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FAZ Appeals Committee uphold DC ruling on Warriors, Nakambala abandoned match

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Appeals Committee have upheld the ruling by the FAZ Disciplinary Committee to award Kabwe Warriors three points for the abandoned Week 13 match at Godfrey Chitalu Stadium.

FAZ Communications Manager Mwazi Chanda confirmed the development in a press statement accessed by the ZamFoot Crew. The appeal by Nakambala Leopards was thrown out by the Appeals Committee for lacking merit.

The Appeals Committee upheld the full decision of the Disciplinary Committee meaning Kabwe Warriors keep the three points and a 3-0 score-line while Nakambala Leopards still need to pay the K5, 000 fine slapped on them for causing the abandonment by the Disciplinary Committee.

“Having considered the appeal by Nakambala Leopards FC, we are of the firm view that the appeal is devoid of any merit. It is clear that Nakambala Leopards FC attended the Disciplinary Committee hearing on 8th May, 2019 and they were given a chance to be heard. Therefore, we believe that the Disciplinary Committee rightfully applied the provisions of the Disciplinary Code in view of the facts of this case,” reads part of the statement from the Appeals Committee consisting of three members namely Sukwana Lukangaba, Isaac Nonde and Joseph Nkole.

“We therefore, uphold the entire findings of the Disciplinary Committee and indeed confirm the fine imposed on Nakambala Leopards and the subsequent forfeiture of the match and awarding of the 3 points to Kabwe Warriors FC with a 3-0 score line.”


The facts of the allegation are that during the 88th minute of play, a fan of the protestant club (Kabwe Warriors) went onto the field to celebrate the goal that had been scored, when the police discharged a tear gas canister towards the crowd, when they demanded that the police stop brutalizing the same fan.

At that point, the crowd started to throw objects at the security personnel which led to the game being halted for a while. The situation was controlled as all security measures were taken as evidenced by the presence of uniformed Zambia police officers, Zambia Correctional Services officers, and Zambia Railways Police and match stewards. The referee had ordered that the game be played but the respondent’s players (Nakambala) refused to play.


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