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Ghana sets AFCON final against Ivory Coast

Ghana secured their place in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations final with an emphatic 3-0 win over Equatorial Guinea at the Nuevo Estadio de Malabo on Thursday evening.

Goals from Mubarak Wakaso and brothers Jordan and Andre Ayew helped the West Africans to their ninth Afcon final.

The win for Ghana sets up a repeat of the 1992 Afcon final which saw the Ivory Coast come out trumps following a lengthy penalty shootout.

After what was a frantic start, the game settled with chances few and far between in the opening half hour.

Andre Ayew posed an early threat, while Emilio Nsue and quarterfinal hero Javier Balboa looked menacing for the hosts, with the Equatorial Guinea duo almost linking up for the opener in the 19th minute.

Having done well to beat the offside trap, Nsue was left frustrated as he failed to direct his diving header on target from a precise Balboa free-kick.

Nzalang Nacional goalkeeper Felipe Ovono, who has been one of the standout players at this year’s tournament, was at fault as Ghana were awarded a golden opportunity to open the scoring in the 41st minute. The Deportivo Mongomo gloves man was adjudged to have brought down Kwesi Appiah inside the area.

Jordan Ayew, who replaced the injured Asamoah Gyan in the starting XI, duly slotted the ball into the back of the net.

Things went from bad to worse for the host nation moments later as Wakaso doubled the Black Stars’ lead in first-half stoppage time.

With Equatorial Guinea pushing bodies up field in search of the equaliser, Ghana broke from a cleared corner-kick.

Christian Atsu proved to be the main protagonist once again, with the on-loan Everton winger bursting down the left flank before setting up Celtic midfielder Wakaso, who took one touch in-field before firing into the back of the net.

Andre Ayew and Appiah were guilty of missing glaring opportunities soon after the break, but Ghana would eventually grab their third in the 75th minute through Andre Ayew.

With Ovono stranded, Appiah regathered possession having missed an initial chance before teeing up the Marseille midfielder, who prodded in from close range.

The game was delayed for over a half-an-hour with eight minutes remaining as the Ghanaian fans were forced to retreat to the pitch with the home fans throwing missiles.

When play finally resumed a mere three minutes of stoppage time was added. Ghana successfully saw out the extra few minutes to book their place in the final.

The final will be played at the Estadio de Bata on Sunday, 8 February.

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  1. Jealous down, Ghana is a powerhouse. We are not. Its a bitter pill to swallow, but the man we want to make us succeed is the killing our national team in terms of corruption and mismanagement. Kalu is a shame to Zambia. He needs to keep stay away and let others lead…more of what abede Pele, okocha, Radebe are doing. Kalu does not own Zambia, but he sees that Zambians back home are dull enough to let him eat masuku pa mutu. This just infuriates me.

  2. Equitorial guinea are a shame to Africa. Pathetic display by the fans.

    Anyway congrats to my Black stars they realy disciplined equitorial guinea. Ghana out classes them





  4. The ghana black stars are a classy outfit. I have always known we are nowhere near their class. We must build our team from u-17 and u-20.

    • Interesting final coming up. This almost happened in 2012 but Zambia spoiled the party.

      If u ask me, the 2 teams are equally matched and it will come down to tactics.

      I’ve been so impressed with how both coaches have transformed these talented players into formidable teams.

      If we had had these coaches at the world cup trust me Africa would have had a semifinal berth.

      At the end of the day it comes down to who wants it more, Ghana with the Ayew brothers who watched their father cry in the stands in 1992 or the Ivorians who want to cement their place in African football history.

      My bet would be with those who have been waiting 33 years for this cup and on a mission to avenge the 1992 defeat.

    • They are shamefully devising the next attack for ghanasoccernet . Two persons with no dignity, no integrity , no sense of shame, no self respect. Very divisive, controversial and uncultured. ROK & positive thinking are worthy of emulation by every African. May the good Lord enrich whatever ROK /POSITIVE THINKING do.

  5. @minnows, Zambians are funny people. Their super stars sunzu,sinkala, and mayuka are all stranded with asia as their last hope.

  6. You cant compare Ghana(Ferarri) with Zambia(bicycle) people will strap you with a rope and admit you to a local mental institution.

    • Paradox is out now. Will be home if Ghana loses the final match. His earlier wild, unanalytical prediction was:GHANA OUT AT GROUP STAGE…first country to exit. To the contrary, Ghana is still in… Where is paradox now? Why is he quiet? Is he a football analyst ? When such a clueless person is extolling ideas on Soccer, does anyone have to take him serious? NO. NEVER.
      ROK & POSITIVE THINKING ARE MATURE, SENSIBLE AND PRAGMATIC. I hope paradox will learn from them.

    • With all humility, Alex zz, Lets respect our Zambian counterparts who we can all see clearly are in a dilemma. We can hang up the teases for a while until we resume the qualifiers. Dont start ant rankor and abhorance.

  7. Why blame Kalu, under him and HR Zambia won Afcon. The same HR you were teasing as PE coach as taking Ivory Coast to the final. Zambia is fine you just need a European coach-African coaches like Janza, Mashaba, DRC coach lack the tactical acumen. With all due respect to Ghana, Ivory Coast will triumph 3-0.

    After that John, the Australian trained dental artist must shut up and admit HR is damn good coach

    • Where have u been hiding when Ghana was bulldozing its way to the finals?
      Do u have any sense of shame to be predicting again? Look at yourself in the mirror & realize that u are disgusting. Same as your mentor, paradox. You may contact ROK or POSITIVE THINKING for a dose of analytical thinking.



  8. When I look at the two teams that are in the final and the way they are playing, I see Ghana winning this afcon. Ivory Coast are strong , yes. But Ghana has that extra special thing in them. Their football is free flowing and are highly tactical, i.e. Football Made Easy if I can put it that way.

  9. I see Ghana winning this AFCON. Looking at the way the two teams are playing, Ghana are highly tactical and playing interesting free flowing and attacking football. Yes Ivory Coast are strong, but I don’t see them beating Ghana. My opinion.

  10. It was a known fact that Ghana would win agaisnt EG, infact Ghana just fell short of my prediction of 4 – 0. These EGs what did they expect after stealing their way through the semis, they dont even deserve to reach this far. Lets hope they behave during the final game, and CAF should met out stiff punishment to them. The final game will be very interesting but i foresee IVC winning it via a 2 zero scoreline. Ghana will have to wait another 34 years sorry brother KWAME but thats the truth you will have to live with. Brother TC Soccerman you cannot be wailing about Kalu all the time, be patient and wait for the right time to remove him if you have the muscle to do it. By the way which candidate are you proporsing to remove Kalu. That person must be prepared to put up a good fight becoz it wont be as simple as you think. Otherwise your wailing song will continue until God knows when, or it will just be on repeat mode until your LP gets scratched. Thats the same story with your friend john, STUMPY and the other wailers.

  11. despite of all their stars,ghana thrashed civ 4~2 at afcon 2008..they drew with cameroon and minnow guinea which we thrashed 3~0..zambians,am sorry,i want to tell those who analyze football with jealousy that this is a new ghana with a new tactical coach..see how we wallope civ coming sunday as we demolished egypt..afterall the coach was tasked to win 2017 afcon since he only had 2 weeks to send the team to afcon..the final is west africa affair.we have made it to atleast semis on 5 consequetive times.

    • @ The Bullet, what makes you think gyan will miss the final game? Gyan could’ve played against e. guinea, but the coach chose to get him well rested cos he knew we already had the semi’s in a bag. I understand we have a very young team, but most importantly they’re HUNGRY.

  12. The difference is Ghana is very consistent…They have been to in the Semis 5 Consecutive times and 2 finals within the last 5 years and that explains their pedigree. Beating them and wining 1 AFCON does not make you better than them. After that AFCON Zambia has since not even won a game in AFCON.

    The secret to Ghana success is youth football. They take youth football very serious. At the age of 18 the average Ghana youth player is already in Europe. They have so many young players in Europe you never head of…They come out with 3 different national teams…The likes of Ransford Boakye-Yiadom are still not making it to the national team.

  13. Don’t seem to hear from Mumbi & Paradox any longer as Ghana is progressing? They would have been wagging their tails if Ghana had fallen at the group stage. Tweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. That never happens at Afcon . For 5 consecutive times this nation of football have been AG the SEMIS. Bravo, Ghana.

  14. The difference is Ghana is very consistent…They have been to the Semis 5 Consecutive times and 2 finals within the last 5 years and that explains their pedigree. Beating them and wining 1 AFCON does not make you better than them. After that AFCON Zambia has since not even won a game in AFCON.

    The secret to Ghana success is youth football. They take youth football very serious. At the age of 18 the average Ghana youth player is already in Europe. They have so many young players in Europe you never head of…They can come out with 3 different national teams…The likes of Ransford Boakye-Yiadom are still not making it to the national team.

  15. SA :

    I do not think there is somebody comparing Ghana with Zambia. We all agree that Ghana is better than Zambia. But question is pitying Ghana against CIV. For me, I believe CIV has more firing power. I believe that the Ayew brothers have not got the stamina to outdo the Yaya brothers. This is my opinion. Take or leave it

  16. Ivory Coast is a classy outfit there is no doubt. Even a con man like Renard can be made to look good by this classy outfit. They have more firepower than Ghana but I’m supporting the black stars 30+ years is too long for such a giant not to win the cup

    • There are so many reasons Ghana has not won the trophy for so long. In the 80’s Ghana didn’t even participate till 92 due to the coup in the early 80’s.1992 Ghana was the best team and got to the finals to play the Ivory Coast…But Ivory Coast won penalties.

  17. @ bullet Asomoah Gyan is alot of fire power up front,
    He is the only player who scored more goals last season than messi and ronaldo. He is far better than Boni

    Appiah will take advantage of the huge focus on gyan and score goals, Gyan is a decoy the real threat is Appiah. However Gyan can cause a scare with a small chance.

    Atsu is a menace in attack (he has alot of champions league experience) Frank acheapong is like Atsu on the left and he plays uefa champions league soccer too

    Dede ayew (marseille) and Afriyieh Aquah (parma) wakaso (celtic) Badu (udinese) ; these are workaholics who fight to the death.

    Baba Rahman is rated the 3rd best left full back in German top flight (currently linked to a man u or madrid move)

    Afful harrison has alot of world cup and Afcon experience.

    Centre back pair have a lot of world cup and nations cup experience too.

    The bench has alot of pacy attackers yet unleashed, u can check our David accam on youtube.

  18. Consistency is the key to success. This Ghanaian team has been playing together for close to 10 years now. They have the experience needed to play at this level. This team started from the under 17 team up until the senior team. They are a classy team just like some objective bloggers are saying. They are more skillful and have the pedigree. Their football association is more organised and they have a very experienced coach in Avram Grant. They are not jokers like us. They are great thinkers of football. It’s a pity football has been taken to the dogs by Kalusha Bwalya and his corrupt bunch of criminals at FAZ!

    • Not near Ivory coast But better than your ZAMBIA and even your COSAFA masters, South Africa.
      Also better than u & Mumbi. Right? Shame on u for predicting Ghana’s early exit. We are still here . The ghanaian who snatched your girl friend had twins with her on the same day Ghzna beat South Africa. What a coincidence !!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Equatorial Guinea fans are such a disgrace to African football. I have never seen anything like what i saw last night at an AFCON tournament. It was a SHAMBLES! They should never host the AFCON tournament again and should probably be banned from the 2017 AFCON tournament. I feel their third and fourth playoff against Congo DR should be played behind closed doors! PATHETIC!

    • Good point Hummer. The third place match should be played at an empty stadium to deny the host nation the privilege of watching their final match . It is a total disgrace & l hope it never happens again . This may depend to some extent on the punishment/penalty imposed by CAF. A friend even suggests the final should also be played in an empty stadium to send a stern message to future hosts
      Ghana hosted this & lost the final to Egypt with no incidence . You lose a semi (which was given to u on s silver platter) & u start throwing “missiles”? at opponents and the supporters. The players might have indirectly caused this by rushing to the referee en masse any time a decision went against them. Fortunately enough, the Gabon ref was fair and firm enough.
      I understand president Obiang was present. What was going through the old mans head? I wish to know especially when the helicopters came hovering over the field in a football game(or war).

  20. ivory coast cannot even stand the wrath of germany even with their bonnies and the yaya ture thy wil be inhalated.u guys should just study the ghana team thy make scoring very easy blaack stars made all the teams thy played looked ordnary.that the quality we talking about

  21. This should be a very good final. Like I said in a previous thread, one of these teams is finally going to live up to the hype. Its really more about checking that box and removing that burden off their backs.

    Ghana has a massive amount of talent and fire power in comparison to Ivorycoast, Ghana has a lot more energy and speed. Civ are going to have to be perfect in defensively and clinical upfront. As much as we say Yaya Toure is the best player in Africa, the man has yet to fully control or mashal the midfield in this tournament. Even against DRC, he scored a goal, but he did not seem to dominate or stamp his authority on the proceedings in the middle of field.

    I hope Gyan will play, because Ghana will need his maturity. I am also impressed with that Appiah boy, he has been excellent for Ghana. He is a workhorse upfront. No favourites in this one guys. No big boy versus small boy, no underdog in the final, just a straight up heavyweight bout.

  22. Off topic, sort of, want to take a moment to point out how maturity and experience really matters to a team. Case and point;

    Ivorycoast were leading DRC 1-0 when the DRC equalized due to a handball in the box by the Ivorycoast centre back. Immediately the penalty was conceded, you could see Kolo Toure walk over to the defender and pat him on the shoulder. After the penalty was converted, you could see Captain Yaya Toure clapping his hands and telling his team to keep working. Ivorycoast went on to score 2 more to win the game.

    Now take the scenario when Zambia conceded the equalizing goal against Tunisia. The players reactions all across the board was one, they started to point at eachother for not covering during the corner, then they all just started to look like they had lost the match, and started to play that way too. No words from the captain, no player stood up and said “hey its just 1-1, lets score another one.” At least I didn’t see it on TV. There is a serious void in the Zambia national team right now. The attitude needs to shift, and you need an on field motivator for the guys. Right now they don’t have one. So I will admit, maybe I was wrong about Chris Katongo, but then again maybe he was wrong for confronting the coach or bringing a girl to camp. Bottom line is that the team needs a leader on the field. Not one who leads by being the best player like Kalaba, but a motivator and perhaps with experience in defeat will come the maturity to handle pressure.

    • This is the more reason l always say we need analytical thinking persons like Positive thinking in the whole of Africa. Listen to the analogy of the penalties. EVEN IF U DISAGREE, u could see that there is Sense in what he is saying.
      Continue this way & the sky is the limit. I pray for u & ROK everyday. We need more of u on this our continent. People like u give me hope that there is a slim chance of getting out of our misery.

  23. Cote d’Ivoire is beating the Black Stars by 2-1. RENARD is not called a fox for nothing; using his AFCON experience, he will outfox that GRANT, who apparently is participating at AFCON for his very first time. My opinion.







  25. I can see an interesting dilema for some of our Zambian friends. For bragging rights they don’t want Ghana to win on Sunday. At the same time because of HR they don’t want Cote d’Ivoire to win. Hehehe interesting eh? Well Ghana all the way.

  26. I think CIV and Ghana are worthy finalists and any of the two probably deserve the cup. Memories of that nail biting cup final between the two teams at Senegal 92 still abound.CIV won via that marathon penalty shootout(11-10 was the final score).The Ghana captain and dangerman Abedi”Pele”Ayew did not feature in that match because he was suspended for accruing two yellow cards along the way.

    It will be heart rending for the loser on Sunday as both teams have shown remarkable consistency at the Afcon in recent years.
    How painful will it be for the losing side on Sunday to think that for all their consistency they will have no cup in their trophy cabinets while teams like Zambia and Nigeria literally sprang from nowhere to enjoy the ultimate glory.

  27. Ivory Coast is winning:
    1. Good coach, who the Ghanaians called PE Teacher and the misguided Zambians like John followed suit.
    2. Its time for Ivory Coast to win, its destiny just like Zambia in 2012.
    3. IC has better and more experience team than Ghana.
    4. Ghana has had an easy route to the final (not taking anything from them.
    5. With the defence minded HR, Ghana will struggle to break down IC
    Predication: IC 3 Ghana 0.
    * I wonder why people want Chris Katongo to come back, I think we must give him a testimonial. I think his time and other senior players from 2012 is past.
    *Look at Ghana, they have reached the final without Boateng, Munthali, Essien and other.

    The team is ok but we need a European coach. African coaches like Janza, Mashaba, DRC coach and other lack understanding of the technical aspect of the game, one thing HR is good at.

    • Chamz. I see your points, but I honestly think this is a 50/50 affair. Ghana is the much quicker and I think have a more well rounded team than CIV. CIV on the other hand have the more experienced players, but I am not sure about that back four. The CIV midfield has also not been as dominant as one would expect. The DRC midfield seemed to out hustle them a majority of the game.

    • 4. “Ghana has had an easy route to the finals.” I don’t think so and here is why. Ghana was in a group of death and had to play against Senegal, Algeria, and S. Africa to even make it out of the group. Our quarter final game was against Guinea which Ivory Coast couldn’t beat, but ended 1:1 draw in their group stage. Just b’cos we beat them 3:0 doesn’t mean they were an easy opponent. Also, with all their shady moves to reach the semis E. Guinea did not lose a game until they played Ghana. There’s nothing “easy” on our trip to the final Chamz.

  28. Andre Ayew struggles to find the words to describe how bad Ghana wants to win the 2015 Africa Cup Nations with Ghana.

    The 25-year-old captained the Black Stars to a comprehensive 3-0 win over hosts Equatorial Guinea on Thursday in the absence of substantive skipper Asamoah Gyan.

    Ayew scored the last of Ghana’s assertive win to set up a tantalizing grand finale against fellow West African giants Cote d’Ivoire on Sunday in Bata.

    The Olympique Marseille man was in the Ghana squad that lost the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations finals against Egypt.

    The Black Stars have not won the African Cup in over three decades and Ayew grapples to describe how much winning the tournament will mean to the team.

    “There is no word to say how much – not I but the whole squad – how much we want this trophy,” he told GHANAsoccernet.com.

    “We will do everything, we will do what we can and hopefully we will make history.”

  29. we rather make teams look ordnary and miserable on the feild of play didnt u see how we inhalated guinea with ease and made them look sily .and lok at the way cote d ivore strugled with guniea.that what we gona make this ivorians team make them look silly .so maa guy never say ghana has had an easy rought we rather made it look sooo ordnary .

  30. Attacking threat:
    Gyan, Ayew, Atsu, Appiah Wakasu,

    Midfield battlers:
    Wakasa and Acquah (these guys a realy strong) lets see if Yaya can beat them

  31. The thing is that Ghanaian players dont fear names because majority of the players have played the likes of Neymar, ronaldo, messi, kroose, ribbery, lampard and many other players far better than the Ivorian side.

    1)Eg Baba raman handles the likes of ribbery and roben and has been touted the 3rd best full back in germany so who is Gervinho to him?

    2) Afriyeh Acquah is the heart of midfield for parma he never looses the ball without a fight, he battles players like Adrea Pirlo, Nigel De young, and our own Essien and Muntari etc in the italian league, such a players fears no Yaya Toure

    3)Gyan needs no introduction Ask the English national team what he did to them in a friendly with Joe heart.
    Gyan has beaten the best keepers in the world like cech, heart, neuer, buffon,.
    He has beaten defences of Germany, England, portugal etc Ivory coast doesnt scare him.

    4) Andrea DeDe Ayew is A fighter, the main player for marseille, he has played in world cups and even won under 20 edition. He plays the champions league ( a tournament where man city and toure are minnows) every yr and battle the best in the world. Such a playet fears no civ

    I could go on and on but in short the mentality of Black stars is not like they are meeting a big team to them CIV is ordinary

  32. 5) Atsu was playing champions league football in porto, where he was team mates with james ruodriguez of madrid, they were good pals.
    He now a chelsea player and see the chelsea stars as ordinary team mates.
    He dribbled players like philip lahm in the world cup so why would fear the ivorians, hahaha he has seen it all.

    6) wakasu played against messi and ronaldo when he was in spain. He has safcon, and world cup experience so to him who is max gradel?

  33. Pls make points with facts, why does Ghana not stand a chance. U know ivorian players because they play in England where ordinary teams are over hyped. This makes the whole world know the players in Epl. Eg no one knew max gradel cos he isnt an epl player, but that doesnt mean he isnt a good player.
    Eg valencia will always beat swanse if they meet in the europa. Consistently english teams flop in europa leagues but still Aston villa, swamse crystall palace etc players are more known than shalke, udinese etc players.

    Eg the senegal team has a lot of epl exports so are known but truth is epl teams strugle to beat german and spanish teams.
    Epl has a good marketing team thats all. It doesnt mean players in epl are better than players in spain, germany or italy

    • Mike, I agree with you 100%. English league this English league that, it’s all hyperbolic bro. But when it comes to walk the walk, they ain’t no match to bundisliga (German’s league) . The English always want manipulate things when they figure out U.S is less concern; the same mentality of colonial era in retrospect. That’s why in the 90’s all we (Ghanaians) watched were Germany and Italians league, which was even free on regular television. All they want to do is hype their players and if you choose somewhere else then they want to undermine you with their BBC African best player award a whatever nonsense that is. Trying to undermine Gyan cos after the world cup, they thought he was going back to English league. On ESPN FC show, they just couldn’t understand why he chose middle east instead of them.

  34. ppl know ivorian players because they play in England where ordinary teams are over hyped. This makes the whole world know the players in Epl. Eg no one knew max gradel cos he isnt an epl player, but that doesnt mean he isnt a good player.
    Eg valencia will always beat swanse if they meet in the europa. Consistently english teams flop in europa leagues but still Aston villa, swamse crystall palace etc players are more known than shalke, udinese etc players.

    Eg the senegal team has a lot of epl exports so are known but truth is epl teams strugle to beat german and spanish teams.
    Epl has a good marketing team thats all. It doesnt mean players in epl are better than players in spain, germany or italy

  35. we are goin to miss handle them baasaaabaaasbaaasaa.tomorrow u guys will withness football made in ghana and i repeat my self if not for something these ivorians are not at pair with ghana and tomorrow u guys will withness it.cant waite for tommorow.

  36. Ppl seem to be blind to the fact that
    Gyan is better than Boni

    Astu has played better than Gervinho in fact he is like the messi in this tournament

    Andrea Ayew is more experienced than gradel but gradel looks dangerous (i admit)

    Yaya Toure has been ordinary, but wakasu has had a good tournament.

    I tell u player for player we matchedif not better

    • Go to http://www.betting on line.com and put your monies on I.coast so that we know that u are serious!!!

      Ghana ll walk over I.coast tomorrow, it ll shock like Never before!

      If Ghana meets Nigeria or I.coast in any match, is not about form or players but who wants it more and Ghana wants it more than I.coast!!!

      The players n form is out of the equation and am telling, pyscological, ghana had strong mental strength than I.coast!!

  37. After 25 mins,when Ghana has settled down to the game, with our nerves calm, Ghana ll then TAKE I.COAST TO THE CLEANERS!;


    Ghana is the most talented football nation in Africa!!

  38. I foresee Ghana being wacked by CIV mainly because of experience. Also because HR is determined more than ever before to prove the unappreciative critics wrong

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