Friday, April 12, 2024

Cape Verde to arrive on Tuesday morning

Zambia’s opponents in the final round qualifier for the Equatorial Guinea 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier and group F leaders Cape Verde will arrive in the country tomorrow (Tuesday).

The Islanders who will finish group F as group leaders this time relaxed their often water tight travel schedules which has seen them use chartered flights and opted for a commercial travel which has them take a long haul flight through Portugal, Germany and South Africa before connecting to Ndola.

The initial itinerary showed that the ‘Blue Sharks’ would arrive in the country at midday today (Monday) but this has since been revised to Tuesday, with the team expected to land at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe international airport at 10:00hrs.

The team will only have one training session at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium from 16:00hrs to 18:00hrs.

Cape Verde have stated that they will allow players who have not had enough game time to feature in the game against Zambia.

Zambia will play Cape Verde on
Wednesday in a formality match with only prestige at stake as both teams have already secured qualification to the 2015 tournament. The game kicks off at 18:00hrs.

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  1. The technical bench headed by Janza and dutchman Lobahm is better than pathetic renard. The dutchman was busy making notes in the mozambique game. You can see he is a tactician he knows what he is doing. His notes changed the complexion of the game in the 2nd half. Herve Renard would have failed to beat Mozambique I am shocked people are praising his small time win over pathetic sierra leone.

    • And that is WHY he won the AFCON 2012. And Coach of the Year 2012. Cuz his a Small or bad coach as u put it.

      Give him credit and don’t insult. We beat all the favourites to win the AFCON plus the host nation which was not easy.

      Senegal, ghana, Ivory coast, plus equatorial guinea.

      Herve renard is the boom.

    • “Cape Verde have stated that they will allow players who have not had enough game time to feature in the game against Zambia”

      Where does it state a weak team? If we feature our Evans Kangwa who had little play time does it make our team weak? Zambian camp has a similar dilemma but lack of comprehension we already judge our opponents based on armchair football analysis.

  2. This is the time for Zambia to massacre this over hyped Cape Verde. We need a convincing win. This will also improve Zambia on the FIFA rankings. Lets play for the FIFA rankings and for our own pride.

  3. Zambia will be humiliated at AFCON mark my words..your mediocre team is better of missing this cup to save your name and rebuild on this pathetic team that struggle to beat minor teams like of Mozambique.. ALL OF YOU MARK MY WORDS THE AFCON 2015 IS GOING TO BE WON BY A WEST AFRICAN TEAM.. p.s im from SA,

  4. Kennedy Mweene for Captain and Rainford Kalaba for Vice

    Mr Honour Janza you are now stamping your authority on the team with the injection of fresh blood in the National Team that has been evidenced by the results them selves which has dramatically changed.

    But please let’s do away with what that young opportunist boy Patrice Buemeure did to our national team by bring confusion’s in the team replacing our ever green Kennedy Mweene with Sunzu and Sinkala as Team Captains Respectively. Without taking away anything from these two boys they are not yet ready to be given that huge responsibility especially going into a big tournament like the AFCON.

    Ba Janza Please once again collect the mistake as soon as possible for the benefit of the team and the Nation at large

  5. Twapapata mulekeni john with his Renard he will just be singing about this song all the time. The best is to avoid talking about IVC whether they win draw or lose, when u just mention HR the ghost (demon) in him just gets aroused. Welcome Cape Verde to Zed, please field your best team as we need to teach you guys a big lesson. Chongo in Cape Verde was a big let down, he played like a spoilt kid making unneccessary fouls. Kennedy Mweene was even very annoyed with him that he shouted at him to bring him back to earth. He better grow up. Nice to see Ghanians posting sensible posts here. My question is them hiring Avram Grant will it assist in any way? Appia was a better coach.

  6. Zambia should also not use some players:
    – Kalaba
    – Captain Mweene
    – Singuluma
    – Mayuka
    – Mbola
    – Nyambe
    They can’t be injured in such a game. Use players on sale:
    – Munyau
    – Katebe
    – Nsautu
    – Sate Sate
    – Rodrick Kabwe

  7. Zambia should build-up play on the floor, and long balls were often not successful. Ought to started games by pressing their opponents aggressively in the first 15 minutes before adopting a semi-high pressing concept in midfield to create space for swift counter-attacks once back in possession to get behind the opponent’s defense. Screening midfielders often stay back to give the full-backs the opportunity to
    push forward.

  8. The players’ physical fitness and high level of commitment is vital given the high intensity of play. The teams should prepared well in this aspect, and tactics such as pressing and efficient possession play are closely related.

  9. janza is pathetic, how on earth did allow sate sate to be on the pitch for 90 minute when you had evans the sniper kangwa?clueless coach.chisamba dinio not playing
    shows how useless this coach is.aron katebe , nkausu on the bench.

  10. That’s very Right KEZ KES
    Janza should look into this matter of the Arm Band,, Trust me Sunzu and Nathan at this Moment have no Capability of Commanding and Guide the Team,,moreover what Criteria do they use when choosing the Captain,,becoz I see no reason y Mweene shouldn’t continue being the captian when he was the vice and we have all seen what he is able to do…Plz Mr Janza,,, CAN MWEENE TAKE OVER THAT ROLE AND LET SUNZU OR KALABA BE THE VICE…

  11. No wonder some people are quite. Bloggers please go to cafonline (dot)com and open the menu on standings. If Zambia was in group E we would be leading that group and it is clear that all 4 teams can qualify tomorrow. Meaning that any one of them would be eliminated.
    I was just wondering why this site is so quite.
    The table is reproduced below:

    Team P W L D G FG AGD PTs
    1 Ghana 5 2 1 2 8 6 2 8
    2 Uganda 5 2 2 1 4 3 1 7
    3 Guinea 5 2 2 1 8 8 0 7
    4 Togo 5 2 3 0 6 9- 3 6

    Only 2 points separate the top team from the lowest placed teams. Naikaba iyi.
    If Togo wins then there will be serious problems for one team I cannot mention.
    Please God let there be peace on our Zamfoot Blog, I pray that you allow Togo to win,
    Then we can have peace on this blog for the next 2 years. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Let’s play them on natural turf and see if they can really beat us. It’s a fact that Chipos can not play well on artificial turf. It’s time to redeem our pride. Teach those ‘Blue sharks’ how it is done – Bola Ya Pa Zed.

    • ————–> GERMISTON SOUTH,
      The GHANA BLACK STARS will meet Zambia CHIPOS in EQUITORIAL GUINEA the 2012 Champions… Ghana is going to qualify tomorrow in TAMALE
      the NORTHERN part of Ghana..

      Anyway, Ghana is a top football country in west Africa ,, we will qualify and meet the CHIPOS in the QUARTERS..

  13. Spot on Kasama boy! Naikaba mu Group E no wonder some W/african “giant” had to pay a courtesy call on one obeah man/ shrine named Guikpe Nna Ahlajji Alassan for “spiritual” guidance to beat little Togo. The dark stars are sweating in their pants . Story coutersy of GSN

  14. Ba Zamfoot bushe if I tell the truth about the late dictator, should that be an issue. Do you want me to praise people like Hitler, Ian Smith, Muzorewa, KK, Kamuzu Banda just because they are dead. You really shock me. Sata was a dictator truth be told, dead or alive

    It is me everyone now hates, for telling the truth

    Justice lukanga kafusha

  15. Janza watch Kondwani in action for North East right now! Chansa not playing. If u can’t assign some people to see that game. The game is on supersport 9.

  16. Janza watch Kondwani in action for North East right now! Chansa not playing. If u can’t assign some people to see that game. The game is on supersport 9

  17. Lets just do our part which is to win and win good. If Mozambique could do it, why can’t we? Forget the nonsense of playing with fringe players. Lets give them a good hiding.

  18. He is back and the name has changed but we know his face so we guessed right but as usual with his hate for the dead,he brings in politics on a different topic iyo ba sata cikulu bakulufyenye.

  19. Mumbi and Paradox amongst others are so obsessed with GSN as they are Chipolopolo
    Why am I not surprised
    Watch your back cos we are coming
    Flame of fire,furious with revenge on our mind
    Go. Black Stars, fly high into the sky
    Stand firm Chipolopolo.

  20. I think this Mtonga boy can do much better job for chipolopolo than Munthali now the problem is FIFA international date is it followed in India because them it seems games go on ,while world wide all top leagues are on break till this Saturday that’s when they will resume that makes me to wonder in case Mtonga is recalled,will he be released by his club?.Coach Janza I thought you had done away with Kabaso,the boy is childish,he will just be faking injury in the first minute,he will not be dropping fast enough after overlapping I feel Coach you can do better on this ,you know even if we have qualified Cabo Verde must fall.

  21. My man John let’s move on frm Renard drama,he did is part n he is nothing but th part of zambian history…so now we have a coach in Janza who in my opinion n his “assistant” are improving…on cape verde game I would rather we feature a very strong side n perfect our system n cohesion

  22. Say again ooo Alex ZZ
    Whilst players like pitroipa,gradel,toure brothers,mikel,bance,adebayor,odemwingie,asamoah,ayew brothers!etc are representing Africa in Europe,some self imposed power house can only send their best material to India and China and still Bragg about it
    A country which jubilates over a single Everton goal and call a strike for baby mayuka
    A powerhouse without power
    Ooooo Zambia

  23. forget MUTONGA naimwe moreover the guy is 29 playing in INDIA i think the best replacement of Isaac Chansa should be Francis “Jemba” Kasonde from power dynamos…..the guy has really prove himself plus he’s got an eye for goals and he has a strong physical presence. not the old useless MUTONGA rotting in the useless INDIAN league…..kanshi na Spencer Sautu or Justin Zulu is better.

  24. We have to use the first 11 to get the players to gell for the AFCON tournament though a late call for Kola would be ok. Chamanga is not supposed to be on that bench.

  25. Sister Anita can you let go of Mtonga for I saac Chansa to even go there is unthinkable, if Isaac is not even in the pecking order of being recalled what of your Mtonga. Your campaign has started giving us other ideas that perhaps he is ur ………….. Today is today and we are here for revenge we shall teach this small team a lesson. We are giants of Africa, i cannot see the other self proclaimed giant in Africa on the forefront of 10 already qualified teams. They are struggling on the last six places otherwise Accra will not even be there just like Cairo has once again missed out.

  26. Ba coach, with due respect, I was not happy for you to bring in Evans Kangwa with just a few minutes left before the game came to an end. The guy has proven himself to be a sniper before. Please, this boy can inject pace up front and can solve our goal drought. His positioning is superb and he rarely misses an opportunity to score. I compare him to the late Dennis Lota MHSRIP. Ba Frank Nonde can bear witness to my statement.

  27. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    @Kay , how old are you sir? Zambia is Christian nation and I am sure you are aware. Zamfoot is not a platform for yo barriers but for soccer fans. Lets be sober on this blog, by the way I am a fan of Sate Sate. For your own information no one in history has scored two goals in 24 hours for his Country and his club ask FIFA if Rolnado or Merci including Van perce the list is endless and let FIFA give you the records . That is Sate Sate you are saying is not national team material, you cant compare him to Bruce, Patrick Ngoma or evn Mayuka at the moment not Mayuka I use to know who sunk Ghana in 2012 where we going next year and come back with a trophy. Go Zambia Go……. I always say lets give Janza chance.

    Lord God our father, I thank you for helping us keep this Zambian football blog quite.
    Yes we do send our players to India, China, Congo DR, and Sasafrica, but they are the ones who win us the AFCON trophy. Egypt uses players from its own league, and they are the ones who won them the AFCON on 3 consecutive times.
    Lord those who send their players all over Europe and have their top striker in Oman don’t win anything in a life time. Let them continue sending them there.
    I pray to you, my loving God that we keep sending our players to India, China, Congo DR, and Sasafrica, so they continue wining us AFCON trophies.

    Please God just as you have blessed our country with peace for the past 50 years, let there be peace on our Zamfoot Blog, and this can only be maintained if you allow Togo to win. I pray for peace on this blog for the next 2 years, in Jesus’ name, Amen!!!!!!!!!!

    • And lord please remind captain weenie not to sneak into his girlfriends hotel room.
      Don’t let us win Afcon ever again cos we fail to appreciate the white man who guided the team.
      We gave praise and honor and credit to ghosts in the seas rather than you
      Ooo my country Zambia
      Wake up from thy slumber for we still languish at the bottom of FIFA rankings despite our lame claims of being a powerhouse
      Please we are afraid of ghana but let them qualify so that the tournament attract more scouts to EG to help Zambian players travel to Europe
      Even wanyama of Kenya,aubameyeng of Gabon,plays in Europe
      Oh lord why
      Oh lord we beg
      Our only euro based players mulenga,mayuka,sinkala,sunzu are struggling
      Why us lord,why Zambia
      We are a laughing stock
      West Africa keeps soaring in sports but not southern
      This is our prayer lord
      That kalusha stop consulting nyantakyi as to how he managed to qualify ghana to three consecutive WC
      Please answer our prayers

  29. Cabo Verd wants a draw or win.The will play defensively.SATE SATE must start as he is capable of passing through their bus packed defense as he did to the Ivorians.Kangwa should also start he has potential to play in top european leagues as can be seen in Lubambo who should also start play we need those long range shots but rest Mayuka for future duty.FORGET Kondwani and Chamanga,Kalaba 4 captain and he will put in his best.

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