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Chipolopolo suffer blow as injury rules out Sinkala

Chipolopolo vice-captain and midfield pillar Nathan Sinkala has been ruled out of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations tournament after he suffered a knee injury in the game against Congo DR.

According Chipolopolo team Doctor Joseph Kabungo, Sinkala will need at least four weeks to heal.

The midfield strong man who put in a strong performance in the draw against DRC limped off the pitch with 8 minutes to play and evidently struggled to walk.

He was replaced by Christopher Munthali.

Coach Honour Janza has the option of pushing up Kondwani Mtonga who had a good game in central defence into the defensive midfield role though the fear of destabilizing an already fragile backline might see Donashano Malama of Nkana FC deployed in that role which he plays for his club.

Zambia play Tunisia on Thursday in their second game of the tournament and will be looking to

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  1. Sad development we really needed this could otherwise be an opportuninty for other stars to rise.Janza please wake up and read the remaining games.

    • Our coach is useless he can’t even ready the game, yesturday’s game. He was supposed to brig out the two foolish strikers in first half Mayuka and sate, for lumbabo and mukuka. The team should ‘ve even be ok, the injuries came out of pressure. It’s all because of the foolish coach.

    • Sad news for Sinkala,wishing you a quick recovery. @ Maite Spencer has qualities like Sinkala and Chisamba in him, though he is young but given any task for nation he can do it. I think he is a better option than Malama, the young boy has pace as well.

  2. Too bad for Nathana. This is sad news really. I am told that in the event of an injury, CAF allows a team to bring in another player as replacement. Anybody to confirm this?

    • According to tournament rules, Zambia cannot replace him.


      Zambia’s key midfielder Nathan Sinkala is out of the rest of the African Nations Cup finals with a knee injury suffered on Sunday, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) said on Monday.
      Sinkala, an influential figure three years ago when Zambia won the tournament, was hurt late in their opening 1-1 Group B draw against the Democratic Republic of Congo in Ebebiyin.
      The FAZ said Sinkala’s knee ligament injury would take a minimum of four weeks to heal. Under tournament regulations Zambia will not be able to replace him.

      • That sucks, I happen to remember a time when a certain team was allowed to do so but maybe rules have changed now. I know you can’t replace a person who gets kicked off for disciplinary reasons but I didn’t know the same applied to tournament ending injuries.

        • To replace him with which other player? Maybe Bronson Chama?
          Options are there:
          Use double: Spencer Sautu & Kondwani
          Then Nsunzu with Munthali.
          If Sunzu get injured, which is most likely. Then drop Kondwani back again, and Donashano go straight in.

  3. Donashano Malama will have to step up and come into the fold. He has no choice. We should turn disappointments into opportunities. Youngsters like Spencer Sautu will have to “take the bull by it’s horns”. It’s at such tournaments that new names are made. All the best Zambia.

  4. This is exactly what I said in my posting of this morning but only appeared after mid day. In fact, (without sounding like I wish the team bad luck), I doubt if Sunzu and Sate Sate have actually fully recovered from yesterday’s injuries as well as their previous injuries. I cautioned before the final team was selected that there were players who would give an impression that they were fit just to make the travelling team but buckle right from the first game. We just keep our fingers crossed that it will not get that bad.

  5. Ghana you have bn clobbered so just shut up you will be the first team to pack and then you fire AG. John was right about you guys you struggled to make it to this tourney. I dont think you can win against Algeria perhaps you will force a draw against SA otherwise you will be eliminated with one point.

    • Don’t tell us, we know. Algeria will dismantle the team followed by a massacre by South Africa. No point in 3 games.
      A draw with SA is impossible. SA lost to Algeria against the trend of play. I think SA is the best team per the first games played. Rather unfortunate the penalty was missed. That would have sunk Algeria.

  6. Maybe a blessing in disguise…malama can step up n bring in chris munthali at back then push mtonga in th hole bt we need two defensive midfielders so malama wt partner mtonga who is in my opinion is technically beta malama

    • No point for us. The play is amateurish. Young school boys playing. We miss Sule, Essien, Kevin and Kwarassey. No time for excuses. The better team won and they will win again. My full support is now behind South Africa and Senegal

  7. We can say what we want the line up to be, but we all know that Janza will definitely play Munthali in the starting line-up now. I am not going to watch the Tunisia game now I am will go to church and pray for a miracle Oh Jesus have mercy.

    Oh my god why even Himoonde would have been much better

  8. Sinkala was targeted for “treament” by the bigger Congolese players! The Congolese, knowing Singaluma isnt a midfield player concentrated on Sinkala. Kabaso Chongo and Fwayo Tembo would have added punch to the midfield now who is Janza going to call upon, Mukuka Mulenga? Bruce Musakanya? This is pathetic!

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