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HE ECL: Forget about expatriate coach, Wada Wada is just ok!!!!

Despite the loss to Nigeria in his first assignment, Wedson ‘Wada Wada’ Nyirenda is set to remain the Chipolopolo coach for the foreseeable future.

This is after HE President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) said the nation should forget about hiring a foreign coach as the current technical bench is doing.

Speaking on arrival from Ndola were he watched the Chipolpolo go down 2 – 1 to Nigeria, president Lungu said the local coaches needed to be given chance.

“Forget about the expatriate coach, I think we can do with our lown coaches,” President Lungu said.

“A lot of teams that are doing well are doing so with indigenous coaches….. We just have to give them [Chipolopolo technical bench] chance.

The president further added that he was impressed with Wada Wada and the teams response in the second half.

“The new coach is doing well. If you followed the game carefully, the second half was much better and we still have a chance. Lets not write ourselves off,” said the FAZ patron.

The statement by the president will be deflate Football House who have been waiting for the government to bankroll the costs of engaging a foreign coach.

FAZ have stated that they have already identified the new expatriate coach but are only waiting for government commitment to seal the deal.

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  1. Wada is ok, problem was FAZ not organising a friendly before facing Nigeria. If we had a friendly match , players like Kalengo would hv not played and signs were there cos he’s been to quiet ever since he trekked to Congo. Kalaba shouldn’t be too selfish in front of goal.
    Hats off to Fwayo but let’s spread our net in bring in Kangwa, Singuluma, Mbola n Katebe to bring up that completion in the squad. It’s just a lousy losing at home but who knows with the right preps/ players Cameroun might fall in Yaunda.

  2. lungu doesnt own the national team its not pf. we need expat coach with proven pedigree. my prediction under wada we will loose 5 and draw 1.

  3. lungu is not inspiring. even in footbal can’t make a right decision. just look how our economy has taken a downturn under his watch. we need an expat coach. the Gabon 2017 qualifiers we won 1 game. if 4 new irrelevant ministries can b3 cr3ated money can as well be chanelled to finding a coach. our football is in a crisis.

    • The president has no right to dictate over football as it is not supposed to be like that,we need an expatriate if we are to do better coz honestly speaking Russia wont be possible unless a miracle,i thought nigeria was a team we would beat but from the looks of things our performance has gone down.

  4. as for me, for now, wada wada, is OK for now, based on his reaction to the game. except on his blander were he withdrew the main man “Fwayo” I feel even if mbesuma scaled, he looked tired. it was a blander to withdraw Fwayo. Mbesuma was supposed to be withdrawn. here we needed some one more mobile and swift like Chris or kola though it was a blander to replace who ever with Fwayo

  5. iwe, still bitter abt your party’s loss to the pf. you got dununad move on and stop crying for spilt milk. chikonko mwikate.

    • Iwe Paradox, does this guy cut you a check? I hear gas is like $5 equivalent per gallon and you are happy about that? Explain that to the majority of poor Zambians.

  6. All the Zambian Coaches are the same they dont know how to make substitute and benching they sub the most player maker and replace with the weak player maker . they bench powerfull player and start with Adrian Chama . So we don’t know where we are heading to .. .the experiate coach for Zambia will be good.

    • The problem with these local coaches is that they don’t really know when to make subs and the right subs.its true that wada was not given a friendly in order for him to assess the players and know what and how they can fit in. but all in all he would have leart from the kenya game.

  7. How do you substitute your best player on the Pitch ? This is why people cry for expatriate coaches. We also need to arrange freindlies for such crucial games ba FAZ. On the other hand, lets be honest with ourselves. Who scored for Nigeria and where do they play – Arsenal, Man City. What is the pedigree of our current players? Truth be told, Nigeria currently are a class above us

    • I’ve been scratching my head over that one all night. I would have substituted Kalaba or Sinkala before even thinking of touching Fwayo

  8. wad is OK, but he took time to cover that gap called chama, don’t use that injipaishi when mutonga is there, king David is OK and his composure on a ball is needed, ba wada mwaliluba coach ukufumyamo fwayo, though you look like you can read the game .

  9. baStumpy, this inferiority complex is scaring!!!Expatriate can even mean someone from Malawi!!!!!What we need is a good coach, and if a local coach can do what is required, whats the need!!!!You ll agree that there are some local guys who are very good but are just let down by FAZ’s attitude towards them. So its FAZ that needs changing!!!!Eg, how do you go into crucial qualifiers without exposing the new coach to a single friendly????How was he going to know the permutations of his players!!!!!Say what you want, you dont have US$100,000 per month required to pay a good expatriate coach, otherwise, you ll get the European rejects like the Burkhard Ziese or that other soldier of fortune we have never heard about again!!!!Some of these coaches just use Africa to build their CVs!!!Look at even Renard, yes he has two AFCONs under his belt, but lets face it, was it really him who won these trophies???Why hasnt Ghana, South Africa, Morrocco, even Senegal done so in the last 18 years despite having brought in the best coaches money can afford???Ni bola cabe iyi!!!!!We have more important things to do that massaging the egos of a few diehard football fans. We cant afford an expatriate, the Presiednt, who controls the funds has said!!!!!

  10. From my point of view wada wada did not do a bad job. This team under him shows a lot of potential.However,the fact is that our opponents in this group have high profiled players and who very much exposed and playing at the highest level.Our players are just average.Nigeria showed class in the way they handled the Zambian team.We need to do a lot if we are to win a single game in this group.Let FAZ arrange a number of high profiled friendly games.Some players cannot just perform at the highest level and Adrian Chama is just one of them ,if anything he single handedly cost us the match.Mtonga brought in some stability at the back.The other problem is that our two central strikers are not that quick to give other teams problems.I feel its time Mbesuma was partnered with someone quicker than Kalengo.I still believe Wadawada can turn round the fortunes of the team especially with necessary support from all stake holders. God bless Zambia.

  11. This is the reason FAZ needs to wean itself off of dependence on the government to pay the coach, Engage corporate partners to come up with the money to pay an expat coach. It has been done before and can be done again. In the meantime stop bringing cadres in for free to the stadium so FAZ can start making money off of these games. Wada is a good coach but he needs to work under someone with a different mindset for now

  12. This president is prepared to waste tax payers money on creating useless ministries. What kind of leadership is that? Focused on plundering instead of real issues like development and sport.

    • I hate politicians in general, but Lungu is one hell of an idiot. He needs to stay away from football and focus on the economy that is going to the sh!thole currently. Lack of adequate electricity, no jobs, higher fuel prises, higher mealie meal prices and this idiot thinks he can come and dictate on our football? He is busy forming useless ministries instead of cutting those worthless corrupt ministries to save money. This fool is a total idiot, and those that voted for him should enjoy every bad things that is coming their way, even though he stole the elections, people helped him steal it.

  13. This was a great performance despite I not watching the match but with the reference read above I’m able to see that we as Zambians can have the ability to win Nigeria as long as have commitments within the team.

  14. I agree with mr president wada is just okey,just give him time am sure he can do good things!!but FAZ should try to convince charlse musonda to allow his 3 children to play 4 zambia pliz also call Frankie Musonda to partner Sunzu pliz!

  15. If you know football you will agree with me that Mbesuma, Fwayo and Sinkala were all tired and change for the three was inevitable, don’t blame the coach please! In terms of class we are not equal to Nigeria. Please in the next game bring in Mbola and Kangwa Evans. We have a diamond in the name of Clatous Chama, utilize the potential of this rough diamond even for just 20 minutes.

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