door. The GRZ has brought good idea , if we maintain Coach, will accept bad results always, U see guys very soon we will be used to loose to useless teams like ;Namibia,Malawi then expect Ethiopia . FYI we have good combination of talented players but now the coach doesn’t know where to select them . E.g makes a substute like he is an opposion coach. We will be always falling on FIFA rankings !! Awe mweeee!!Twanaka kwena.ZAMBIA will be in danger of going down to 70th meaning risking our players not to be able to play in European Countries like England.

  3. Congratulations to ghana under 20. I am happy that the over-hyped argentina is out of the world cup.

    Where is that guy that was celebrating on zamfoot when ghana drew with austria and Nigeria lost to brazil. Ghana is through now and Nigeria is joining them soon.

    • Take that news to Ghanasoccernet. We are not interested in that topic. The issue is about Zambia hiring a new coach. Not your U25 masquerading as U20.

      • @Billy U25 masquerading as U20??????. Seriously? Stop consoling yourself with those words of lamentation. I remember how guys here were jubilating during the AYC bcos of MRI scan. Your boys went there, lost and within 3 months those U20 are now U25. Pathetic!!!!

        You don’t need to be interested in the news now but trust me it will be a thing of interest to you in the next 2 to 3 years bcos these are the boys you and other African countries will have to battle with to get the world cup slot.

    • Congrats Man. Ghana FA is organized and transparent in their dealings. Ghana has put structures in place unlike here were we don’t have proper grassroots football but we expect results.

      A coach and FAZ administration which has made us compete with the likes of Lesotho, Comoros, Swaziland. We are not a football power house….Our Coach doesn’t want to let go even when he has failed to produce results.

      • Ghana this Ghana that…ask them what happened or who was in charge at the Brazil world cup?!! They too have problems in their football association…

        • The intensity of problems also matters. I must be quick to mention that every football association world over has short comings but what is cardinal is how you learn and resolve the issues.

          In our case problems keep recurring. In the recent Cosafa cup you could tell how disorganized we were. Some of our players had to put on jerseys for ladies.

          Talk about missing/delayed flights, arriving for a match a day before in the evenings and training in car parks.(The case of cape verde and Ghana)

          Zambia has no grassroot football or organized academies. This should have been the start.

          Iam not saying Ghana is perfect, but you can see that they are structures in place and teams from the under 17,20 and 23 graduate into senior National teams. In short there is proper transition that is the resan why Ghana has been consistent at senior level despite not winning a major trophy in about 32/33 years.

  4. Now that the government has come in regarding the issue of the coach, FAZ should follow acceptable procedures and hire the new coach in a more transparent manner. Advertise the position, short-list, conduct interviews and then choose the right person according to the budget. We don’t want this issue of just picking a coach by Kalusha. No no no. Follow the acceptable procedures.

    • Forget it. Kalusha may have those natural leadership qualities(don’t know if he has) but lacks understanding of strategic management so as to work around the vision, mission of the organization. Kalusha seem not to understand that we have to start small for us to reap in the future. Look at Patson Daka who is being used like a donkey. The boy is a teenager but they want to reap results ASAP by selling him to mediocre teams.

      Time for Kalu and Academician Janza to pave way for Ponga and the Kamangas who understand football and understand technical aspect of management.

      • I understand your frustrations. But it seems we will have to endure this pain for sometime as we wait for FAZ elections next year. But even then, I am not sure if the delegates will vote wisely to remove this mediocre leadership. And these guys have a history of bribing delegates to maintain them. In the meantime, we just have to live with it. If they can sort out the coach issue, the better.


    Zambia is in danger of falling out of the top 70 in the world, which is the cut-off for countries whose players can be considered for professional careers in the English Premier League.

    Following mediocre performances, Zambia nosedives 8 steps down, from 60th to 68th position, on the latest (June, 2015) FIFA ranking.
    1, 21 Algeria
    2, 24 Côte d’Ivoire
    3, 29 Tunisia
    4, 34 Ghana
    5, 36 Senegal
    6, 38 Cape Verde Islands
    7, 43 Nigeria
    8, 45 Guinea
    9, 47 Congo
    10, 49 Cameroon
    11, 50 Equatorial Guinea
    12, 52 Mali
    13, 51 Egypt
    14, 56 Congo DR
    15, 59 Gabon
    16, 66 Burkina Faso
    17, 68 Zambia
    18, 69 South Africa
    19, 71 Uganda
    20, 77 Togo. You see the above ratings , Check were Ghana is and their pernfomace and they are once a record under 20 champions , too they can go all the way.

  6. Janza can have all the best players at his disposal but his tactics always lets him down. All he does is stand by the touchline and making wrong substitutions….one cant read his emotions on the face. I wonder why he cant just resign on his own.

    Kalusha has also done his part and its time he gave other people a chance to revive football. How do we expect Zambia to produce results when we don’t have proper grassroot soccer? For this to happen you need someone with a vision for Zambian football.

    It is time for the Ponga Liwewe’s, Andrew Kamanga’s or Simata Simata to take over.

    Zambia’s poor performance should be attributed to the current FAZ Executive.

    Why play Ethopia in a friendly when almost all your competitors are from central/west Africa? What are you going to learn from the Ethopia game that you didn’t learn from Malawi? All the players in camp have almost been used before by Janza and there is no ‘eye opener’.

    Because of the current shambolic FAZ, we are in the same class as Lesotho,Malawi, comoros, swaziland….Please forget attacking Ghana because we are not in the same class.

    We are not a power house in football forget it.

  7. It seems most of the bloggers do not know what they want. Kalu to pave way for Kamanag, Simataa? Really! What has kamanga done to deserve FAZ presidency? He has failed to manage Kabwe Warriors. Ponga was fired as one of the Executive members at kitwe United. In my opinion, the Kalu admini has done a lot for the zambian football compared to any other admin in the history of Zambia. I can only compare him to the late Micheal Mwape. Those of you that are not in the know there have been FAZ presidents who overstayed, e.g Phiri, Miti, e.t.c He has even even found sponsorship for FAZ and most of the FAZ league mateches are shown on dstv. What more woud people ask for? Who does not have shortcomings? Let the man administer fooball. He found a coach that most people were sceptcal about ati PE trainer. He brought the AFCON for the first time in the historyof the country. Let us be realistic, I am proud of this man! Leave him alone!

    • We hate his corruption and dubious hiring of the coaches. We also want him to be based in Zambia not South Africa, how are you a man of the house when you are absent? We also want him to stay away from the coaches job and let the coach do his job by using players that suits the coache’s game not ifya bupuba ati he does not like Roger Kola. He needs to stop being corrupt by awarding marketing contracts to his wife without any transparent biding process and allowing other bidders to bid, in that way, we as a nation would get a better deal for the money. Recently he awarded some idiot in FAZ to supplier low quality Gong’a jersey’s to the squad and you are ok with all that? Must I even talk about the Qatar issue here? That’s not to much to ask, is it?

    • It is said that “When a rat overstays, it will eat even in broad daylight”. We appreciate whatever little success Kalusha has done. But the corruption, dictatorship and monopoly of everything at FAZ is too much. Very soon FAZ will be like the scandalous FIFA, if we are not careful. Kalusha is emulating/copying this greed, selfishness and dictatorship from his masters, Hayatou and Blatter.

  8. Simataa simataa also had a go at FAZ presidency at one time. He flopped! He is an opportunist. We do not want opportunist to run football affairs in the country.

    • In as much as I respect your opinion, I must mention that it appears you don’t want to see change in the FAZ administration. It appears you want a wamuyaya type of president.

      Are you happy when the team arrives a day before a match? Training in car parks, wearing female Jerseys? Are you happy that a national team can incorporate students from London in the team?

      Are you happy that with proven players Zambia fails lamentably to Namibia and Malawi? Why cant Zambia call it’s best players and why not do recruitments in a transparent manner. Tell me under Kalusha’s administration when a vacancy for coach was advertised and followed acceptable recruitment procedure?

      I may not be old, but my dad used to tell me stories about ‘school boy internationals’, football was well developed at grass root level.

      This is not to mention Kalusha has not done his best. Every coin has two sides but the negatives outweigh the positives. Time is up for Kalu.

  9. Screw corrupt Kalu, What expatriate coach is government asking about? This corrupt, arrogant Kalu will go look for a puppet that will share his salary with Kalu, that’s how corrupt this guy is. Enough is enough and this guy needs go away.


    “The Ivory Coast Football Federation (FIF) has advertised the national team coaching job as they look for a replacement for Herve Renard, an official source revealed on Thursday.
    The FIF will give candidates until June 15 to put their names forward before a committee puts a five-man shortlist to the federation’s executive committee to decide on who the chosen coach will be.
    In the meantime, Ibrahim Kamara will take interim charge of the team until the end of June.

    Frenchman Renard left the Elephants to take charge of Ligue 1 club Lille last month, with the FIF allowing him to end his contract early.

    Renard, 46, had signed a renewable two-year deal last August and led the Ivory Coast to glory at the Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea in February, their first continental title since 1992.
    Renard also won the Cup of Nations as coach of Zambia in 2012.
    The Ivory Coast are due to begin their campaign to qualify for the 2017 Cup of Nations against Sierra Leone in early September.
    They were drawn in qualifying Group I alongside their west African neighbours and Sudan.”

    Now you see how transparent our friends are compared to our FA led by one the “mighty great Kalu”, who just picks whoever he wants without following acceptable recruitment processes.

  11. zambians we easily 4get simata was once there, wat did he achiev? Kamanga at warriors, move 2 power joined ponga there wat happened. So if u dot like kalu, find others not these. Nd let us not get excited by this statement hw much r these companies offering. Becoz the a amount wil determine the type of coach u wil get

  12. Mouths (pakanwa) or is it fingers in this case will not make Great Kalu go anywhere. For the majority of the sentiments above, muletulangafye efo mwaishiba ichisungu.
    Unsubstantiated claims, innuendos, rumours etal that’s what most of your rantings are completely devoid of facts. If the man is that corrupt report him to ACC or better yet ba FBI since they have a lot of interest. Or better yet encourage your “incorrupt” Kamanga (friend & ally of Mahthani) to stand…who has miserably failed at a small club (warriors)

  13. Bloggers make suggestions of a coach Zambia can afford. Mine is Bobby Williamson current Kenya coach & ex Uganda coach

  14. When SIMATA was Faz Chairman as it was called in those day he led to Afcon 94 second position he did so much to reconstruct the team after Gabon air disaster there was real progress now this sham of leadership we are seeing from Kalu Simata is 20 times better if you have your facts football was realy thriving in Zambia are you honestly questioning what he did or you were too young to remember the I can forgive you Simatas leadership was full of foresight,transparency and openess chipolopolo coaches weren’t employed at night like Kalu does and YES we should advertise the job

  15. On a slightly different note, saw a picture of Isaac Chansa wearing a Ghana jersey and wondered what type of thinking goes on in the heads of these players. You will never catch Messi wearing a Brazilian jersey, even though they may exchange shirts on the field. National pride should show itself on and off the pitch for these guys. I can now see why we get beaten by other countries, no pride!

  16. MWANGO….Stop defending ba Kalu you can’t prove his innocence either hahaha ,The man who introduced me to this site ba IGI told me Kalu off the pitch is always a problem I disagreed with him but now 8 years into Kalus leadership I have seen for myself….Say hai to your family

  17. @ Pulu Mulenga can I remind you that the issue is not Kalu vs Kamanga here. Comparing the two is illogical and non- productive in so far as addressing current problems facing zambian football. It is as nonsensical as the Messi vs Ronaldo debate. We just have to agree to disagree on non – essentials and agree to agree on essentials like the need for a change in how new coaches are engaged etc.

  18. Paddy. …agreed its just some people may not be abraced with the facts and they speak staff they might not undertand much

  19. During 1994 AFCON finals the late Gibby Mbasela was suspended by Simata for voicing out non payment of winning allowances.That issue was supposed to be dealt in a good way.So we can not say this one is better than the other.

  20. Can you compare that with the sooo many people Kalu has frustrated from Charles Musonda to Moses Sichone,to Mwape Miti,Andrew Sinkala,Gift Kampamba if frustrating others is your argument trust me Kalu is the king of the trade

  21. congrats 2u guys.u nd nigeria are indeed the pride of africa.just wish n hop we kud draw some lessons from u.truth b told,we miles n miles behind u….the sooner we accept the beta

  22. @Zimandola I totally agree with you on the coach we can afford with the little money we have,that former Cranes and now Harambe coach,in Bobby Williamson.He cannot definitely turndown the offer to our team over Kenya because he knows us we will improve his CV.If he can do wonders with those teams in the East,imagine what he can with our players and I am pretty sure he is not expensive.

  23. Kalu the player and person,so great and I have no problems but just praises not the Faz president and those supporting him just because of 2012 are just as pathetic,greedy and they want to make him for life just because of that so useless clowns

    • kkkkkk!!! Tone down bro. I don’t think anyone wants Kalu to be a wamuyaya man. Let the man see out his mandate. Faz polls are just next year.

  24. Cocerning this coach issue ex kaizer chiefs coach stuart baxter won’t be a bad idea….the only issue with him maybe his salary..

  25. Blatter of bigger FIFA did not finish his mandate so if Kalu has failed to turn things around my dear bro @Paddy I personally feel he should go which is very unlikely since Negroids do not resign from pressure,it is just the Negroid thing I guess.

  26. So. Yet again, FAZ has left it to Government to do their job for them and they wonder why government interferes in their business. Smdh

  27. Very glad bro,as for your Nadal he will back strongly not at Wembledon but at U.S open as he is the king of clay not grass.

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