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Sate Sate: Young players will not disappoint Janza

Striker Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba says young players will not disappoint Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza.

Janza has made a number of changes to the national team, bringing more younger and local players and dropping experienced players such as Christopher Katongo, Collins Mbesuma and Jacob Mulenga.

But Kampamba said the younger players were working hard not to betray the trust that the coach had shown in them.

He urged the local and young players to repay Janza’s trust with positive results ahead of the crucial Africa Cup qualifiers against Mozambique and Cape Verde.

“We will not let him down, we will not disappoint him. We are working very hard. We need to be disciplined, listen to the coach’s instructions and plans and give the Zambian people a positive result,” Kampamba said.

“We have to respect Mozambique, they are a good side, difficult to beat but we will give it our all. All of us should remain committed and repay the trust the coach has in us. With the assistance of senior players in the team, we can deliver,” he said

Kampamba said the experience of senior players and professionals in the team provided a proper learning platform for the young ones.
Kampamba has been a regular call-up to the national team since Janza became coach, though the goal-poacher has seen little action on the pitch.

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  1. Janza is experimenting at the wrong time. I hope we just get a win and maybe things will change for him. Honestly, Kangwa and Patrick, who is better. The young lad needs time as he is being fused into the main team.

  2. Due to pressure from the Zambia Chipolopolo Supporters, coach Janza has bowed to pressure and summoned Israeli-based Zambian striker Evans Kangwa.

  3. Decisions are not cast in stone, they can always be revisited. Congrats coach for showing maturity and leadership by being a good listener to divergent views.

  4. Good move by Janza. Kangwa is a REAL goal poacher similar to Dennis Lota. When he is provided good service goals are guaranteed!

  5. @ Nazo Singuluma is already in the team, do you follow the news? Congrats Janza for recalling Evans Kangwa but more importantly use him in the match not pa Bench fye! Ama Sub Ba Janza babwelapofye!!

  6. Lets give Janza chance, he is able to listen to the fans calls. Am beginning to suspect that the assistant might be playing a big part to this selection. Lets wait and see, all the best Chipolopolo !

  7. Good move coach on Kangwa I saw the boy in Botswana under COSAFA U20 I think 2 years ago he was a pain in Botswana defence really a good striker I had no choice but personally go to the hotels to meet him. Very humble chap

  8. Good move coach,its not weakness but humility which is a valuable attribute.just work on the timing of your subs.65th minutes,75th,and 80th minute to give a run to new players when/if the game has been won comfortably.they can reward you with a goal as the seek to impress

  9. Subs are required from 60 minutes.

    but i think we should not push Janza too far! When he does what he wants we are the first to shout back!

    what do we want?

  10. Mr HJ, my biggest from u is to include shadrick Musonda of nkana nw that kangwa is in. I dnt knw why u kip on snubbing this tho he has got world class skill

  11. If I was Janza,mweene,Malama,Nyambe,Nsunzu,Mbola,Sinkala,Musonda,Kalaba,Sate,Mayuka,Given.With thirty minutes to go out sate and in Evans then BANG and we home and dry and by the way push for pace and passing short ones.

  12. They will disappoint because they will run around all day without scoring! Janza has a tendency of fielding lightweight players who run around without purpose! The game is called football not “running with the ball”. majority of these players wont even get call ups to SA or Europe or TP. Players like Kangwa have a future beyond Zambia but some of janza’s picks dont!

  13. Janza should learn to pick a team with the opponents in mind. A player like Collins or even Jacob, if instructed to, can sit in the pocket, in the oppositions penalty area, and capitalize on the runs and passes made by Rainford, Bruce, Felix, Chris etc. Doesn’t make sense to rely on a small body to score from far. The Mozambique players are quick and fit this is why it made no sense to play a big slow team like Ivory Coast as a preparatory match for Mozambique and to add salt to injury; select a team based on how entertaining players looked running round big slow players. The boys should have played Botswana; they are hungry and similar in build and play to Mozambique but as usual FAZ messed up!

  14. @Judge Joe Bidden Your words are true about Kangwa. If you want to see miracles being performed in front of goals, just partner Sate-Sate with Evans ‘The Sniper’ Kangwa up-front and you’ll see what scoring goals is all about. I also witnessed those boys tear RSA under-20 apart with their sublime finishes when Botswana hosted the tournament. RSA defence could not cope with the pace despite using over-aged players as they were slapped 5 goals to 1. The future is now bright for Zambia. Inject more pace upfront with the inclusion of Lubambo or Mayuka and Mozambique will not know what hit them.

    • Yeah the boy is magic up front I watched the U20 Botswana Tournament, even after the tourney Botswana commentators talked about him for some time, there after no Zambian coach (of course including the likes of Renard and Patrice) embraced him, if they did, the boy was always benched even at AFCON2012. But no vandu, hes back.

  15. I’m now at ease, taking sips of my favourite drink, in my couch. Our goal drought is finally over. Just watch this space. ‘The Sniper’ is back in the fold. Kasama Boy, I hope you are watching closely.

  16. OThe coach has now started acting the zambian way of not only thinking about the cut those MADALAS will give him to positive results.Janza just get the cut and run,do not play them not even benching them it is high time you thought about yourself and the nation at large not forgetting enhancing your resume.

  17. if i were Janza,
    Nkausu, Sunzu, Nyambe, Mbola,
    Sautu, Sinkala (Donashano), Kalaba, Musakanya,
    Kampamba, Mayuka.

    With this sqd we can win 5-0

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