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Game over!!! Zambia bow out of 2016 CHAN

Skipper Christopher Katongo, Steven Kabamba and Dauti Musekwa missed their spot kicks in the quarter final match between Zambia and Guinea for the Chipolopolo to bow out of the on going CHAN championship on penalties.

The two teams battled to a nil all draw at the end of 120 minutes of ended to end football with very little to separate the two teams.

The game started with Guinea bossing the game in midfield with neat short interchanges which saw the Zambians chasing shadows but for the stability of the central defence marshaled by Christopher Munthali.

Once Zambia had settled into its rythm, they showed a lot of attacking intent with Christopher Katongo leading the charge and he came close in the 16th minute with a diving header from a Kabamba cross moments after Guinea had also planted a free header in the box off target.

Guinea continued to edge Zambia on possession with Zambia making sporadic advances and it was Katongo who twice with some effort to get ahead of his defenders with headers before the break.

After the restart, Zambia were the better team but the closest any of the two teams came to a goal was when a deflected free kick from the left canoned off the upright with Jacob Banda in the Chipolopolo goal beaten in the 72nd minute.

Zambia replied with a goal by Katongo in the 85th minute ruled offside despite replays showing otherwise.

It was a seasaw game in extra time with Zambia’s two best chances falling to Adamson Mulao and Cletous Chama who both failed to finish off from inside the area while the Chipolopolo will have Banda in goal to thank for some point blank saves.

Buchizya Nfune, Spencer Sautu, Cletous Chama and Adrian Chama all converted their spot kicks with outstanding Banda saving one.

Guinea progress to the semi finals where they will meet Congo DR while Ivory Coast will play Mali.

Zambia Xi v Guinea

Jacob Banda GK, Dauti Musekwa, Stephen Kabamba, Adrian Chama, Christopher Munthali (Benson Sakala), Jack Chirwa, Isaac Chansa (Spencer Sautu), Salulani Phiri (Buschizya Nfune), Adamson Mulao, Chris Katongo (C), Cletus Chama

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  1. That’s what happens when defenders dominate the list of spot kick takers! Given the shambolic showing defeat was certain. At least we did not concede in regulation time.

  2. useless coach how can u subustute players who can score penaltie for u like chansa, munthali, salulani phiri when the match is heading into penalties & leave in poor penalt takers like musekwa & kabamba.

  3. ive been vindicated. i sad over and over and over that our luck in chan had run out and we were NOT going to beat guinea. we are playing thr most pathetic football under goerge and i was pointing this out yet blind fans kept cheering. chicken is a pathetic useless coach. some of us ALWAYS get things right. ive got zambian football at heart, and right now we are going nowhere with lwandamina

  4. from what I have seen, Chris should come back in the national team. Zambia lucked Creative midfielders through out this chan. we have good defender’s but no vision to pass the ball especially chirwa and Phiri from zanaco. Lwandamina is good but too shy to offload the misfiring player’s who easily tires the impressive chris. salutani phiri, Mulao and Isaac Chansa were supposed to be substituted if easy enough, if the coach was reading the game.

  5. I was thing Zambia will go through but very unlucky to losse like that Next time boy don’t be discourage there are always tomorrow any ways well done.

    Congratulations to Guinea

  6. we are tired of these disappointment lwandamina shud go! we need a coach who can read the game properly. minows like mozambique they hv a new coach but in zambia we are stil using pathetic coaches we are in trouble with congo in march.

  7. Very, very poor, poor and poor performance by Zambia. Zambia should learn to keep possession and mount pressure on their opponents. The players are also too slow. The team has to change system of play. They can’t keep possession. They just shoot the ball forward and run like headless chickens. This team is as far as they can go. They are not good enough. In fact they have been poor throughout this tournament. It was just that the team was too defensive hence making it to the Q8.

  8. some chap called paradox kept refering to 2012 whn this is 2016. u are stuck in the past. 2012 we scored 8 goals at qurter final weve scored a paltry 2. from that i deduced we were NOT going anywere. we need a new coach now. u cant go to the world cup or qualify for afcon without scoring. i want to hear paradox say like 2012.

    • Some people here are more concerned about being vindicated than wanting their team to do well.i wouldn’t be surprised if deep down in their hearts their were hoping zambia loses jst to ruby it at our faces that they said so.i think the guys gave their all we were jst Unluck on 85 offside ruled goal and with the penalties too.i have watched many games in which zambia has played the way guinea played only to fail to score and lose a game so I wouldn’t have minded winning with da way we were playing and it almost payed off on 85 min so so Unluck. The vindcated ones so Wat are we going fail next it seems that is Wat u here for.

  9. ka last kamaletelela, Chris could have avoided taking a penalty for the sake of his dignity. we didn’t had a creative midfielder, but I salute JACK he can grow into a good anchor man

  10. We didn’t deserve to go any further with that chipante pante football, guinea were better than us. There was no cohesion in our game it was just defending and kicking forward.

  11. We struggled alittle in the first half but we put the pedal down in second which saw the goal ruled offside. Guinea won possesion but only because their build up play held the ball in midfeild and attacked slower. Zambia was more than equal and should feel they should have won. Unfortunatly could not conert.

    Our strategy was to get the ball upfront as quick as possible to the wings and provide the cross for the oncoming whilst holding men back to prevent the counter. This worked well however i think alittle more direct running and shot could have helped. We did lack finishers be they strikers or midfielder.

    Dissapointing to have not advanced but i think Lwandamina can be encouraged, he had a good outing/experience. There is something in the team to work on for the future.

  12. Chris with those bullet headers, all he needs is a good play maker like Chisamba, kalaba or A fit mukuka Mulenga. But what is killing our football isn’t a bad coach per say but rather coach is attached to club with players he has a soft heart for. that’s why we saw in any game we had not less than four players from zesco. Green buffalo’s too has a special place in Lwandaminas heart, such that they too would not be represented by less than three player’s. it’s terrible, unless an independent coach

  13. Even before the match started, the headlines over was mischievous to say the least!

    Zambia to meet guinea in the semi finals when a ball is yet to be kicked! Lol

    Such boisterous headlines is arrogance and it makes the players underrate their opponents bf the match!

    People were predicting cricket scoreline and some were saying that, guinea is their daily bread lol

    I dont understand why zambians always loves to underestimate their opponents like that? Yes is true that one needs to be confident but that should come with a certain level of measure!

    Some even said that, guinea is not a big hurdle but rather dr congo shld be the issue when they are even yet to play the match!

    Good riddance and the fluke ll never happen again!

    • Eh dude. Are you still hurt about AFCON? Talking about the fluke when your team didn’t even make it this far. It’s a game, you lose some and you win some. The headline was ridiculous to say the least, and if you look at the thread I said the same thing you are saying, but your last statement on the fluke looks like you are still carrying some resentment. Let’s move on for crying out loud. As long you continue to bring this up, you will give people a reason to hold it over your head, and don’t give me the BS about not caring, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this blog talking about it.

      • Positive

        Check the chan records and tell me which country is the most successful eversince its inception!

        Ghana of course has been the most successful nation so far with two grand final appearances losing to dr congo and libya respective so your argument doesn’t hold no water!

        This is zambia’s first qualification and the farthest they went is quarter finals whiles ghana went all the way to the finals in its inaugural edition and again were losing finalists in the last edition so there is no way u can compare the two nations!

        Again, zambia 2012 afcon was a fluke because they have failed miserably in the past three editions by been knockwd out in the group stage which confirms that they fluke their way to the cup!

        Is just like libya who were the chan defending champs but cldnt even qualified to this edition which makes their title fluke!

        Accept it

        • Clearly you are suffering from an affliction which we call ichikonko in Zambia. Its that hurting feeling you get at the bottom of your throat when you start reminisce about something that truly upset you. Move on bro. YOu knocked us out of qualifying for the World Cup, and us Zambians moved on. 99% of us don’t troll your site looking for a fight.

          Its high time you grew up and moved on and its also about time you checked your facts. Zambia finished 3rd in the first ever CHAN tournament, losing to DRC in the semi-finals and beating Senegal for 3rd place. You want to talk about fluke, yet your team only reached the final in its first edition and are not even at the tournament. Mutual respect is an important facet, but clearly you can’t even respect yourself enough to be able to comment properly or just sit on your computer and find something else to do, instead you flaunt your we finished in the finals and yet you are not even at the competition. Calling us flukes will not pull the star off our chest nor dent our pride in our team. Far as I’m concerned bloggers like you are a waste time, and this is the last I will say anything to your clearly butt hurt feelings from 2012. I suggest you get some Vaseline and a cushion you can sit properly.

  14. In the begining of this tournament I was thinking that Mr Lwandamina was just off to a hard start and gave him a benefit of doubt hoping that he would improve,BUT from what I have seen throught, he lacks a lot of attributes to remain in-charge of the team at national level. He lacks team selection skills. He lacks games reading skills. He lacks opponent studying tacts. He lacks team commanding skills. Its like he stands at the touchline to be the best SPECTATOR. After all have said and done, I still miss Harve Renard in all of the above. It seems local coaches are only good for club football.

  15. Congrats to Guinea, I think they deserved to win as their coach and team proved to be better than ours in every aspect. Am also in support of Katongo’s come back to the national team and that those UNDER 5s in the midfield should not be given another chance in bigger tournaments, let them be selected for COSAFA only.Useless headless chicks like their Broiler Chicken coach. If he were a village chicken, he would be clever coz village chickens a more cleve than broilers.

  16. On a positive side though I think Stephen Kabamba is a better option at left back than Mkandawire and should be given a chance in the qualifiers, also chris K needs to be recalled to the team but I must say am terribly disappointed with the teams performance in this CHAN tournament

  17. Please ba FAZ we need a new coach probably evry game we ar goin 2 ave a bad result like wat are ave two bt we are nt happy,thz z nt yet 2 be a coach 4 chipolopolo please Lwandamina go dnt eat money 4 poor result even n march if we ave same coach we are goin 2 loose.fyabupuba!!!

  18. Please ba FAZ we need a new coach probably evry game we ar goin 2 ave a bad result like wat we ave today bt we are nt happy,thz one z nt yet 2 be a coach 4 chipolopolo please Lwandamina go dnt eat money 4 poor result even n march if we ave a same coach we are goin 2 loose.fyabupuba!!!

  19. Please ba FAZ we need a new coach probably evry game we ar goin 2 ave a bad result like wat we ave today bt we are nt happy,thz one z nt yet 2 be a coach 4 chipolopolo please Lwandamina go dnt eat money 4 poor result even n march if we ave a same coach we are goin 2 loose.

  20. Was dat goal scored by katongo really offside?guys let us support our own local is laka otherwise they put up a strong fight if our opponents were a better side y ddnt they score in de regulation time?winning by penalts smtyms is jst by chipolopolo

  21. Some people here are more concerned about being vindicated than wanting their team to do well.i wouldn’t be surprised if deep down in their hearts their were hoping zambia loses jst to ruby it at our faces that they said so.i think the guys gave their all we were jst Unluck on 85 offside ruled goal and with the penalties too.i have watched many games in which zambia has played the way guinea played only to fail to score and lose a game so I wouldn’t have minded winning with da way we were playing and it almost payed off on 85 min so so Unluck. The vindcated ones so Wat are we going fail next it seems that is Wat u here for.y

  22. At the end of the day Zambia just didn’t have quality players to play cohesive football. Am afraid there were more negatives than positives in Zambia’s play today. You just wonder how the players are drilled in training because quite honestly it was just kick an run football. Special praise for Jacob Banda and Captain Chris both of whom had a good outing throughput the tournament. The rest were clueless. I still maintain that if we are seriously habouring hopes of Russia 2018, we must accept that we need a more experienced coach. The way a team plays speaks a lot about what kind of coach that team has. Lwandamina must be allowed to concentrate on Zesco Utd.

  23. I cant belive you zambians want chris katongo back in the national team at his age..if you truely brlive chris is the man to carry zambia to russia 2018 then you are in for another vicious awakening. With the striking power most african teams have now you seriously cant depend on chris…ZAMBIA LOVES TO RE LIVE OLD FLUKE DREAM OF 2012, ITS 2016 AND CHRIS IS NOT THE CHRIS IF 2012

  24. Lwandamina’s phylosophy in football at national team level is very much behind.He is too slow and ridiculously comfortable in assembling a team that can play cohesively the kind of football we have always enjoyed watching in the yesteryears. With his kind of team selection and phylosophy we will always be complaining. Our standards started falling when Renard left.Although we have won matches and qualified to afcon 2015, still in contention for afcon 2017 and Russia 2018 , still our standards have been falling. We have a lot of talented players, but very poor team selection and management skills.Does it mean ba FAZ nimpofu? Tabamona ati ifintu fyalilubana batini? Can somebody give them an eye salve Pulizi!!!!!?????????

  25. that mali team is lethal iam giving them thr cup. useless lwandamina was afraid of tunisia and cant beat tunisia. but mali made short work of them . mali i said it wud hav clobbered us but they were playing safe to guarantee the point. i had said zambia cant beat guinea yet some f00l kept refering to 2012 and the archives

  26. @ Shaa you are behind in getting the point, no wonder your country is behind by 2Hrs behind Zambia in time. What we saying is, we need him as an addition to the team because he is a team leader. And though he may be 40yrs according to you, he still has the vernum in him to still lead the team. Tell us which player of his age in west africa is still playing like Chris?

  27. Aww im really sorry you guys couldnt pull off another fluke through penalties to get through the nxt round when the team ur versing is clearly better than you but you want to rely on fluking penalties

  28. The coach played isaac out of position coz we need him in anchoring to help da striking force not ku 7 jes like the other selection was oso not good chirwa his not a good player for such a serious game.

  29. Congrats to Guinea! Was our coach playing for a draw or a win? Like really the man needs to check his tactical approach. Why play defensive football in a quarterfinal. on top of that he keeps a misfiring striker on the field for 120 minutes leaving our young and energetic strikers on the bench, FOR WHAT! our midfield was horrible. Our coach to stick to club football, he cant cut it on the international stage. Faz should commence head hunting for a national team coach because lwadamina has taken us backwards.

  30. Ba zamfoot you also gave our team bad luck by putting useless head “zambia to face” before we even play. You’re also a disgrace!!!

  31. Are we going to get a player rater? It seems to not happen when Zambia lose a game. I think some analysis and player raters would be awesome.

  32. I agree let punch do an analysis of this tournament. Punch is the best one to tell us the truth because he follows the local league. Are those the best players we have in the league? I cannot accept that Adamson mulamo or whatever his me is one of the best strikers in our league. I believe there is too much corruption in our team selection. Our coach is also way too defensive minded we are playing horrible football.

  33. Our pathetic show at this CHAN is just the tip of the iceberg; Zambian football needs to be completely overhauled: admin, coaching, sponsoring and development. 90% of the players I saw during this CHAN seem to be struggling with basics: passing, shooting, running off the ball….It reflects their performance at club level on the continent. Our passing in particular was awful.

    In 80’s we got used to seeing Nkana in the group stages of CAF club competitions…even taking it for granted! and Dynamos went a step further and won in the early 90’s the CAF cup. These days qualifying for the group stages at club level on the continent has become exceptional! The core of the national team come from clubs such as ZANACO and ZESCO that are lowly rated on the continent…so we cant reasonably expect to suddenly perform miracles with the national team. Most of those Malian boys come from Stade Malien and Djoliba and we all know what these 2 teams are capable of at club level..Same with DRC..with the bulk of players from VITA and TP. Tunisia has a very good team from very competitive clubs (Esperance…) but was unfortunate to meet those battle-tested Malians at that stage.

  34. This game needed Kalengo.
    Our young players lacked imagination when they came face to face with a goalkeeper. But they are learning, and should take lessons from this one tournament.

    Congratulations baiche well done.

    • At 25 yrs of age as a player and you’re still learning? No ways. Fimakula fye. Even the basics they can’t do surely. Aweee takwaba! It’s too much.


  36. #Shaa, You guys from Ghana must know that u were beaten by Zambia in 2012. I know that it is still fresh and painful in minds but u were beaten and Zambia were crowned African champions. the problem is you use old players like Dede who is even bald yet you say he is young.

    • You do not necessarily have to be old to be bald. I hope we will all desist from the negative comments & provide solutions to our football game. We always want results (at the end) whilst neglecting the foundational issues. Soccer academies are the answer. Let us develop our players from very young ages. Most of our players are doing well just because they are naturally gifted. They need good infrastructure facilities even to enhance their gifted abilities. Our fields are mostly below standard. How can we lack such a basic thing? There are problems. Let us see how we can mitigate such drawbacks. BECAUSE OF OUR PASSION FOR THE GAME WE TEND TO OVERLOOK THE REAL ISSUES AND INDULGE IN NAME CALLING AND INSULTS ESPECIALLY WHEN WE LOSE GAMES. Time for us to go to the drawing board & devise ways of improving our game in our respective countries & on the continent as a whole

    • you’ve been bereft of the rudiments of modern day soccer thus it shows in your comments,how can you use baldness to gauge someones age in this modern times.Even if Dede is aged per your warped mindset,his exploits started on a glittering note when he captained his team to honor his country by conquering AFRICA and thence to honor AFRICA by conquering the WORLD at the U20 tournament in 2009,where were your so called younger generation[still hanging on trees in the jungle? ,again,his exploits alone in that serious league surpasses the performance of all your granny professionals combined,your katongo is aged above 40 yet because your football is laced with improper planning and mediocrity,you are yet to find a replacement for him,same goes for the others,no wonder you were crying blood when your new-found 35 year old striker left for professionals in the DRC cos you lack the TALENTS,its simply not there.we are in 2016 and you are still making ugly noises about a defeat in 2012. A DOG BITING A HUMAN ISN’T NEWS BUT THE VISE-VERSA IS A BIG STATEMENT.
      How you wished to be in west Africa to wallow in abounding natural talents,MALI,IC,GUINEA,do it for us.UP WEST AFRICA cos the best comes from the WEST.

  37. Very poor performance displayed by chipolopolo. Guinea played better throughout. Zambians were just kicking forward. Need to find a better coach. No George.

  38. @ peep: Let us desist from the incessant attacks on each other & come up with how to improve our game on Africa. I could bet you my life that we are abound in talents . Why are we then lacking on the world stage? It has got something to do with our administration of this beautiful game. On the politico-economic scene, Africa is fabulously rich in resources, why are we poor? Let the present generation ponder over these & find practical solutions. We need ideas, workable ideas, constructive ideas. No more confrontations.

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