Friday, June 21, 2024


The MTN Super league fanfare over the last 5 years has soared and many club have had to adjust from  the cliche/stereotyped  process/parameters  on which clubs were ran to newly conformed standards.
Top of the priorities worldwide has being  abandoning  the old methodology of selling tickets at entrance gates to avoid creating unnecessary rigmarole and for primarily safety reasons.
Mighty not long ago was using the standardized method of selling tickets at an outlet closer to the stadium but for some reasons unknown, the club has reverted to the dangerous method of selling tickets at the entrance gates.
The confusion the now adopted system is causing is vexing to fans who want to get to the stadium and and expect a smooth process/transition inside the stadium. This method is procrastinating a disaster if left unattended to.
Fans may not know the rationale that prompted the reversal to the old dangerous way of selling tickets, but surely this is danger to every fan who goes every weekend to watch the legendary club.  The hope this gets to the Mighty executive and remedial measure is taken to avoid the scenario from spiraling into disaster or anything alien to football.

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