Monday, June 24, 2024

Video: Watch Kalengo and Mbesuma’s goals against Kenya here

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  1. We understand we’ve won but let’s not get carried away…. good goals we accept but this game is now history lets focus on the next one otherwise we risk losing focus

  2. The inclusion of kalengo was not well received by some soccer fans.pliz let’s learn to respect the coaches decisions. After all,its him who spends most of the time with players in camp.its just upto each player to prove himself to the coach. Otherwise, thanks kalengo….

  3. Acting like exacted elections that have gained energy z what z xpected by all. after all a win z a win & it wasn’t easy .so just praise were it’s due.thanks b 2 those who took upon themselves to update us not forgetting ZAMFOOT

  4. Am in VICTORY MODE therefore I will allow myself to be carried away as much as humanly possible.
    I believe in embracing moments of victory rather than worry about imaginary threatening future.

  5. Congratulations to the Boys we won. The second half, though, was an eye-sore to watch. We were only defending throughout the last 45 minutes which was not good at all. The best form of defence is to attack. As Kenya mounted pressure, they were very vulnerable at the back. That was the time when we should have taken the game to them and score another goal to kill off the match. We should not do that moving forward, as had we met a more formidable opposition, the would have beaten us. Otherwise sweet victory and 3 points collected away from home. We can only improve moving forward.

    • This is a good strategy Chicken (Kokoliko) is teaching the boy, Chipolopolo most of the times give away wins just like that I like the way the defended. Sometimes you should not under estimate a team if you lead defend the goals! (like Italy)

      • The point is you cannot defend for such long spells against more potent teams like Ghana and others. Kenya was throwing everything at us and that was where we should’ve hit them on the break. That’s exactly how Congo managed to put 4 goals past Guinea Bissau. We made Kenya look like a very good side.

  6. The only thing they should do is know the strategies and technicality of defensive football as already pointed out if we are playing a big team they would come back.

  7. I am glad we have players who were/are strong on the ball. We need them. It has been a long time since we had the likes of Godfrey Chitalu, Big Mike Chabala, Gibby Mbasela, Bubble Malitoli & Mordon, etc. Kalengo and Mbesuma showed that. Keep it up guys.

  8. Mbesuma, that was an intelligent pass for the first goal. You chipped it to beat a clouded D-zone. Good job by the receiver to control it with the head then shooting. Using “Imitwe” (thinking) is part of the game. Keep on guys.

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