Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Polokwane release record setting Musonda

Polokwane City have decided against retaining Joseph Musonda, whose contract with the club expired last night.

Musonda joined City at the beginning of last season and went on to be the first-choice left-back, starting 22 games to become the League’s oldest most-active player at 38.

The Zambian confirms that he has been handed his clearance letter but says he will continue with his playing career.

“I am still going to continue playing because there is nothing that I am feeling to suggest that I should stop,” Musonda said.

“It is just a matter of deciding on where to go to next from here but I will definitely continue playing because I am still enjoying my football.”

Musonda’s departure looked likely once City brought in fellow left-back Punch Masenamela in June.


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  1. I admire the courage this guy has and he has really taken good care of himself. The only problem is denial and doesn’t want to accept that his time is up. He should now consider coming home and help groom the future stars. He’s been an excellent player..

  2. I think its time to come back to zambia and try and establish himself as a coach or something. Many former players are doing e.g. Kalilo Kakonje

  3. Keep playing as long as your body can carry you Joseph. Don’t be one of the many people on earth who get trapped by age or thinking they are now too old to do certain things, don’t get trapped. Do what you love and as long as you are physically fit enough to keep at it then keep at it. Your performances for Polokwane were very good, it wont be a train smash to get at the very least another years contract in the PSL. I can bet my little finger you have already started receiving calls. Don’t get trapped and don’t listen to people who themselves are trapped by this age thing. Its just a number, what is important is your physicality levels. You are for me the most consistent Zambian footballing star in the PSL.

  4. Joseph! If you feel you can continue playing just do that. You are not demanding to play for the national team after all. See some great European players some who continue playing up to 40, especially Italians. Ba jose do what your heart pleases!

  5. Its gud and I respect his decision. But Musonda should also consider retiring looking at his age when he sustain an injury. I think its high time to engage him in business or technical bench.

  6. Good job Joseph, keep playing until your heart and body tell you not to. I would love to see you in the national team as well because these little boys are a disappointment. All the best my man.

  7. I encourage you to continue playing Muzo you are, for me, the most consistent and dependable defender I have watched this age. I love your competence level and skills well done mwechikangabwe.

  8. That guy never gives up,I remember afcon 2012,he still wanted to play but the injury couldn’t allow, he cried.I like his fighting spirit

      • I just hope TP don’t come with add on’s like they should get a cut if Lille sells him else were or that they should be first choice if Lille sells him……that sort of stuff. I hope they will just look at the players best interests and the players wishes.

  9. Lille is a much bigger club than mazembe and has produced great players like eden hazard. They can pay much more than the peanuts kalaba earns at mazembe.

  10. Unfortunately big Steve they are doing that nonsense. They want first preference should lille decide to sell kalaba. Katumbi should leave kalaba alone now he has served him long enough.

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