Thursday, December 7, 2023

Players have to wake up says Kalampa coach

Nkana coach Ian Bakala wants his players to ‘wake up’ following their ’embarrassing’ 1-0 defeat to Forest Rangers on Saturday.


“I knew it was going to be very tough. I knew what was coming.

Since he took over, Bakala has only picked up a point from a possible 6.

“I think even us, the players, have to wake up. It’s an embarrassing [thing] losing a game like this.

Despite the defeat, Bakala is still optimistic that Zambia’s most decorated club will ‘catch up.’

“The games are still on, we are going to catch up, they [players] are learning a new philosophy they just have to adapt but I know it will take time but we have to start fighting for a win.

Bakala also highlighted that mental strength could be affecting the players as it’s not easy to play for a big club like Nkana.

“It is just the mental strength of the players that they have to be strong.

“Nkana is a big club. We have good players but their mentality has to change.

“A lot of players, their mentality is not that strong.

Nkana are bottom of the Super League.

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