Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Video: Emmanuel Mbola 2015-2016 highlights


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  1. And this is the boy we have left out?! There is still time to do the right thing!! What is our coach looking for in an attacking full back? I miss our game that way!

  2. Looks like his knack for putting crosses into the box has returned. This is an element of his game I saw fade away just after Herve Renard left. His overlapping abilities were strong but the crosses were just of substandard quality. I hope he has regained the confidence to put quality crosses into the box. That said though, a half fit Mbola is still ten times better than the kid Lwandamina was always selecting. Had it not been for the st>u>pid politics in Zed soccer this kid should still be in the team.

  3. Lwandamina we have two crucial african qualifiers home and away in short period of 10 days may be mbola lacks certain attributes in defending but what quality do we have before him moreover injuries are part game even as back up surely mbola would still do no harm like for G….sakes this ain’t the time for expriements@ZAMFOOT has provided you with video to show mbola ‘s attributtes im very impressed with his physical work (gym time)one on one when defending like C’mon George Chicken . Thanks @ZAMFOOT

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