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Mbesuma, Chris Katongo still in the frame

Zambia coach Honour Janza says PSL-based strikers Chris Katongo and Collins Mbesuma are still in contention for the national team.

The duo have not made the cut for Chipolopolo’s Africa Cup of Nations squad but Janza, who oversaw the 1-0 defeat against Bafana Bafana at Orlando Stadium yesterday, says all is not lost.“All Zambia players, our national team doors has never been closed. We don’t have any personal differences and all the players whose boots are still on their feet and performing well, we do have a monitoring system,” he says.“The likes of [Makuka] Mulenga, Kennedy [Mweene], Christopher [Katongo], Mbesuma … you name them, we are monitoring them.

“These two [Katongo and Mbesuma] remain respectful members of the national team and the door is not closed for them.”


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  1. Call Katongo now. We need maturity in the game. Just watch the Cape Verde game in Cape Verve and tell me if What happened when Katongo was introduced.

    • Maite

      Whilst us in Zambia discard our past soccer heroes, our friends in South Africa are acknowledging them as soccer player heroes who need to be on TV to analyse important soccer tournaments. We are busy showing our own soccer players with all sorts of names but our friends outside the country are embracing them as people who can offer advise and solutions. When skilled people decide not to come back home, you cry unpatriotic bells. Mu Zambia, we need to change

  2. I salute you Janza for this decision but you need to be decisive and move fast. Procrastinating over a straight forward issue will not help anyone as you know procrastination is a thief of time. How I wish you had thought of this. Swallow your personal pride because there is national pride at stake. You just need to be hard on these boys, demand results and tell them in no uncertain terms that those who are not prepared to die a little for mother Zambia should better remain in Zambia when you make a stop over here in Zambia enroute to Equatorial Guinea.
    Some of the problems are with the technical bench. You cannot keep on calling a player to the national team ten (10) times and he cannot make the grade. During my refereeing days (1982-2002), starting from club level, any player who was given a single opportunity to play for the A from the B side really brought out the best in him. I now understand why Field Marshall Idi Amin used to send the Ugandan Cranes straight into jail after a pathetic performance even at CECAFA level.
    As I mentioned yesterday, Katongo may have said one or two issues against one or two officials but surely we are men enough to reconcile and move forward for mother Zambia and besides, we are not in a gossiping business. Any of the so called young blood who is going to be out-performed by, say, Joseph Musonda should be excused forever from the team. Let them not grow big headed for nothing. We have the upcoming more serious boys in the under 17 and under 20.
    If I do not complete my PhD on time, I will attribute it to these under-performing and not so-serious boys (kekekekeke). I had temporarily stopped posting on Zamfoot to concentrate on my studies only to realize that we have got boys who have no idea as to why they are in the national team wearing national colours.
    My appeal to you Janza is that you rope in Jacob (my judgement of him when I was in Turkey recently is that he is in good form),Joseph Musonda, Mbesuma, and Chris as some of the younger lads are serious jokers. Boys like Toaster Nsabata, I don’t know what he is doing there as the boy is only good at retrieving the ball from the net each time he is in goal. He is a very big liability in the team despite his height. With Kennedy’s injury, I am scared we may end up featuring him as Titima can be injury-prone at times. JANZA DEMAND FOR RESULTS FROM THESE BOYS AND TELL THEM TIME FOR MONKEYING AROUND IS OVER.
    I will stop here till possibly after Afcon kick off.
    Sorry I could not revert to one blogger who asked for my contact details, please get in touch on email: [email protected] or [email protected], Tel: +260 211 221774 221774/+260977782994.

  3. PATHETIC Honour Janza has felt the heat from people like us. We need experienced players at the AFCON. i have said this before and i will say it again. Winning the AFCON is not child’s play. The team that won the AFCON in 2012 were together for close to 10 years! They had chemistry that we had never seem before in a long time. Watch the Senegal game and the Final and you will agree with me!

  4. Katongo can add value to the team but Mbesuma is just like Chamanga. Mbesuma will add nothing but wastage of time. Janza is useless, he always want to listern when things are almost bad, he should have listened at first when fans were calling for the likes of Jacob,Kola and Christopher. This is a wake up call otherwise we are going to be bashed like one’s business.

  5. Only Chisamba Lungu and Nathan Sinkala were the new players in the final. The rest had been together for close to 10 years. They were experienced players. They were not small boys unlike the team than Janza wants to take to the AFCON. We can’t go to the AFCON with small boys or we are going to be eaten alive by the Arabs!

  6. Even Isaac Chansa should be considered. We need Roger Kola as well. Stubborn Honour Janza should swallow his pride and recall these guys to the team!

  7. That’s the spirit Janza,our bench needs to have depth not filled with dead wood.Pliz summon them ASAP so we have that cohesion going and if possible arrange another friendly.

  8. I agree with you Hon Kambwili Hummer. This is not u- 20 or 23 team, performing players should be in the team. Experience is the key factor to success. CK 11 should be recalled to play his last afcon along side Joseph Musonda coz Rodrick Kabwe is not ready. Evance Kangwa is good and can partiner experienced + good form Jacob Mulenga. Isaac Chansa is also good to play alongside Nathan Sinkala in the mid.
    Thats what we need to win afcon 2015!

  9. Kondwani Mutonga seems to be a good partner for Sunzu at the back. Janza needs to listen to us when we cry for the inclusion of performing experience players. He did well to recall Kondwani as we demanded but this time he needs to act faster as time to submite his final 23 man squad to CAF is too short now. The dead line is 7th January if am not mistaken.
    Call Jacob, Katongo, Musonda J, Chansa.

    • And tell the equipments manager and team manager to up their ante….the Afcon is no play grounds for teams who cannot even be uniform….pathetic.

  10. Pls ba Janza,consider recalling Chris katongo,jacob Mulenga and Isaac Chansa,,it is not too late,so that there can be depth and balance in the team..It is very evident that the middlefield needs I.Chansa to partner with Nathan and we need Jacob and Chris upfront..We cannot rely on Mayuka who currently is not his best..Pls act whilst there’s still time..

  11. Fastelle Abena Janza na Kalu, we need experienced n competitive players in the squad. Most of the COSAFA player s you called still need more time to play in a tournament ( AFCON ) of this magnitude.

  12. Interesting count down on Crtv (Camerounean tv channel). They are now analysing the history of afcon when only 3 teams where participating. This is funny! and they call that torney “afcon”. At 1st I thought 4 teams took part, now Crtv says its only 3! who ever won such tornaments are flukes and must be ashamed of themselves. Thanks Crtv!!!!!!!!!

    • Zambia couldn’t qualify for such a mediocre tourney,could they?
      Fact still remains ,your equipment manager chose to brand your tourist rich country in such haphazard manner but there you go again,you chose to ignore it and comment on trivialities
      Suite yourselves.

  13. Sudan were the 1st to host afcon in 1957. Hosts Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt participated and Egypt won that trophy. 1962 Ethiopia also won at home and Ghana who qualified as hosts in 1963 won it in Accra in 1963! The torney had no proper system in place and no coulor tv but u can lough the type of jerseys they where puting on.

    • Fact still remains ;that’s a pathetic arrangement
      Kitting a national team depicts branding and this how your equipments manager chose to brand your tourist rich country.
      It’s a shame and heads must roll.

    • Where was your beloved Zambia?
      Still in diapers I guess
      So you see Sudan is your big brother so are Cameroon and Ghana so respect the old man…….

  14. But some so called big teams boast about that three team AFCON trophy they won. They keep it in their records and talk about it as if the they won world in 2006 in Germany.

  15. Richard Kasonde from Power Dynamos is a proven solid midfielder who even scores goals. 10 goals last season is incredible. He can add real depth to the squad in place of the likes of Mukuka Mulenga at the moment. We have enough material playing Mukuka’s position, but lack more cover on Sinkala’s defensive midfield position.

    With Kondwani Mtonga fitting in well in the partnership with Sunzu at the back, the defensive midfield dual formation can be strengthend with Richard Kasonde, where Kasonde partners Sinkala just in front of the defense back 4. This can anchor play of the trinity midfield of Lubambo, Chisambaldinho and Kalaba. You then have a top man like Jacob Mulenga or even a rooky like Patrick ‘Dude’ Ngoma, or better still, CHRIS KATONGO.

    This is an excellent solid 4-2-3-1 Zambia’s 2012 Afcon winning formation. Zambia doesn’t have the stamina on Cameroon, Senegal or Tunisia. WE play COMPACT and can win any game with this formation above. No wonder we won Afcon 2012.

    Its not too late to correct this and get us the trophy. I salute Honor Janza for being a listening coach and courageous enough to make amends where necessary.

  16. There is an argument to say that Zambia needs a big front man, maybe that is Chamangas role though im not sure he plays like one! So if that was Janzas thinking to pick him then damn. The only real big men in attack we have are Mbesuma and Jacob. Again i come back this discussion, one that we talked about several months ago, is that out of those 3 strikers who would you have because there is only space for one in my opinion. None of them are in my book play very well for Zambia because we struggle with crosses and they are all too slow to run, dribble or pass the ball which is why most the time they are playing play will break down because everyone else will stop running and start just watching and waiting for them to give the ball back.

    Anyway, if i would pick 1 of the 3 i would pick Jacob. He has the technical knowledge, hold up play, and out of the 3 im sure he has the most passion because he has been denied so much.

    In 2012 we won Afcon and this year we overturned that horrible qualifiers start with not really any of the above mentioned, we played with smaller more mobile strikers and that is Zambia at its best!

    If Janza is here saying there is no issue, then why is Chris Katongo not in the team? Why? Chris is not quite the player he was, given considering his age, but if anyone needs explaining what Chris can still offer the team they dont know nothing. The midfield might have 3/4 good players but it needs stabilising, we are still going to be chasing the game in the 80th minute and which player is coming in to change things? Yes ok Musakanya but is he the spark? If not Chris Katongo then his brother Felix surely? Imagine. Our Midfeild has to start holding water and that means getting the ball to strikers in good areas and creating plays, not just running and kicking the ball over to someone and 9 times out 10 it goes out of play.

    Defence, ok we still struggling with wing backs, but there are other options and the players Janza chose will just have to get it together. Janza also chose Chan members Katebe and Chama, he left behind other central defenders from the local league including one Dennis Banda who has all the experience one could hope for and is potentially very useful all round utility defender. Kondwani wasnt in the team and now he is before Chama and Katebe as centre back, what does that say? And we might be in situations where we have to free Kondwani from defence to play in the middle.

    Janza has an eleven that can win games but not sure once those pieces are shaken about whether it still fits together, and during afcon it will be shaken thats guaranteed. Every tournament does it.

    We have allot of debutants and allot of uncertainty going into to this and the new players and new coach will just have to get it together if they can.

  17. @ Man Jose, you do not build a team like this, mind you some of the players that have been left out were there during the qualifications and went as far as scoring for Zambia. If he wants to build the team let him wait until after the AFCON. You test players in friendly games and not this time

  18. Rope in fresh blood gradually not at once.Therefore, Katongo C. Isaac Chansa,Jacob Mulenga Joseph Musonda are needed urgently before the plane leaves.

  19. Interesting documentary by Crtv, all along I thot it was 4 nations . CAF should hv called it Africa medals tournament (AMT ) as all 3 teams participating were in for gold , silver n bronze.


  21. Janza you also Collins is finished,we said players like Jacob,Chris ,Kasonde and maybe Kola and do not drop Chamanga but just take him as team boaster so that he does not take space when it comes to submitting the names,since you have chewed the cut already .

  22. @Discipline, you are spot on, we need Jacob,Chris ,Richard Kasonde to stabilize and give depth to the team. Janza from what I have seen is not like other stubborn coaches we have had, he listens to the 12th official, the fans! Janza knows, Lets honor Zambia with a strong team. We have the material to win this tournament even this year!

  23. Indeed, Chamanga may not have to go as a player, he can be taken as one of the backroom motivational staff. We need him, as observed by Janza. But lets utilize his slot to get a more fluid and effective player who also can add value to the team. Its Zambia all the way, after all! Honor Janza, we are behind you all the way!

  24. Mr Janza, please forget about these madalas. They have run their race and its time to move on, even if it means not progressing past the first round. You had these madalas and we almost failed to qualify to this tournament with them. Look at how they performed the last Africa cup, first round knockout. Are you telling me that their performance has now improved to move the nation forward? Lets learn to move forward; if the players we have are not good enough, then lets just put in measures to improve in future. Bringing those madalas will only mean that we wont even have a team to compete in the next tournament, so better expose these new lads so that we may have a chance next time. That is way Kalusha has told us that we wont win the tournament because he knows that we are now building for the future. Qualification to the last four would be our greatest achievement this time around.

  25. I would like to add my voice to the calls for experience. Janza is our coach but he also needs our advice.
    A tournament of this nature seriously needs experienced players. Players who take it personal when things are down. Brazil paid dearly at the world cup ,for experiments. We don’t have to. Please!Bring back Chris and Jacob while there is still time

  26. For me the only players we need are Chris katongo, Collins Mbesuma and “mbambande” Kabaso Chongo as they call him in Congo DR.

    Why do we need these players;
    1. Collins Mbesuma
    He may not be a very quick player but he is now very fit, he brings in the skills and creativity that every striker like the young Patrick Ngoma wishes to learn, he attracts alot of defenders on him and this can give advantage to the likes of Mayuka, Kalaba and Singuluma to shine, he can hold the ball and turn in front 3 dfenders and more importantly he is a prolific goal scorer

    2. “Mbambande” Chongo has alot of energy and delivers quality croses and can dribble past defenders, he also brings in that natural football moral, dances and steam required in a team (thats why he was loved by Herve Renard)

    3. Chistopher Katongo as we know him is a soldier who does not fear any team or player and this important especially for a team with alot of debutants, he as the natural ability to drive the team forward and can score important goals

    Players to be Dropped in my opinion would be;

    Bronson Chama (too slow)
    Spencer Sautu (let him help the U 20)
    Bruce Musakanya (lacks the temparament for big games)
    James Chamanga (Pipo want to get motivation from pipo who have achieved sum thin at national level, like Mbesuma and Katongo)
    Jackson Mwanza (Mbesuma can do better, what we are lucking are not strikers but creative strikers)

  27. @mumbi,its good to know that when ghana started playing soccer,zambia was still praticing hunting and gathering..accra hearts of oak was formed in 1921 and ghana produced the first african to play in europe during the 80s (arthur wharton).it took zambia about 60 years to win a single tournament.are you not ashamed? mostly,when the brain is dull,the body suffers..ghana’s achievement since 2008..afcon 2008(3rd place),2008(under 20 won wafu,)2009(u20 won africa youth championship and world youth championship),2010 afcon(2nd place).2012 and 2013 afcon(4th place).2013(u20 wc 3rd place)..start your achievments from 2008 which you think its the peak of your modern era.

  28. My final 23 for Zambia is

    Toaster Nsabata


    Davies Nkausu
    Emmanuel Mbola
    Kabaso Chongo
    Kondwani Mtonga
    Stopila Sunzu
    Chris Munthali,
    Aaron Katebe


    Lubambo Musonda
    Mukuka Mulenga,
    Nathan Sinkala,
    Chisamba Lungu
    Rainford Kalaba,
    Christopher Katongo

    Given Singuluma,
    Emmanuel Mayuka
    Evans Kangwa
    Patrick Ngoma
    Collins Mbesuma
    Ronald Kampamba

  29. Ck 11, chansa,jacob,kasonde, kola in . Pathetic chamanga, slow motion munthali, useless malama, rookie sautu, unfit mukuka,raw patrick ngoma and funny munyao( or blind titima) shud be chucked out.also change those useless gowns u take for jerseys.

  30. Which small boys are you guys talking about,there is enough experience in the Team.Mweene Titima Munyao Sunzu Mbola Nkausu Sinkala Chisamba Kalaba Mayuka chamanga Kangwa they were all there at 2012 AFCON.Let the coach do the job he knows what he is doing!

  31. if zambians think they can win this afcon den maybe the state of afcon has greatly detoriated. not with this team u are not…unlike 2012 and 2013 where the tourney had a lot of under performing teams…this tourndy promises to be greatly unforgiving to the weak. let be realistic…zambia right now isnt a very strong team.

  32. Jacob Mulenga,Isaac Chansa,Christopher Katongo,Felix Katongo and Collinns Mbesuma are needed in the squad.Chansa must come back to South Africa and play competitive match because he is still there.

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