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VIP-IBC is the best betting platform of the industry

The notion originates to the professional punters. Those that make their livelihood out of the online betting industry needed a solution to a major issue that they were facing. Later on, it expanded to those that were not satisfied with the amounts and the limits and wanted higher ones. And most recently the question of adding the ability to use crypto for betting online needed a response. These were the primary concerns that demanded the creation of the betting platforms. Along with a series of secondary ones that we will address below.


What is a betting platform

Basically, the answer to the question is that it is a hub. A gathering location where the offers of the betting houses that cooperate are put together in an orderly fashion, and then displayed side by side in one screen. The underlying algorithms of this betting software allow for the following advantages over any single bookmaker:

  1. Fast and easy selection of the highest odds and limits
  2. The ability to place as many wagers as the number of bookmakers in the list, or the ones selected in the settings
  3. Handling everything through a single account instead of multiple ones.

It is, in fact, this exact accumulation of more betting establishments in one location that allows for much higher odds and limits. The reason being that both aspects are heavily influenced by the number of bettors that place wagers on any given market at any given point in time. The more of them there are, the higher the parameters of any bet become.

Here comes VIP-IBC the best betting platform

While the facets that we discussed above, are the premise for every online betting platform, it’s the details and the additional options that make the difference. So, what does VIP-IBC offer to deserve the title of the best betting platform? It’s rather simple:

  1. They do not allow the inclusion of anyone in their lists if they do not pass the tests for high standards of doing business. That’s a long and tedious process that no ordinary bettor should have to go through. And it allows for an extra warranty of honesty, reliability and trustworthiness.
  2. It is available in 21 languages with a customer support that is available 24/7, capable of responding to any question and resolving any issue. And from the looks of it, this number is soon to become higher.
  3. Through the association with the best betting broker BET-IBC, people have the chance to move funds, from an account that they would possibly maintain at a single bookmaker, to their VIP-IBC account and vice versa, without the need of additional deposit.
  4. There is a section dedicated to advice on matches offered by a team of professional tipsters. So, it’s not just a place for maximum profitability. It’s also a place for wisdom and knowledge to use for optimal results.

But what about the money?

This is the one major concern for every punter. VIP-IBC offers a number of ways for deposits. Electronic ways like e-wallets, traditional ways like the old usual wire transfers, and of course, the rising star of funding online betting accounts via cryptocurrencies, especially when it comes to bettors from Africa. Which brings up the inevitable concern that addresses safety and security issues.

To that effect VIP-IBC makes sure that every piece of information, not just about the financial transactions, but also about the personal data, is safeguarded by the latest developments in encryption and protection. It’s always a race between those who want to access this data for nefarious reasons, and the people on the other side that want to keep it out of reach. And those that do this job for VIP-IBC always pay extra attention to be one step ahead.

So, do you open a betting account at the best betting platform

Our verdict on the issue is definitely a positive one. There may have been a negative side in the past through the lack of accumulator bets, but it has been resolved and now people can also place this kind of wagers. This exact resolution is also the most relevant indication on how the operators of VIP-IBC go about doing business. They listen to what users say and they make it their objective to satisfy the needs. We do not see anything wrong with you going ahead and registering for an account at the best betting platform. Do you?

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