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Experts View: Algeria more fragile

Following their Loss on Saturday in Lusaka, Algeria only have one option moving forward in the qualifiers-Win all their 3 remaining games and hope that other results go their way in other games. This fuel all but makes them a fragile team.

On Tuesday night when they face Zambia,they will have to play an attack minded game to enhance their chances not only in the match but for the world cup assignment. Games are won by goals and they will have to push with all they have. As was exposed in games before and even on Saturday, they hardly keep their shape at the back when they go forward. They are always open to being hit on the break.

Further,the desire to salvage some pride and win at home adds extra pressure on them. There is a certain kind of pressure that makes one perform exceptionally and another that makes one crumble. For all their experience, they seem to crumble under pressure and not thrive.

It was evident once Zambia scored her first that they tried to force the issue going forward and not as patient in trying to get right spaces and moments. The pressure at home will be massive from the first whistle and if they don’t score in the first quarter of the match the fans may be on them.

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This can only work in Zambia’s favor whose strength is clearly running at the opponent as using pace as a key component. What we saw on Saturday is a Zambia team ready to pounce on any Lapse and only knows one way of playing – front foot football.

Zambia are not so good with ball retention but very effective when on the ball. We have seen a Zambia side with defenders launching attacks and strikers implementing first defense. Defenders attacking and strikers defending.

Redemption time may be condemnation time. Having been exposed 2 days ago because of their style,3 days is not enough to change an approach around and as such only a few tweeks may be accommodated.

The conundrum may not be what to change but what to do as a whole.Their choice to mark zonal in the Box exposed them twice with Mwila’s headers and their central midfield are slow to react at every turnover of possession. They bossed possession on Saturday albeit in unimportant areas.

Chipolopolo Boys Wedson Nyirenda celebrates Enock Mwepu’s goal


Their question will be how to do the same in important spaces were they can hurt the opponent. On the other hand Wesson Nyirenda will be asking for ‘more of the same’ from his players and a better communication between his Centre backs and goal keeper.

Their is strength that lies in the collective than individual. A returning Mahrez for instance would want to take the bull by its horns and similarly a few others may want to follow suit and be counted.

Nothing wrong in trying to be a hero but in such games,heroics can never be without being in synergy with team mates. Because of the high stakes Chances are that a few big names will want to raise their hands and when it goes wrong,the whole team may be paralised.

Winning a football match is about identifying the opponents strength,Nullifying their threat but Most Importantly playing to Your own strengths and by all means not exposing your own weaknesses. From what was seen on Saturday,

Brian Mwila has been terific in a Chipolopolo shirt

Algeria has a lot of work to Nullify our strengths and impose their own game but it must be noted on their day when they turn the screw they are a hard team to contain and on a poor day they are their own worst enemy.

The need to post a first win, thoughts of stop a rapid Zambia going forward,a demanding audience and preservation of their status makes them prey than predators..they are even more Fragile than they were a week ago.


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  1. Chipolopolo should please not waste their time and energy, the ticket belongs to Nigeria.
    Prepare for 2022 worldcup qualifiers because your team is one for the future.Just an objective advice.

  2. Nice report Mr. Franklyn. You’ve highlighted an important fact – this team is really positive going forward and supremely pacey. Not only that, the team has shown resilience, the Algerians could be in for a shock tonight.
    We’ve got nothing to lose!!!

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