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Sate Sate likely to start against Mozambique


Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza has given his strongest indication yet on how his charges may line-up when Zambia faces Mozambique this weekend.

In a training session observed by the ZamFoot Crew today, the Chipolopolo mentor seemed to try out different permutations but it is clear that Janza will not sit back and wait for Mozambique to attack.

Janza is likely to stick with the core of the team that demolished Niger with only Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba now looking a likely starter ahead of industrious Given Singuluma who started the game against Niger.

Kampamba was in fine form for Zambia when they played an international friendly against Ivory Coast last month a game he accounted for a goal for Zambia.

Other players, in what seemed to be Team A in training include Chisamba Lungu who came off the bench against Niger while the rest jostled for places in the Team B.

Team A: K Mweene – D Malama, E Mbola, C Munthali, N Mulenga – N Sinkala, B Musakanya, R Kalaba, C Lungu – E Mayuka, R Kampamba

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  1. Looks like a very young and speedy lineup. Should be interesting, though I always worry about Sinkala. He is always isolated in that midfield especially without Isaac Chansa who used to cover for him tremendously.

  2. Ba Zamfoot whats the latest on the allowances for the womens national team. I read FAZs response basically saying that too many teams had qualified for major tournaments for them to pay the women what they deserve. So FAZ basically said they were planning for failure and had failed to account for success on the part of the junior national teams. Sad.

      • Judge Biden.

        If FAZ is saying they are unable to pay the girls the deserved amount because too many teams qualified for tournaments i.e. U17 womens, U-17 mens, and U-20 mens. It means that FAZ failed to secure a budget that could adequately cover bonuses and player payments if all the teams in question were successful in qualifying.

        As a manager, would you not budget with success in mind? Would you not secure funds with the understanding that if we are successful then everyone will be taken care of. Instead FAZ is basically saying they did not foresee all these teams qualifying therefore cannot pay them adequately. It also means that the U-17 and U-20 national teams are likely to be under paid.

        If you do not see the logic, then please arrange a meeting so we can draw up a diagram.

  3. My starting 11………1 Danny Munyau, 3 Emmanel Mbola, 4. Nyambe Mulenga, 5. Chris Munthali,2. Davies Nkausu, 6. Donashano Malama, 7. Spencer Sautu, 8. Lubambo Muusonda, 9. Evans Kangwa, 10. Reynold Kampamba, 11. Rainford Kalaba. Note: Christopher Munthali Comes is for the injured Stopilla Sunzu, Donashano Malama comes in to replace the misfiring Nathan Sinkala as his performances have been below par in recent games, Lubambo Musonda Replaces the ever dribbling Chisamba Lungu. Given Singuluma jst misses out.. But will come in with some pressure off the bench.

  4. I feel its okey to start with Sate, Sate and Mayuka so that if the combination does not work in the first half, then introduce Kangwa and Singuluma and you will see how things wil be. Kangwa is a goal poacher.

  5. janza this tym be smart. analyse the game th first tym make changes if one or two players in a first starting 11 is nt performing. we dont want late sub, make sure the all engine is firing. we can not aford miss th finals.

  6. I cannot just believe the pain and damage the Chipolopolo team inflicted on some Ghanaian fan. I now believe that I under estimated the damage the mighty Chipolopolo caused on some black star fans, they are still clinging to our Zamfoot soccer forum to release their anger and hatred!!
    How come their world class players recovered from the defeats much quicker than these wailers who constantly come to degrade our players? Your world class players opted to retire after the two defeats in a row and some just had to quit! Later after they recovered from the pain and shame changed their mind and came back to join your trophy less team. Some of them had to be begged by your president. So has anything changed since the retirees and quitters came back to your trophy less team? Have you won any thing meaningful to boast about? Oh ya the embarrassment you showed to the world in Brazil.
    Indeed it was so painful to lose twice in a row to the same team you believe to be not in your class. Alex zz,kwarce,minnows and their fellow haters are still wondering what happened to their world class team losing to a small team.
    The pain sunk deep into your hearts and this has led them to be close follower of Zambian soccer. They are faithful follower of Zambian soccer and will never stop visiting Zamfoot because the damage is still fresh and is so big!. Not even heart surgery or mental counselor will help them. They will always be asking themselves what happened.

    • Just get over it that’s 2 years ago concentrate on qualifying for 2015 that long text you posted you would have used that energy analysing the next games that’s more crucial and sensible.

  7. All the best Chipolopolo I just hope Zambia will play a fast game and collect the important 3points. playing Mayuka as a lone striker it can work for us and try to congest the midfield .4:5:1 could work for Chipolopolo

  8. this is a fantastic post from mumbi

    21st centuary afcon winners;
    2000 CAMEROUN
    2002 CAMEROUN
    2004 TUNISIA
    2006 EGYPT
    2008 EGYPT
    2010 EGYPT
    2012 ZAMBIA
    2013 NIGERIA

  9. @ John I agree with you on your observation this time, I also can see the New Zambia National Soccer Team the Chipolopolo boyz taking shape now. This Janza guy seem to have seen also that we need fresh blood in the team. The team that Zamfoot watched in training looks good i’ve like in this team maybe Kangwa can come in place of Mayuka and Sunzu in place of Munthali for the team to be a complete young and promising team

  10. Well said @ Stephen. What is this roumer that CAF has approached Qatar to consider hosting 2015 afcon? It will be intersting to be called, ” Qatar 2015 African cup of nations”.

  11. A little off topic, but I have sat down and shook my head in amazement and disbelief at some of the uninformed and uneducated comments regarding the Morrocan decision and hosting of the Afcon. What we need to ask is why are the Moroccans hosting the club World Cup but not the Afcon cup? Are they afraid if all the black Africans who will come to their country? Are they assuming Caf has not done the due diligence and consulted with the world health Organization regarding the hosting of such an event. Are they saying every non Moroccan who shows up for the tournament will carry the plague? What of all the other persons visiting Morocco now from these same countries, are they being sent back? I understand the fear, but are letting fear dictate to us and them…? All the Zambians who are making ignorant statements about west Africans bringing Ebola to southern African, what happen when Ebola was in the DRC….? What did we do then? Stop to exist? Did we let fear stop us from going on as we should?

    • Finally. Someone actually gets it and is thinking critically. KK11 if you ever in upstate New York we should plan a ka lunch.

    • The outbreaks in DRC and Uganda were muted as a result of the infected limiting their movements. West Africans are like Gypsies, highly mobile, they run away from their homelands as a result fan the spread of ebola.

  12. For me, Singuluma has been outstanding inthe team. Starting him on the bench is a big gamble,hope it will pay off. He drops deep to win balls and really helps in defense, a workaholic, an unmatched number 10. Sate is a goal poacher who can’t match Singuluma experience & work rate. Otherwise it’ll all depend with how Janza will make the changes. I noticed last time we played Cape Verde, they introduced one key player later in the game that made me wonder why they kept him on the bench If it was tactical, then it worked but I wonder how much damage he would have caused had he been introduced much earlier. Go Zambia Goal!

    • Yes i agree with you, Some of Janzas decisions in the past have not paid off. Atleast it is an offensive move, let us start the game this way and see, Singuluma must be brought on to partner Mayuka as that partnership can work.

  13. Turkey 0:4 Brazil. Three goals in first half and one goal in second half. Game played in Istanbul, Turkey last night. Home ground to Turkey.

    Zambia 0:2 Brazil. Both goals were scored in second half. Game played in neutral venue, Beijing China, a few months ago.

    Verdict: Zambia is a strong team. We just need to continue moving forward and fusing in new blood as is the case now.

    Just saying. Hola #TeamZambia.

  14. @KK11 good observation.
    Actually these north Africans don’t accept that they are in Africa. To them sSA Africa and their Africa are 2 different worlds. That is why they are part of MENA (Middle East and North Africa- they want to camouflage the fact that this is an ARAB grouping).
    They even wanted to be considered in the UEFA, but were rejected.
    So Morocco will host the Club World Cup because they have targeted the World Cup proper at some future date. Remember they bid to host the WC in the 1980s long before even SA got its independence. Baba chingile fye.
    The irritant here is Hayatou, he thinks this is athletics. CAf should have just banned them from hosting the Club WC because it is a FIFA activity being done under the auspices of CAF. If anything it will also involve crowds from Ebola infected regions.
    I said it last time and will say it now. Personally, I think that, Ebola only thrives in tropical rain forests, were you have inter alia; hot, humid, wettish conditions etc. Outside this belt where one or some of these conditions are missing it would die naturally and would not kill many people.
    Otherwise my sympathy goes to my brothers and sisters from the afflicted regions and wish them a quick recovery.
    Anyway its good to see the new team that will do battle for Zambia in the next few days, but let us not be in a hurry to get rid of the old guard. We should do it systemically lest we regret.

  15. The coach should start Singuluma even if he has to play deeper in midfield (pa 8). He has shown his ability to play like Frank Lampard behind the front two. Mayuka is blank at the moment and should only come on as a late sub after we’ve already scored. My starting 11 for this match would be Munyau, Nkausu, Munthali, Mulenga, Mbola, Kalaba, Malama, Singuluma, Musakanya, Kangwa, Kampamba. 11 fit players. Sinkala, Mweene, Sunzu are not fit. I havent seen Nkausu play for a long time so I doubt his fitness levels. Malama can play right back but he’s more effective in front of the back 4. Lubambo can come on in place of Kalaba or Musakanya. If we fail to score, Mayuka can come on and sacrifice a wide player like Musakanya to have a 3 man attack with Kangwa on the right. In the end its up to the coach!

  16. The way some people reason ehen!… What is the point of losing 4-0 or 2-0….
    A loss is a loss whether 10-0 or 1-0.
    One funny thing about zambia is that you guys bask in past things too much, some guys here are still after Renard some still clinching to past results. This is 2014 you have to look at now and the future. Find means of moving the team forward.
    Who cares if brazil beat spain 5-0 tomorrow, will that be the bases of ranking your own team?

    • I am Zambian yes you have a point sometimes it’s irritating to read what fellow Zambians boast about AFCON 2012 is long past we even got eliminated in first round in 2013 but instead of preparing and looking forward to qualify 2015 we are still celebrating 2012! Oh Shame! It was done let’s move…

  17. Four different teams in 4 qualifiers..???? Singuluma had two assists in the last game and you decide to drop him to the bench!These experiments might backfire.I hope thats not the case!

  18. Hahahaa 21st century, world cup participants: Cameroon, Nigeria, Tunisia, Algeria, GHANA, South Africa, ivory coast, Angola, Togo, Senegal. Africas all time record at the world cup: Cameroon, Senegal and GHANA.

  19. I think we all need to agree on moving on. Brazil beating Turkey 4-0 has nothing to do with Zambia losing 2-0. If football was like special paper II or I then Cape Verde should hold Brazil to a draw and Japan should have beaten Ivorycoast in the World Cup since Zambia beat Ivorycoast and lost to Japan. Football has too many factors and variables for us to pidgeonhole with statistical analysis. This is why moneyball theories are failing at clubs like Liverpool.

    So Billy, sorry boi but you are wrong on that one. I also agree with Judge Biden; lets move on and worry about the future. This is why 2013 was so bad, we were still celebrating 2012 and forgot about the future. Win or lose in Moputo, Zambias team of youngsters could be the beginning of something trully noteworthy. This team of young blood if properly nurtured at their respective clubs could be the best we’ll see in a long time. I just hope Janza can formulate a true gameplan and philosophy.

  20. We talking about the future folks, Zambia qualified to to Moscow Olympic Games n will do likewise for the 2018 w/cup.
    AFCON qualification is always Zambia’s birthright… disrespect to the other teams in our group though.

  21. u c how matured guys like positive thinking ,ROK etc articulate their views devoid of creche,myopic nd shallow minded analysis unlike wat some weak-minded adults exhibit here.FACTS IS SACRED BUT COMMENT IS FREE.

    • Man this is Zambia people are free to comment whatever they like whether it makes sense or not, we are an independent and democratic country…..there is no Boko haram here for us to watch what we say……am sure u’re also enjoying that beauty about Zambia. Nowonder u’re even always coming here cos u’re free and u enjoy it. Thanks for being a CHIPOLOPOLO FAN…..i have come to realize that u guys @minnows, kwarcee, lebron james, the kadafi boy…..u all have turned into CHIPOLOPOLO fans u cant just admit it…..there is no shame, the only shame which is there is u being ashamed that u love our National Team…….we are loving peopel we can even give u the asylum that u wanted in BRAZIL. Feel free guys.

  22. ‘Its Not yet Over for Zambia & Mozambique’

    Why is it said that Cape Verde has already qualified? Fellow bloggers I have failed to understand this; can someone help me understand the ordeal? This is how we stand as at now.

    Cape Verde 9
    Zambia 5
    Mozambique 5
    Niger 2

    Suppose Zambia and Mozambique draws and Cape Verde is beaten by Niger, the table will be like this;

    Cape Verde 9
    Zambia 6
    Mozambique 6
    Niger 5

    Now imagine the final results looking like this; Zambia beats Cape Verde heavily and then Mozambique beats Niger by some good goal margins. This is how the table will look like;

    Cape Verde 9
    Zambia 9
    Mozambique 9
    Niger 5

    Fellow bloggers, is the assertion that Cape Verde has already qualified really genuine? All things being equal “Ceteris paribus”, don’t you think Zambia and Mozambique can equally qualify.

    By Teddy Malama ( Bashi Malama)

  23. Ba Amos and Martinez, i agree with you on Singuluma who deserves to be a starter based on his recent exploits. Albeit my vocal calls for Sate, i would still start with Evans ahead of Sate but bring Sate in the last thirty (Sate) minutes within which time he will surely score.

  24. Alex Ngonga with some counseling, coaching and mentoring is capable of being a lethal partner for either Sate or Evans. Let’s also not forget about the lurking Patson Daka

    • Yes a good coach uncovers hidden talent, Bornwell Mwape has power to shoot from distance, you need a coach who can bring parts together to make a team! Alex has some rough talent that can be polished, Patson is a diamond in the rough!

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