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Zambia 0 (4) – 0 (5) Guinea – Player Rater

Zambia bowed out of the CHAN tournament on day their luck ran out with the failure to convert chances clearly haunting a team with a magnificent defensive record.

The ZamFoot Crew looks at how the gallant Chipolopolo players faired on the day against Guinea Conakry.

Jacob Banda 9.5

Excellent in goal. Made save after save from different situations. Late in the game, he came out well to save at the feet of a Guinea striker which led to his injury and had to be treated on the pitch. His one handed save kept Zambia in the shoot out after the skipper had missed his spot kick. He comes back home without conceding a goal in open play at the tournament… 390 minutes of not conceding.

Dauti Musekwa 6

An assured display by the Zesco man. He defended well and did not let as many crosses come from his end. He tried to push up with some crosses but his penalty kick was awful.

Steven Kabamba 5

Struggled to plug the crosses which continued to rain from his end. His cause was not helped by Clatous Chama who did not do much in tracking his man back. One pin point cross which gave Zambia the first chance with Chris’ diving header. Blasted his spot kick over the bar.

Adrian Chama 8

The central defense pairing with Munthali was great. Efficient in covering the full backs once exposed. Had to contend with the quick one two’s of the Guinean’s and the GDFC man was up to the task.

Christopher Muthali 9

What a pillar at the heart of defence. Mopped everything in the air. Was forceful when he had to track his man in-field and showed good character to start the game from behind even when the team seemed to be under pressure. Was withdrawn late in the game in what seemed to be a precautionary move after he was booked.

Jack Chirwa 7.5

A good performance by the lanky defensive midfielder. He showed a great sense of position and was first to the second ball when Zambia was defending. He however lacked the combativeness expected of his role when the Guineans played quick passes around him in the first half but had more assured display in the second half with Mfune on his side.

Isaac Chansa 6.5

A subdued performance by the veteran midfielder. Deployed on the right side of midfield, Zambia did not show much threat on his end but he ran his socks off supporting Musekwa in defense. He was substituted after his tank ran low.

Salulani Phiri 6.5

He had a tough time keeping the Guinea midfielders in check. Was teed up by Clatous from the corner on the edge for what could have been cracking shot on goal but clearly the Zanaco midfielder had left his shooting boots in the locker room. Once he tried to catch the goalie off his line with a long range lobbed shot, but even that missed the target. He was pulled out due to injury.

 Clatous Chama 7.5

Clever on the ball, great on the set piece. For once, there was expectation for Chipolopolo every time there was a set piece in the wide areas. He should have buried the game in injury time when he collected a flicked ball from Chris, beat his marker only for the keeper to save in his face. He didn’t do his defensive duties with distinction but scored from the spot.

Chris Katongo 9

Missed the all important first spot kick but his overall contribution was massive. Even when he was in a position where he looked second best to get to the ball, he gave himself the advantage to get ahead of the defenders. He fought for his chances, created for Mulao and Clatous and once he pressed Guinea keeper so hard he won a corner which Zambia took quickly and came close. Unlucky to have had his goal disallowed even though he was not offside. Bravo Soldier!

Adamson Mulao 7

Kept a good presence upfront and made a nuisance of himself amongst the defenders. Hard to remember a short on target for the front man who led the line. He should have scored when he was played through in a congested area by Katongo.

Zambia v Guinea Stats.
Zambia v Guinea Stats.


Buchizya Mfune – Replaced Salulani in midfield 7.5

Spencer Sautu – Replaced Chansa 7.5

Benson Sakala – Replaced Munthali 7

George Lwandamina 7

That the only statistic Zambia beat Guinea at during the game was the number of balls won and fouls committed shows that Zambia was second best on the day. Despite the possession standing as low as 39%, Zambia had an almost equal share of chances and he seemed to get comfort out of that as he substitutions did little alter the set-up of the team. He had a forced substitution on Salulani who was injured but he did well to inject youth and verve in the midfield in Spencer and Benson who covered a lot of ground in the last few minutes of the game.

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  1. Katongo was offside! He was interfering with play before he had the ball though the zambia player who gave him the pass was on side!!!

    He was offside and the assistant referee had his call spot on!!

    People think like a player should have his whole body in an offside position before is called for an offside which is a big fallacy!

    A players extended hand can interfere with play and in katongos situation, he was clearly offside!!

    Accept it and move on or u bettee go and watch the youtube videos and draw your unbiased conclusions!!!

    It was good zambia was knocked out cuz they underrated guinea thru zamfoot even bf a ball was kick!

  2. Thanks Zamfoot, but some of these seem rather generous. Mulao was far too one dimensional up front. He worked hard for the headers, but even then I think he only won about 50% of the long balls kicked his way. Then don’t even get me started on his inability to get into goal scoring positions. The only time he did was on that goal that was ruled offside. He lacks that killer instinct.

    I whole heartedly agree on Stephen Kabamba and Cletus Chama and their inability to contend with the roaming number 5 full back on the Guinea side. What was sad is that we did not punish Guinea when they gave us the opportunity. Also we failed on two separate occasions to attack the back post on set pieces.

    Lwandamina has not done bad given the tools he was given. I agree with John on the idea that he is too defensive. This will not be good enough when time comes to meet Congo.

    • I agree with you 100%… I wonder how Ba-Zamfoot would rate the Guineans if he were ever asked to do it? This rating might do the players a great disservice…If I’m not mistaken, it gives the 11 who completed the match an overall mark of 81.5 out 110 which is 74%…That’s an A in terms of grade! I think the jury is not out on this one!

  3. Adamson Mulao gets a 7?????? Then i must have been watching a different Game because the chap did nothing whatsoever> He was even scared to take a Penalty. This chap should not be anywere near the national team.

  4. the first penalty, real good coaches give it to a player who ALWAYS scores. it sets the tempo and stills nerves. cris usualy scores on the rebound after missing.

  5. quite interesting that african teams are playing some good pinpoint football, and ruthless shooting on goal like thez no tomorow.
    u can do this with average players, u just need a coach with common sense.
    that mali team for me have the cup. the tunisia goerge was dead scared of they made short work of.

    • You are right and I think it’s critical to start with them very early…at 12, 13 in football academies. Unfortunately we don’t have enough qualified coaches and facilities to do this. North Africa is way ahead of us in terms of development..It has actually become a way of life particularly in places like Morocco you see kids under the wings of qualified coaches in proper facilities…I just wonder why RSA development program hasn’t produced better results than what we’ve seen so far.

  6. I knew we couldn’t beat guinea. Zambia can’t beat any team in the top 10 in africa we have no strikers. When kalengo and mbesuma retire we are finished.

  7. thanks to katomgo and chansa without these guys Zambia was going out in the group stage, thumbs to j band so far the best goalie at Chan 2016 , to the rest I see bright future in your careers’ be focused . Tks proudly a Zambian

  8. The team that prevented Ghana from going to the Chan with the ‘away goal’ (2-2)in their favour will definitely win this CHAN… That team is Ivory Coast.

  9. @john u are absolutly right. gone are the days wen zambia cud stand up to teams ranked in the top ten in africa.
    we need to inject as many players into europe as posible. sate sate is a start that is if he will sustain himself. then and only then will we go head to head with the top ten. its why i keep saying lets do better at under 23, 20 and 17.

  10. I watched for some 20 minutes during the first half and Zambia played very disjointed soccer.I got bored and went to watch the Chelsea match which was even better.Zambia needs to go back to the drawing board and watch how it played during African cup of Nations in 2012.

  11. I said it we dont ve strikers the diffenders were good, mid good only chris can score then he was maked so no goes, but all in all local players n africa re gud if we can strenthen our leagues remember malouda is in egypt playing at wade degla

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