Sunday, June 23, 2024

Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana (As it happened)

Powers Dynamos XI v Nkana

Allan Chibwe, Govender Simwala, Lawrence Chungu, Mutale Billy, Francis Kasonde(c), Benson Sakala, Situmbeko Julius, Kampamba Kelvin, Patson Daka, Luka Lungu, Mudenda Kennedy


Joshua Titima, Gozon Mutale, Victor Kashitu, White Mwanababa, Martin Phiri, Kingsley Mukuka, Jimmy Nhdlovu

Nkana XI v Power Dynamos

Scott Ngokene, Donashano Malama, Diego Apanane, Given Sinyangwe, Joseph Musonda, Fidel Bosandja, Jacob Ngulube, Simon Bwalya, Soutra Tshimenga, Walter Bwalya


Aubrey Chamulwanda, Maybin Chishimba, Guily Manziba, Shadreck Musonda, Bornwell Mwape, Amos Simwanza


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  1. 2′ Power Dynamos 0 – 0 Nkana
    Great tackle by Billy Mutale as he stops Sate Sate in his track as he headed for goal.
    Penalty shouts but the ref call it rightly

  2. 4′ Power Dynamos 0 – 0 Nkana
    Walter Bwalya breaks on the other end and beats Francis Kasonde for pace as he dashed for the box but his shot is wide.
    Great play Walter for the first half chance

  3. 6′ Power Dynamos 0 – 0 Nkana
    Walter beats Benson Sakala but is tripped and Nkana get a free kick just outside the box on the right

  4. 8′ Power Dynamos 0 – 0 Nkana
    Apanane takes it and its just wide but the referee pulls it back to be retaken and the second try goes straight into the wall

  5. 12′ Power Dynamos 0 – 0 Nkana
    Best chance of the game falls to Kennedy Mudenda after he beats Donashano Malama to find himself face to face with the keeper but his shot is tame and Scott Ngokene saves well

  6. 15′ Power Dynamos 0 – 0 Nkana
    Good play from Power with Benson Sakala winning the battles in midfield.
    Lawrence Chingu gets a chance to hit the target and his shot is blocked for a corner

  7. 19′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Patson Daka who has not seen much of the ball heads home from a Govender Simwala cross
    7 goals this season for Daka

  8. 22′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Power exploiting the Nkana right back position which is being covered by Malama and he is again beaten by Mudenda whose cross is only glanced by Daka but no signifcant contact

  9. 23′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Sate Sate tees Jacob Ngulube and his shot is good but Allan Chibwe guides the ball over the bar for a corner

  10. 24′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Sinyangwe stops Luka Lungu but he fouls hom in the process for a free kick to Power
    Kampamba to take

  11. 28′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Soutra Tshimenga sees his shot come off the upright after he stole the ball from in between the keeper and defender.
    Power survive!!!!!!!!

  12. 31′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Power have not yet settled seince the withdrawal of Situmbeko. Now looking dijointed going forward

  13. 35′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Kelvin Kampamba’s corner was headed straight for goal and Ngokene had to tip it over the bar for a corner.

  14. 41′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Awkward moment for Power as Bily’s headed back pass beats Allan Chibwe in goal and it goes out for a corner

  15. Restart delayed after Nkana fans became unruly.
    A fan who misbehavedo was put in custody by the police and they demanded to have him back.
    Security heeded to the call but missiles have been thrown on the pitch.
    Broken glass on Chibwe’s side of the goal

  16. 50′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Daka wins a free kick off Joseph Musonda
    Kampamba to take
    Ngokene punches the ball away from danger

  17. 58′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Kampamba turns Apanane in and drives towards the box but he fails to wrap his leg around the ball with his shot as Ngokene saves

  18. 61′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Good counter attack by Power ends with a bended shot from Mudenda but its an easy save for Ngokene

  19. 66′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Good turn by Daka on the edge of the area but he clashes with Donashano for Nkana to clear amidst protests from Power

  20. 67′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Julius Situmbeko’s substitution after the Power goal was tactical and not due to injury
    Dan Kabwe sent in an extra man in the middle os the pack

  21. 77′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Kennedy Mudenda having a good game….
    He beats Donashano then Sinyangwe in one move but Sinyangwe brings him down though the referee waves play on

  22. 84′ Power Dynamos 1 – 0 Nkana
    Nkana on the attack with Sate Sate going wide on the right but his cross intended for Walter is cout out by Chibwe

  23. Ismiled as I listened to a group of fans shouting Billy Billy Billy. The shouts gave me hope that my words will come to pass.Quite number of young players who are in the Zambia premier league are promising to blossom into very good players. I want to repeat that these youngsters can make Zambia proud provided their clubs do not lose hope on them and given game time.

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