Friday, June 14, 2024

Selfish ego’s were our undoing against Tunisia

Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza has pointed to individualistic play as the undoing for Zambia after he saw his team failed to convert the many chances created only to go down 2 – 1 to a determined Tunisian side.

Janza pointed to selfish egos in his team as the problem.

“Playing as a team in the last third is the most important thing,” Janza said.

“We created more chances, could have scored maybe four goals, but because of selfish egos, it’s difficult.”

“In the last third, everybody wants to score, but it’s better to give the pass to somebody who is in a good position, because at the end of it it’s the whole team that benefits.”

Zambia are currently bottom of group B with only one point and will have to pick maximum points against Cape Verde to stand a chance of qualifying to the knock-out round.

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    • They played well but it was clear that they were arguments in the team, especially after Tunisia scored…Kalaba should have shown leadership at that moment…but what a player!

  1. Janza shut up. i said i will surport you but not when you begine finger pointing, zambia still got everything to play for. a good coach could have started preparing his team mentaly and help them heal from the loose not that good boy game you playing to your kalu. Janza i bllame you. you are the one with pride issues, thats why you picked patrick Ngoma ahead of R. Kola and Fwayo Tembo. why are you hiding the blame game? you and kalu must go

  2. Janza players take it upon themselves because their is a vacuum now ask yourself why there is a vacuum? This vacuum wasnt there during Renard’s times as coach! Does this guy think??

  3. This chap is very useless:its your job to prepare the team against your so could selfish play; it’s like a teacher who blames his students for failing an exam,when he never taught them those topics..honour up and accept that you are useless chap instead of blaming z small boys you took to z afcon.

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