Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Zambia 1 – 2 Ghana (As it happened)

Zambia U20 coach has summoned Zanaco FC striker Davy Daka from the bench to partner Patrick Ngoma as he tries to sharpen the striking force which was blunt against Mali.

Daka was introduced as a second half substituted and managed a cracking shot on goal in the few minutes he was on the field of play.

Meanwhile, Mali have secured a spot in the Semi-final of the tournament and booked a ticket to the U20 World Cup after they beat South Africa 2 – 1 in the early kick off.
South Africa on the other hand have been eliminated and their match against Zambia will be a formality.

Zambia need to win to stand a chance of progressing to the semi-finals.

Starting line-up for Zambia.

1.Mangani Banda. 3 . Peter Mulenga. 4.Boyd Mkandawire. 13. Kayawe Kapota. 15.Alex Mwamba. 12. Benson Sakala. 18. Spencer Sautu. 9.Charles Zulu. 11.Larry Bwalya. 7.Patrick Ngoma. 20.Davy Daka.

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  1. The problem is to have a goalkeeper who dives with eyes and not hands Magani Banda.Sometimes times coaches have to bend not because Magnani was part of Zone 6 and he is failing to help the team you continue using him try others.

  2. 9′ Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
    A neat interchange of passes on top of the box by Ghana but it yields nothing as Zambia win a goal kick

  3. 11′ Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
    Charles Zulu stays on the ground after being elbowed by a Ghanaian defender and he is receiving attention

  4. 13′ Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
    Zambia again attack through Dave Daka on a counter but the final ball Larry is poor and it goes out for a throw in

  5. 17′ Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
    Ghana shift attack to the Zambian left and Mkandawire now concedes a corner.
    Taken short, but Mangani Banda picks from the air

  6. 21′ Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
    A free kick from the left this time is well dealt with and Zambia immediately goes on the counter attack. Dave Daka’s well teed ball is ballooned by Larry.

  7. 23′ Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
    Poor free kick by Alex Mwamba as he plays the ball back to his fellow centre back and his clearance is almost intercepted.

  8. I’ll keep saying this Zambian teams are a serious let down. Very big big disappointments. Always promoting failure..what a disgrace..

  9. 42′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Goal disallowed!!!
    Patrick Ngoma puts in a rebound but is judged offside.
    Replay shows Ngoma onside

  10. Prince! Which of the teams in this tournament is fair? Be honest. Which team? Pls let stop these infantry assertions and be a bit factual.

  11. Half Time:
    Zambia will be happy with the display and should have been ahead but for the referee errors
    1. Free kick for the resultant Ghana goal was taken while the ball was in motion
    2. Patrick Ngoma goal should have stood as he was not offiside

  12. As long as hayatou is there expect the likes of Ghana to keep winning through such bizarre decisions. That ref is mad that was a clear goal he should be sent packing. Everything on this continent is for west Africa just look at how they awarded themselves afcon. Cam 2019, ivory 2021, guinea 2023.

  13. Zambia scored a clear goal which was ruled out for offside. But that was a clear goal and should have stood. The commentator even mentioned it that Zambia have been robbed of a goal by the ref.

  14. Hayatou and caf want Ghana and Mali at the world cup. That ref should be punished heavily after this game he may have cost zambia the world cup.

  15. No wonder these Ghanaians were busy parading insults they knew before hand this game was fixed. Mxm and hayatou is just seated in the stadium watching this disgusting thing. It’s very obvious caf wants Mali and Ghana through to the world cup.

  16. Looking at the physical appearance of the teams in the tourney Ghana looks the youngest if u cant see this clear fact as its also clear that the 2nd goal is a clear goal. Then Prince am not surprised u r a zambian. I completed SHS in 2012 with Aboagye no10 am 21yrs now. If u doubt that de guy is 20yrs now den u hate truth

  17. 48′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Ghana player down after receiving a high boot from Mwamba.
    Free kick in a dangerous area for Ghana on the right

  18. Keep me posted those watching. I hv switched off my tv and opted to sleep. Watching a match whose results are known! We hv to start all over as we host it in 2017.

  19. Ladies and gentlemen. I am not a football analyst but a commentator on the game. Ghana/Zambia U20 AFCON- We are by way superior to the Ghanaians as it is happening but I feel we have a problem with SAUTU. He can’t handle his situation as at now. He is panicking, all over the show, even receiving an unnecessary yellow card. The coach can talk to him or indeed substitute him. Whatever the results, this team is the future. Everyone knows. Remember how Ronaldinho and team were being bashed before they became greats.

  20. 52′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Benson Sakala injured as he falls badly following a body tackle but the referee points the other direction

  21. Zambians concerntrate on the match and stop the excuses cos ghana will not score just 1goal in this match add your dissallowd goal n still ghana will win

  22. There is no offside when the ball rebounds off a goalkeeper. Useless ref. This ref is mad because he also blew for offside from a throw in in the first half. Really weird stuff.

  23. 55′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Brilliant play by Zulu as he skins his man on the left but his cross doesnt find anyone in the box

  24. 56′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Nice little ball in but the Ghanians defend well for a corner.
    Ghana scramble a clearance from the corner

  25. zamfootfoot painting what looks like a false picture of the actual situation on the ground. Some one sided updates here…quite unfair. Be professional

  26. 58′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Free kick to Ghana on the edge of the box by Sautu as the Zambian players protest.
    The Ghana player put out his leg

  27. Zambia has a better under 20 than Ghana. Mali and zambia are the best 2 in the group. Ghana is likely to progress after zambia was robbed. I see zambia bashing sa in the last game

    • Lol. You guys are funny, when we were given 3 points from the game in Khartoum you were up in arms. Now Zambians are wrong for being upset about a dubious offside decision…sorry bro, you cant have it both ways.

  28. 60′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Good tracking by Kayawe as he puts in a sliding a last ditch challenge to put the ball out for a corner

  29. 66′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    CHance for Zambia
    Mkandawire sends in a good cross but Daka fails to make first time contact and he tries to lobe the ball back but too easy for the keeper

  30. 67′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Another chance for Zambia
    Again Zulu does well on the left but his cross is missed by inches by Daka
    68′ Sub
    Patson Daka in for Ngoma

  31. 76′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Ghana now finding it easier to cut through the Zambian midfield.
    Managani injured as he desperately saved from a Ghanaian attack. Ghana player also stretchered off

  32. 79′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Very good chance for Zambia as Patson lays the ball for Dave but he shoots straight at the keeper who saves for a corner

  33. I feel even the stupid “paramilitary” jersey we are donning is contributing to our poor performance. Who is cheating who that we are okay. That stupid “vinkubala” jersey is psychologically killing us!!!

  34. 83′ Zambia 1 – 1 Ghana
    Patson gets a good shot on target but its straight at the keeper.
    Good movement by the U17 captain

    • Patson should’ve been booked for going down. Nothing happened and he was looking for a free goal. Wack mentality. Can’t score so just drop for penalty. Smh



    • After beating your masters, South Africa & you? Is that a cheap ticket? ZAMBIA is destined not for World Cups. You only specialize in Africa where u have won only one fluke glory. Good Enough. See u next time. You will be mere spectators at all world cups. West Afrcans will go to represent you all. Thank u for giving us that mandate .


  36. The end has come. The southerners are home bound. The soccer masters are moving forward. My advice is STOP SHOWERING PRAISES YO YOUR CHINA PLAYERS WHEN YOU DEFEAT COINTRIES LIKE MOZAMBIQUE & MAURITIUS. E.g Mauritius is ranked 190 in the world. How great an achievement to beat such a team.

  37. Zambians……what nation!!! See their U20 players. Grown men, some even have kids. Ghana struggled cause they played against amateurs. Even Barcelona would struggle against a wack untalented team like this squad. They played the African way. Kicking and running. Ghana tried playing beautiful football but this wack amateurs dey kill our vim for field. Thank God they’re out. Noni Naija useless goat, how far??

    • Barbarism. In this day & age to fathom such an idea is an indication of a mentally handicapped individual . Insanity exhibited at best

  38. this rily sacks. The result was suppose to b the other way round in favour of Zambia. The first goal Ghana scored came from a free kick which was suppose to be retaken and Zambia’s second goal which was ruled out for an off-side should have counted, bcoz it wasn’t an off-side. All things being equal, Zambia deserved to carry the day with the same scoreline..

  39. First you Zambians have to acknowledge you are not on the same level plane as some countries in Africa.You don’t just assemble a team and hope to win,you need CONSISTENCY,Ghana,Nigeria have been consistent in youth football as long as one can remember.Mali will be a force to be reckoned with in few years time,they have started from the youth level producing good youth teams over the years and will one day pay dividends.You acknowledge your opponent and give them the dew respect.

    John and most of you can cry foul about the disallowed goal and will change nothing,this is the third team Ghana has produce in as many years and whats Zambia got to show for? Nothing.You better start churning these players from this level continually before crying foul over a disallowed goal,who doesn’t suffer from this fate?

  40. African football is just full of rubbish thats why Hayatou’s national teams fail to make it at the WC…As Zambians we need to save our dying football at all costs.Its my bleeding heart is crying out to all the Chipolopolo fans to join hands and put an end to this nonsense we have been subjected to by Faz and our national teams at all levels!!

  41. Patson Daka is better,far better than the overhyped Lubambo Musonda.Africa shd watchout for this babyface assassin.
    The best side lost tonight….keep pressing Zambia

  42. Under 20 is probably Ghana’s best national side,chalking six semi final berths in six world cup appearances,Issah Hayatou wants Ghana to qualify for the world cup you say? ‘Cos we have the pedigree and pedigree is something you can’t buy.Mali qualified for the 2013 U20 world cup,likewise this year,they are U17 champions,gradually Mali is laying a foundation at youth level and whats Zambia got? And you are crying over a disallowed goal? I was rather surprise the game was this close,I thought we would win with little trouble.

  43. Zambia!! What a country I have to take a tour over there cant understand their people. They still think Ghana is not good go and almighty Brazil ask David Luiz Douglas Costa Kaka Adriano Ronaldinho they all lost to Ghana at this level(U20). Som Zulu Daka Sakala are kicking and runing like rugby n lost but still tink they r betta

  44. if thy are good then thy should ask their selves wy didnt we win our first game.simple as that u guys are not just good.u can meet ghana and play all the foot ball just because it ghana .just running and kicking as if the world is coming to an end. and playing miserable in other games and u expect to be at the world cup.even to go and do wat ther i just wounder

  45. After departing from our traditional Zambia football ,the competitive advantage has been lost. We need FAZ to reintroduce our passing game ,keeping the ball on the floor, and not scrappy west african style where they play long -high balls . This is mainly because Zambia has lost too many good coaches and the current caoches know little about Zambian football because they did not feature for chipolopolo. Janza never played for chipolopolo, chilombo only played a few unimportant friendly games ,and Kaunda never featured too.

      • Your style is not likable ,you lack an exciting swag. I doubt if there are Zambians who would say Ghana’s playing style is grt because we have a tradition of playing exciting football. The 90s Nigerian team also played good football. Check the 2012 final and compare to the Ghanian style ..amateurish but with only alot of power and drive

  46. Fighton Simukonda, Peter Kaumba, Lucky Msiska, Fordson Kabole and others can do a better job, please this coach must go away, mpu, mpu. Please groom the U17 and I am yet to see a coach who will pump sense into our teams to hold on to leads. What a shame, being beaten in the same fashion every time without coming up with a formula to overcome it? Wow! Ba Mose please come back!

  47. On level terms Ghana can’t beat Zambia.At senior level we beat them twice in a row.Ghana looked a better side technically and tactically but we have better refined talent that nids proper management. Ghana’s genuine goal was the 2nd not the first and the game should’ve ended with the same score line in favour of zambi. Kudos to the lads especialy charles zulu who was a stand ou player in the zambian squad. Ghana’s pride costed them the africa cup and if they don’t humble themselves they’ not win this one coz God resists the proud and exalts the humble.

  48. Wait ooo, martinez…how did ghana’s pride cost dem the afcon? Did they not play well atall? Or is it burkina fasso of 2012 that u are comparing to ivory coast? It was a shame that given two pk leads we cudn’t even win the trophy (wrong choice of pk takers after civ’s missess is what I blame) but nobody can lie that ghana did not play a great game of football that day…silencing gervinho and bony completely. Avram grant shud have taken kwesi appiah out seeing as he wasn’t doing so well dat day. But there is always a next tym. Civ won it on their third try. I have no doubt that we would too.

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