Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Equatorial Guinea bound Chipolopolo arrive

The Zambia national team has arrived back in the country from Maputo, Mozambique where they beat their hosts 1 – 0 via a Given Singuluma goal to qualify for their 17th Africa Cup of Nations final in Equatorial Guinea.

The Chipolopolo who have only missed one tournament (2004 edition) since 1990 arrived back home today at 01:00hrs and have shifted base to Ndola where the game will be played at Levy Mwanawasa stadium.

The Honour Janza coached side will look to make an emphatic end to the qualifying series as they turn their attention to Cape Verde who will qualify to the tournament as Group F leaders following their 2 – 1 home win over Niger. Cape Verde now have an unassailable 12 points while Zambia is on 8 points.

The game on Wednesday kicks off at 18:00hrs and will be live on both ZNBC and Supersport 9 channel.

The tickets for the game have gone on sale and are as low as K20.00.

Gate Charges: VIP – K400.00, Lower West – K150.00, Lower East – K100.00, Upper West – K100.00, Upper East – K50.00, Lower and Upper North – K20.00, Lower and Upper South – K20.00

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  1. Cape verde must be beaten heavily and convincingly for we need FIFA ranking points. Its also a chance for players to market themselves to european clubs who are following these qualifiers. Mayuka should aim to score and market himself so he can leave Southampton where i feel he is wasting his time. He is too good to sit on the bench.

    • Ba john-wasting his time at a club that is 2nd on the EPL log? Shouldn’t he just endure to play in the UCL. Or you mean that he should leave and join Chelsea the top in the EPL? You need better counsel for Mayuka Ba john honestly.

  2. Congrats guys. Its time we moved on with new players. I was impressed with lubambo musonda, atleast we have some1 who will replace chris. Nathan sinkala needs a parner in the midfield, a creative midfielder who plays like isaac chansa. I wonder y the coach did nt use chisamba lungu

  3. Let’s prove that we didn’t win Mozambique Mambas by luck which of course is a gospel truth, truth be told. Beating Cape Verde will remove the ‘luck’ tag and give the boys a good confidence send off to Equatorial Guinea. If Guinea can even manage to pull one off EG and Mambas beating them we need to also show them we aren’t afcon2012 champions as a fluke. Janza needs to adjust a little hope Sunzu will be in bcoz our defense was kaaka as they put in SA. Mambas thru that demon possessed Pelembe running like his pants are on fire really troubled us to him there was no defence that’s one area we really need to work on. Next Kangwa should also start and see how he can perform with sate sate. Let me go and pee will continue…

  4. Those who dont research and dont believe Zambia has qualified should lon on to

    We just hv to batter those Islanders convincingly on Wednesday. It still pains that we lost to them.

    • We all know Zambia has qualified. Who’s doubting? We are now talking about beating Equatorial GUINEA to put a record straight and revive confidence in the boys as it is now Zambia can afford to miss the game and still appear in Equatorial Guinea.

  5. Well organised this time by our pathetic football house by returning our boys in time so that today they can relax and train tomorrow for the last game of the qualifiers against Cape Verde Islands on wednesday at Ndola staduim were will flock without pressure on our backs having already qualified to the 2015 afcon in Equatorial Guinea in two months time.

    My humble appeal is for our coach honour Janza to make Mweene Kennedy team Captain and Rainford Kalaba his vice as they are the team leaders and have more experience than any other member of the team as evidenced in the game against Mozambique.

    Mr Janza is a Zambian coach who knows who should truly be the team captain he must not keep the changes that were made by that young boy Patrice Buemeule and act quickly as going in to a big tournament like the afcon with Sunzu and Sinkala as Captains and Vice will not be healthy for the team there time will come but for now Mweene and Kalaba deserve to be shown more respect as the guide and lead the team

  6. You see now Ba coach that on merit selections have turned our fortunes ,job well done and keep the Zed spirit.Please can Mweene be made skipper,I feel he is too vocal for the role,it was his voice I could only hear yesterday with due respect for Nathan and Sunzu who are not.For the cabo Verder game,I still feel we have to win even though we have qualified for prides sake not let the Islanders be big headed and say they won and draw or whatever with us hence a win will show our intensions going to the final.

  7. Job well done boys. Some cylinders where miss firing. Our defense was jeatering particularly Munthali, very slow to react,Musakanya should be replaced with Lumbambo, we need Chisamba Lungu. Cape Verde should be beaten

  8. We have to teach Cape Verde a footballing lesson and make send a clear statement of intent to the rest of Africa. Janza should start Lubambo Musonda and Chisamba lungu in the match.

  9. Our defense is suspect! Can the coach look at Kondwani Mtonga who is doing very well. He has everything it takes for one to be a great defender(big, strong, fast and tall). The coach should see him in hero league on supersport. Don’t just listen to people who say the league he plays in is weak! That league is tougher than the south african PSL. Please do the correct thing.

  10. Our defense is suspect! Can the coach look at Kondwani Mtonga who is doing very well. He has everything it takes for one to be a great defender(big, strong, fast and tall). The coach should see him in hero league on supersport. Don’t just listen to people who say the league he plays in is weak! That league is tougher than the south african PSL. Please do the correct thing

  11. I have been watching repeats of the Moz vs Zambia game. I must say that we need to cement and strengthen our defence. I good side would have massacred Zambia yesterday. We are luck we were playing useless Mozambique. On sad thing is we no longer string a good number of passes yet still keeping possession. Possession football is what we need if we want to deny our opponents play. Unlike the current kind of football where we rely on counter attack and then defending. Also the issue of losing balls unnecessarily. Otherwise a win is a win and we can only move forward. Like the guys have said above, we need to beat CV convincingly. They have nothing to lose as they are just coming to fulfil the fixture as even if they lose, they will still top the group.

  12. Relax Zambia
    You have a too good a team to be afraid of Cape Verde
    This fear runs through all the comments above
    My ghana lost and we conceded defeat without blaming neither bad officiating nor maltreatment
    I pray some new self imposed powerhouse of Africa does same when they lose
    Anywayz congrats Chipolopolo

  13. In addition,(1) Mweene should be made skipper, (2) Lubambo should start ahead of Musakanya, (3) Chisamba should start, (4) Nkausu should replace Munthali, (5) Evans Kangwa should start ahead of Sate Sate. Thanks.

  14. Mweene, Donashano, Mbola, Davies Nkausu, Nyambe, Sinkala, Lungu, Kalaba, Singuluma, Mayuka.
    Oh dear no place for Kangwa and Lubambo. These have to come in later in the game.

  15. Great job Chipolopolo, I believe the addition of the Netherland assistant coach helped boost the boys and potato head coach had some much needed help as the assistant was making notes of what needed to be changed. Anyways congrats to the team and the whole coaching stuff.

    • come on bro give credit where it’s due and you know full well renard was never gonna win in maputo. Renard is too arrogant to even litsen to the dutch assistant.

  16. Those calling for Mweene to be captain of the chipolopolo are spot on,mweene has all the qualities to put on the Arm band experience and vry vocal to command the team.the current captain and vice are so quiet on the pitch hope Janza visits this site.

  17. Let’s beat them real good…personally a 2 nil victory would make me happy but 3 would see me ride the skys. We gona base this on the 2 legs , so far they leading 1 – 2.

  18. FAZ it’s a mid week and mid month game so please half the price of tickets. The simple math will mean the stadium is full and you make more many that way. This is in addition to having the chipolopolo boys being backed by a great home crowd.

  19. I have also started to feel that Munthali’s national challenge is too huge for him,he is too slow and his anticipation is so pathetic ,I also feel the coach should have a look at Mtonga in India.Before I watched their league I was like India is cricket,but that is not the case though it is made up of old players just trying to earn their pension it is a strong league.Musakanya also is a NO NO how about we start with Lungu and be only be using Musonda as an INPACT,you know nothing will make my day than beating those Islanders.

  20. Mweene should be captain for sure because he is senior,able to read the match and he aplies tactics,he faked an injury.Nathan performance is low because he cannot command players senior to him that is pyschologically affecting him.

  21. welcome back boys and congratulations for making us proud. my concern is on the defence, pliz guys work on that one. may the couch also consider to give the captainship to mweene.

  22. Good people the indian league is amateurish where old and finished players earn their, dont be fooled by the packed crowds even the zambian league is stronger than that joke league.

    • Alex ZZ! I think u have never taken time to watch the hero super league. Take time to see the competition and just the facilities that are in place! I tell u our kondwani is a far much refined player than he was here.

  23. Let not the team be over the moon. Cape Verde might embarrass us if we are too over confident. Let the team build on the win and work on the mistakes spotted. CV are not on top by mistake.

  24. We don’t have to play with a mind of revenge on Wednesday, this may disturb the spirit of the team especially when we fail to get early goals. That’s how frustration starts. Our players should aim at getting maximum points.

  25. Never judge the book by its cover. Watch the IPL that’s when u cn conclude. I think this league z stronger than most of the Africa e.g PSL, ZPL etc. Players like Luis Garcia r still far much better than our midfielders in Africa. Khodwani Mtonga z still gud, its jst the packaging n so z the IPL. Chris Katongo was the most valuable player at Afcon 2012 n yet he wz playing in China.

  26. Indian league is useless, so is their national that in itself tell you a lot about that useless league. How can a league with pensioners be of any value??@kabinda…has

  27. The Indian Premier League is useless to say the least. I have watched it many times. It’s just the organisation and the facilities they have. Also they have huge crowds during matches similar to what we see in the european leagues. But in terms of the quality quality of play, it’s NOT strong and our ZPL players are better. The league is amateurish in terms of play.
    On a different note, Kalusha and company should bring back the 2012 AFCON winning jersey. This current jersey is pathetic to say the least. Bushe Kalusha alomfwa sure?

  28. Thanks Kwabena Piso but do you think Avram Grant bring anything for your team? Is he going to turn around things and end the 37 year old wait? Mumbi was spot on 95% when he said there will be jubilation in Lusaka while there will be a big funeral in Kumasi. We wish you all the best in your do or die last game. We want you guys to be there EG so that you witness once again ZED lifting that cup again.

  29. By the way John, Stumpy, Mulenga Pulu…… what is your take on the useless, pathetic, stubborn, un-vindicated Herve Renards emphatic win?

    • renard is pathetic why are u still basking in that useless coach man….Renard was never going to beat Mozambiaque. The techical bench of Janza and Lobahm is better than renard. Sierra leone is a weak team.

  30. Renard will be judged on wed wen the lions prowl on the Elephants patch in Abidjan.
    Our technical bench could also benefit to see the strengths of these two teams as both of them will end up in Equatorial Guinea…especially Cameroun. Algeria n Tunisia are teams on fire.

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