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Three U20 players in final squad to play Rwanda

Honour Janza has named his 19 man team that will play against Rwanda in an international friendly match tomorrow.

Janza has named three U20 players in hist team; Kapota Kayawe, Boyd Mkandawire and Larry Bwalya who were both part of the U20 team that played at the Africa Youth Championship and are part of the U23 team that is race for the All Africa Games.

All the foreign based players called to camp are also in the final team that is led by Congo based skipper Rainford Kalaba.

Meanwhile Rwanda arrived in the country last evening and will train at the National Heroes Stadium the venue of the match this afternoon.

The game will be played on Sunday afternoon.


Goalkeepers: Danny Munyao (Red Arrows), Jacob Banda
(Zesco United)

Defenders: Bronson Chama (Red Arrows), Kayawe
Kapota, Donashano Malama (both Nkana), Billy Mutale,
Christopher Munthali (both Power Dynamos), Boyd
Mkandawire (Napsa Stars), Kabaso Chongo (TP

Midfielders: Rainford Kalaba, Given Singuluma (both TP
Mazembe, DRC), Allan Mukuka (Green Buffaloes), Larry
Bwalya (Power Dynamos), Justin Zulu, Kondwani Mtonga
(Both Zesco United)

Strikers: Winstone Kalengo, Jackson Mwanza (Zesco
United), Alex Ng’onga (Power Dynamos), Bornwell
Mwape (Amazulu, South Africa)

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    • STOP YOUR AGGRESSION & READ IDEAS from Noble Eagles, ROK & Positive Thinking & Kay Hummer. Get a little enlightened & be courteous. Whoever nurtured you has an issue to be dealt with. Why can’t u for once be civilized enough to bring some sort of sanity to your postings in this forum?

    • Boyd should play left:
      1. Danny
      2. Kabaso
      3. Boyd
      4. Munthali
      5. Bronson
      6. Kondwani
      7. Ngonga
      8. Justin
      9. Bornwell
      10. Kalaba
      11. Singuluma

  1. Jacob Mulenga Was Given Time To Prove His Abilities Durin Qualifys But He Failed To Tick As A Professional.He’s Not A Striker Who Can Face Defenders One On One.He Played Well In 2010 Africa Cup In Angola Especially Against Nigeria.


        • That is what we have at the moment, I would have gone for Kennedy Mudenda, instead of Kalengo, Mose Phiri or shadrick Musonda for Bornwell Mwape. Any way we just need to give them support there is nothing we can do , its the coach’s choice.

  2. Where is the selling point for the tickets? fi faz should be serious, they have hijacked the tickets ,in order for them to see us fans scramble for the tickets at the stadium. this is unfair, we needed to buy in advance. How I wish they have started selling out for 11th April game. Pa zed marketing yalibako rather .

  3. What are the updates at Mulungushi rock of Authority, has selfish proposed amendment to FAZ constitution being short down? Please help us oh! we don’t want that click of criminals to draw us back 20 years, for the past three years we have never won a game at any level to see us pass first round. instead chi siwale want to impose useless proposal na fi tembwe ati we are will table it for debate, soccer has gone down imwe bamabala why cant you do a postmortem on why for the past three years we only minted a ha trick first round exit, 2 why do we fail to go past west and north African teams? Such the issues you need to consider rather than defending fax I min faz from outsiders, by the way as long as fans are concerned we are a big stakeholders, from them same fans you get salaries through gate takings and the big one is TAX PAYERS. I don’t have to remind you fi faz mwefikopo mwe busy making noise ati unless you have saved as an executive committee member before , RUBBISH!!!!!!!!

  4. Zambians we are good in talking than to work,surely which player from the local league can make us happy again?just the 20 l thought they will go to youth world cup ,but proved me that all the locals they are not ready take the big challenge,

  5. Tell them @Noble Eagles tell these clowns they are full of shit suggestions instead of them going there and tabling issues like why are all National team performing than expected and how to improve but only thinking of making more money.

    • @DISCIPLINE sometimes you can think to just break the law and put things straight , manje bana can’t suffer for the sake of football

  6. A lot of people who didn’t listen to Andrew Kamanga and Simatas Simataas Interview on Radio Phoenixs LET THE PEOPLE TALK about the Proposed Amendment of the FAZ Constitution concerning the FAZ President say they want to READ the BRIEF. So are some points which were raised by the two.

    – This Amendment is to keep the incumbent in office into perpetuity.

    -Block potential challengers to the incumbent during next year’s elective AGM

    – This proposal falls outside the required 45 days notice since it was circulated on 20th March 2015 and the AGM is on 28 March 2015. Article 26(3) (i ) of the FAZ constitution reads – Notices, Agenda and other relevant documents shall be sent to members at least forty five (45 ) days in advance. Only written responses to AGM documents circulated to members should be tabled for discussions.

    – Clearly any attempt to table this motion at the AGM slated for 28 March 2015 will be against the FAZ constitution. Aggrieved members will be entitled to seek court action.

    – The proposed amendment is discriminatory. Article 3 (2) of the current FAZ constitution reads – Discrimination of any kind against a country, private person or group of people on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, politics or any other reason is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension or expulsion .

    -The current qualification for office of president article 26(7) (i) reads- Candidates for the offices of President, and Vice President shall be Zambians with at least five years experience in football administration in full executive capacity at Member Club and/ or Member Association level.

    -The proposed amendment includes the requirement for one to be eligible to be President should have served in FAZ executive before. This additional qualification is discriminatory against all members who are eligible under the current article.

    – As an example, the new proposal immediately disqualifies all 16 Chairmen running teams in the Super League . Most of these Chairmen of Super League teams currently hold senior positions in the companies they represent – Zanaco Chairman is Director of Finance at ZANACO, Zesco Utd Chairman is Director of Distribution at ZESCO Limited, Power Dynamos Chairman is Director at Copperbelt Energy Corporation, Nkana Chairman is a senior Engineer at MOPANI, Green Buffaloes Chairman is a Colonel at Zambia Army, Red Arrows Chairman is a Colonel at Zambia Airforce. Based on this sample, the proposed amendment implies that these Chairmen are not capable of running FAZ since they have never served in any FAZ executive before.

    – None of us will be in football forever and we want to leave a better future than what we found.

  7. We should be playing with the senior team players and with bigger team and not the likes of Rwanda. For goodness sake, Rwanda is not in our class. Kalusha Bwalya and his bunch of CRIMINALS have destroyed football in the country. DICTATOR Kalusha Bwalya has to resign on moral grounds or he will be forced out from his office.PATHETIC!

  8. Zambian FA Leader’s Attempt for Life Presidency Flops
    Celebrated Zambian soccer star Kalusha Bwalya’s attempt to outstretch the country’s goodwill for him has hit a brick wall when delegates stopped his plans to become life president of the Zambia Soccer Association by allowing constitutional amendments targetted at blocking potential strong challangers.
    According to bolazambia, The Football Association of Zambia family rejected president Kalusha’s bid to be sole candidate in next year’s elective Annual General Meeting after throwing out his underhand proposal that would have required a candidate for the top position to first have served in the FAZ executive committee.
    Kalusha had pushed the proposal through Nchanga Rangers and Afrisports which was seconded on the floor by Zacks United before it opened up to counter proposal and counter secondment which led to the rejection of the motion.
    Chisanga Pule, Mpoma, Mphande were among the club officials that stood out in rejecting the proposal as councillors cheered them on leading into submission by Kalusha and his team not to put the proposal to a vote.
    One of the contentious points of argument was that the proposal by Rangers and Afrisports did not meet the requirement for being included as an agenda item for discussion at the meeting.
    “I propose that the current constitution remains the way it is, this issue must not even go into debates, it never came in the stipulated 45 days,” proposed one councillors as the congregation cheered the speaker.
    Another councillor told Kalusha admitting the proposal for debate and later a vote was a recipe for confusion.
    “This motion should not even be tabled Mr President (Kalusha), you are trying to bring confusions here,” another delegate told Kalusha.
    Football House media however reported that councillors “pleaded” with Kalusha who agreed with them and proceed to close the meeting.
    “Football Administrators meeting in Kabwe have decided not put the Nchanga Rangers and Afrisport proposals to a vote.
    “The Football law makers have instead asked for more time to debate the issue. The counselors pleaded with FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya not to allow the motion to be put to a vote.
    “As Chairman of the proceedings Kalusha has agreed, and the FAZ constitution will remain as it is. The FAZ boss is now delivering his closing remarks,” a report posted on the FAZ official facebook page reads.
    Pre-meeting discourse had hinged around the controversial proposal that anybody aspiring for the top job at FAZ should have served as committee member or above before.
    The proposal that has been floated by Nchanga Rangers and Division One outfit Afrisport had the full blessing of FAZ who are plotting a third term for incumbent Kalusha.
    Further there was a proposal to raise the nomination fee to an unprecedented K25, 000 for presidential candidates going even beyond the fee for anybody aspiring to be Republican President.
    Those aspiring to be vice president and committee members would have been required to pay K20, 000 and K15, 000 respectively.
    Bwalya is serving his second term as president and third in FAZ that closes next year but he has already started building up for a third term in that capacity
    The proposal was seen as an attempt to elbow business magnate and football administrator Andrew Kamanga from challenging Kalusha. The incumbent is said to fear a Kamanga challenge which he thinks will give an uphill battle for him to overcome.

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