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FAZ to announce changes to Chipolopolo technical bench

Football Association of Zambia President Andrew Kamanga has stated that his executive has evaluated the performance of national soccer team coach Wedson Nyirenda on his set deliverables and made changes to the technical bench.

Kamanga stated that the changes to the technical bench will be announced soon.

This is in the wake of Nyirenda having failed to qualify the team to the 2018 World Cup and failure to reach the target of semi-finals at the last CHAN tournament.

“He had targets of qualifying us to the World Cup and the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations Tournament. We had also set a target of reaching the semi-finals of the 2018 CHAN tournament.”

“We have evaluated the performance of the team and have made changes to the technical bench, The changes were also recommended by the head coach [Nyrienda] himself,” Kamanga said during a ZNBC interview.

Zambia is currently bottom of Group K level on points with next opponents Namibia after losing the opening game of the qulaifiers 1 – 0 to Mozambique.

Guine Bissau and Mozambique are both on three points having won their respective games.

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  1. “We have evaluated the performance of the team and have made changes to the technical bench, The changes were also recommended by the head coach [Nyrienda] himself,” Kamanga said during a ZNBC interview.

    Which actually means no changes 😉

    • @prince…..thats how it is my man. A change recommended by Nrirenda??? Well… it sounds to me like asking a guilty convict to recommend how long he thinks he should stay in jail. It sounds so strange you know…

  2. What does that even mean? A change made to the technical bench recommended by Nyirenda himself is no change at all….

  3. Was Nyirenda given the same support that foreign coaches are given?

    Are we always going to depend on foreign coaches to train our National team? if yes, then no problem. If not then would it not be better for Government and FAZ to find a foreign country where Nyirenda and a few selected Zambian coaches can go for training so that upon completion they can take charge of the Chipolopolo?

  4. It means that ,they Ave to appeal to nyirendas conscience so that fairness is there.They are trying to reason with him why changes are necessary. Which is a proper use of power by Faz.Both nyirenda and FAZ wants the best for the national team.

  5. Wada fails to meet the goals set for him these being to qualify the team to Moscow and at least reach the semi of chan which he failed and the same wada tells his employers that they make changes to the bench and spare him am thinking to myself who had the last same when selecting the players to play oh now I get it even that mwangeni lad its not wada who made him play, grow up both faz and wada OK.

  6. The statement is quite making no sense at all cause if faz says they’ll make SOME changes to the tectnical bench and also giving wada a chance to say something this means that it’s either they still need him or are afraid of firing him.As for me I hail wada for wonderful performance the chipolopolo boys have put shown beating Algeria home and away was a miracle to me , if faz wants a new man for the job they should go for a foreigner and wada as an assistant.

  7. It means faz are employed by Wada period
    The reason why people expects great results it’s simple
    Zed is not a place to develop a coach
    I hear people are saying let faz take coaches for studies …..its NOT necessarily that faz must develop coaches it should be a personal thing to develop yourself that’s why you are paid go get UEFA B or A license
    Learn from top coaches by association
    If not by association then by observation
    Put into practice and see what works for you
    If No one helps you help yourself
    Wada is arrogant
    He thinks discipline only can win games this is partially true
    What wins games is discipline,hard work and skill
    You can’t put skill in Jack chirwa,malama,mwengeni,katiba ,etc these chaps have no football brains
    if we continue with wada it’s fine
    Then we know that our targets is not the nation’s pride but individual development at the expense of the beautiful game and zed

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