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National Zambia Football Team 2024 Net Worth and Earning

The Zambia national football team, known as Chipolopolo, has a storied legacy in African football. This article spotlights the current squad, emphasizing key players who excel both on and off the pitch. Patson Daka, a forward for Leicester City, is renowned for his speed and goal-scoring abilities, earning him a substantial income and net worth. Fashion Sakala, playing for Al-Fayha in Saudi Arabia, is another vital forward making significant contributions. All information used in this article is freely available on

Midfield strength comes from Lubambo Musonda, the team’s captain at Silkeborg, and Enock Mwepu of Brighton & Hove Albion, celebrated for his versatility. Kennedy Mweene, the seasoned goalkeeper for Mamelodi Sundowns, brings experience and consistency. Rising star Kings Kangwa, a midfielder for Red Star Belgrade, represents the future of Zambian football. This article delves into their careers, earnings, and net worth, highlighting their impact on Zambia’s football landscape.

Player Summary, Net Worth and Earnings

The Zambia national football team, known as Chipolopolo, features a talented roster of players who have made significant contributions both on and off the field. Here are some key members of the current squad along with their net worth and earnings:

Patson Daka: A forward born on October 9, 1998, Daka plays for Leicester City in the English Premier League. Known for his speed and goal-scoring ability, he has scored 21 goals in 48 appearances for Zambia. He earns approximately $63,000 per week and $3.3 million per year, with a net worth of around $15.2 million. His current contract with Leicester City runs until June 2026​.

Fashion Sakala: Born on March 14, 1997, Sakala is another forward who plays for Al-Fayha in Saudi Arabia. With 9 goals in 32 caps, he is a crucial player for Zambia. He has a reported salary of around $1.3 million per year and a net worth estimated at $5 million. Source: Salary Sport.

Lubambo Musonda: The team’s captain, Musonda is a midfielder born on March 1, 1995. He currently plays for Silkeborg in Denmark. With 53 caps and 2 goals for the national team, his leadership is invaluable. His annual earnings are around $390,000, with a net worth estimated at $1.3 million. Additionally he has been quite active in the advertising space, appearing on websites of sportsbook brands like iLOT and Mozzartbet.

Enock Mwepu: A midfielder born on January 1, 1998, Mwepu is known for his versatility and currently plays for Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League. He earns about $1.7 million per year, with a net worth approximately $6.5 million.

Kennedy Mweene: The experienced goalkeeper, born on December 11, 1984, has 122 caps for Zambia. He plays for Mamelodi Sundowns in South Africa and is valued for his consistent performance and experience. He earns around $650,000 annually and has a net worth estimated at $2 million.

Kings Kangwa: A young midfielder born on April 6, 1999, Kangwa plays for Red Star Belgrade in Serbia. With 6 goals in 32 appearances, he is a rising star in the team. He earns around $780,000 per year, with a net worth estimated at $2.6 million.

These players are vital to Zambia’s success and bring a wealth of talent and experience to the team. Their performances on the international stage have made them notable figures in Zambian football.

To Wrap Things Up

In conclusion, the current Zambia national football team showcases talent and resilience, epitomized by its standout players. Patson Daka’s journey to Leicester City highlights the potential for Zambian players to succeed internationally, inspiring young athletes. Fashion Sakala’s success in Saudi Arabia and Lubambo Musonda’s leadership in Denmark further underscore Zambia’s global football presence.

Enock Mwepu’s contributions at Brighton & Hove Albion and Kennedy Mweene’s steadfast goalkeeping for Mamelodi Sundowns demonstrate the diverse skills within the team. Kings Kangwa, the promising midfielder at Red Star Belgrade, symbolizes the bright future ahead for Zambian football. These players not only elevate Zambia’s football reputation but also serve as role models, showcasing the importance of dedication and talent. As Chipolopolo continues to progress on the international stage, these players will remain pivotal to its success and future achievements.

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