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Player Rater: Zambia 0-2 South Africa

Zambia and South Africa came to head to head for the 23rd time since 1992 at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium  on Saturday and it was the visitors who triumphed.

Below the ZamFoot Crew takes a look at how individual  players fared against Bafana Bafana.

Toaster Nsabata4/10– The goalkeeper was at fault with the first goal and should have saved the second goal.

Is he going to retire Kennedy Mweene? Not on that performance.

Solomon Sakala4/10 – ‘Capt  Solo’ played at right full back but didn’t really impress.

Rodrick Kabwe5/10– Attacking wise he tried to overlap and forced a save off Itumeleng Khune.  The Ajax Cape Town man was poor defensive and was caught out of position whenever the visitors  went on the break.

Isaac Shamujompa5/10– Calm and composed on the ball.

Ziyo Tembo  –5/10– Ball watched as Keegan Dolly layed  Lebo Mothiba  with a defence splitting pass for the final goal.

Should  have done better with his header which could have led to an equaliser.

Salulani Phiri 5.5– One of the quartet of South African based players on the field for Zambia. Tried but was overworked.

Enock Mwepu – 6/10 – Going by his standard he has set, his worst performance but the kid was overworked. It was a midfield two against three as South Africa  had a 4-3-3 formation.

With Dolly usually drifting inside, Mwepu failed to find space as the engine room was over parked.


Augustine Mulenga  –6/10– had a good first half but faded in the second half.

Fashion Sakala  4/10– Time is running out for Fashion to replicate his under-20 performance. On this showing, he needs to go back to the basics.

Brian Mwila – 4/10– Unfairly subjected in the 37th minute due to pressure from the fans. He was involved in most of the attacks Zambia had in the opening minutes.

Justin Shonga 6/10 – Should have scored from that one v one against Khune he had. A minute later Percy Tau scored from a similar chance.

Tasted Khune from set pieces but apart from that he also faded in the second half.



Lazarous Kambole4/10– He has been the game changer for both club and country but struggled to stamp his authority on the game. Replaced Mwila

Ernest Mbewe  4/10– Replaced Fashion in the second half but the king of assist couldn’t inject any pacy  and energy into the Zambian attack.

Sate Sate 4/10– Fans favourite had less than 5 touches on the ball. Tends to thrive well when the team is enjoying a good spell but they wasn’t the case after he came on.

Emmanuel  BandaN/A– Came on late in the game for Solomon Sakala.


Wedson Nyirenda  -5/10- His started well with his high tempo but faded in the second half.

Again Zambia was one dimensional  with gung-ho  approach. Against tactically better opponents, Zambia was exposed again.

Wada Wada should start having a plan B.

His substitutions didn’t add anything to the game.

Was he disapproving his assistant Beston Chambeshi when Sate Sate was about to be introduced?

Those who watched Jimmy Nakena for Zanaco at Nkoloma Stadium in CAF Champions league would say the former Nchanga Rangers man is better option at right back for Solomon.

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    • I have supported Wada Wada on many occasions having seen that he was not aptly supported by FAZ but this time around I could not raise my voice from the begining because I saw leakages in team selection Honestly speaking there are some players I, for one ,have been tracking and know for sure that they can inject a sense of depth and experience into the team; Please forget their shortcomings in their charecters as these can dealt with by the Fathers in the team. For me these are the players I feel should be included if we are to yield any results in any competetive game, the list is as bellow:
      1. James Chamanga; We need him at this time, remember how Roger Milla inspired Cameroun to winning ways.
      2.Stophilla Sunzu; He is an experienced defender we have as at now who enjoys game time.
      3.Evans Kangwa; I have been watching the Boy He has mature movements and passes than most of the young Boys, they need to learn from him.
      4. Emmanuel Mbola; I have also been watching him with his team hopoel Ranana, the Boy has matured and better than some of the limping defenders.
      5. Rainford Kalaba; despite his indisciplined behaviour which I know can be cured, His movements on the ball are unmatched and can be used as a major game changer.
      6. Donashano Malama; What prompted the Morrocan club Olympique Club de Khouribga to buy him and he has been playing in almost all the games? The player is an asset in midfield we saw how He perfomed at CHAN.
      7. Kabaso Chongo; He is well exposed and very experienced, With defense I would candidly say most of it has to do with experience.
      8. Nathan Sinkala; He is gifted in this area and Chipolopolo need Him together with his experience.
      9.Winston Kalengo; The technical bench can gauge how fit He is but I know the player like Chamanga can produce a miracle on his day.

      Furthermore, South Africa is a very tactically and technically disciplined team and at all times they have beaten us we were very tactically and technically cripled. Zambia has a plethora of talent in soccer but our technical aptittude leaves much to be desired that is why our players don’t survive in Europe. We need to overhaul our technical team any Coach needs a stronger backbone as in his technical team.
      Our Team selection is not based on merit(Consideration of a player’s abilities with regards to the opponent). for example The Coach on Sunday might have gumbled with the Young and speedy Charles Zulu to stretch the defense of Bafana Bafana and interpolate him with either Augustine Mulenga or Ernest Mbewe.

  1. Sate Sate my foot! Leave him at Chilata. He isn’t for the national team.Mwila shud have been left on until second half.Wadas time is fast running out. Zim also exposed his poor tactics.Mbewe shud hv started ahead of Fashion who has yet to learn that in modern football soloist have no place.Maybe we need new tactician; the current one is not up to scratch

      • When introduced what was his contribution exactly? Slim is right…May Sate Sate is for Nkana only.

        My beef however is with coaches lack of courage to try all players called in such a tournament. These were only friendlies. I’m particularly disappointed with Band as case. Why worst money calling him if know he won’t be tested!!!

  2. Toaster awe even mapulanga of nkana is better than him
    Rodrick kabwe even at Ajax is not that impressive
    I don’t know why the coach couldn’t put in Emmanuel banda earlier
    Wada can’t read games
    He spent know Morden football
    Chipolopolo is very one dimensional
    No tactical awareness
    No system
    Ukulalolelafye ama counter attack
    If this is the way to go kiss afcon bye
    That’s Mozambique expose Wada’s incompetence
    Even Namibia are playing nice football not amasushi aya
    The time to fire Wada is now
    Let him follow ponga

    • I keep saying that the coach is not tactically diverse. Opponents are easily closing us off because our game is predictable…our game is not fluid mudala. We cant move the ball from one side of the pitch to the other because the team has no proper shape or system. You could see during build up that our No.6 struggled to take the game forward because the starting position for our wingers was too far forward. As a result, if a long ball is repelled by the south Africans then there is no one in midfield and everyone is too far forward to chase back. I know Nyirenda wants to play direct football but he is doing it wrong is this modern era. You need to involve your wingers in the build up and then transition quickly. Do these guys watch games from other parts of the world i wonder??

  3. This Wada is a headless chicken… we are tired of this fool… let him go… the chaps knows nothing… we lost this game because the South African Coach had a better plan 4-3-3 and he said it on Friday night…

  4. This Wada is a headless chicken… we are tired of this fool… let him go… the chap knows nothing… we lost this game because the South African Coach had a better plan 4-3-3 and he said it on Friday night…

  5. I aid it before! Nyirenda is not fit to coach Zambia! You are waiting for hearts to be broken severely before you make a decision. If you can’t win at home then forget about competing in North Africa.

  6. Ba Nyirenda’s poor and overly predictable tactics were exposed at the CHAN and again at this friendly four nations tournament. How can we honestly continue with a coach who has no plan B tactic wise?Please show the man the door.Twanaka FULUSTOP!!

  7. When you meet a technically better side, this is the result. Apart from momentary lapses in concentration, the team actually played quite well. They attacked in force, created three or four good scoring chances and they have reduced on the long ball attacks they faovoured so much in the recent past.

  8. It’s surprising that Govt and Faz has no money 4 hiring foreign coach many years have passed.What a past days the government always have money 2 pay coaches but today?????

  9. The argument for a foreign coach for me is not a long term solution to the problems in Zambian football. I’m happy that the govt and FAZ are promoting local coaches. For me, the only way for any improvement is to encourage locals to take up roles in managing football. If it takes us 100 years to win another afcon, its fine by me so long as the coach who wins the tournament is a Zambian.

  10. Chambeshi is better than wada.
    Please rest wada. we have seen him.
    This was Team B,Kindly create Team A ,ie sunzu mweene Nakena,Sinkala,and the rest who were not assembled to a crash so that we pick the best defenders midfielders,strikers,etc.

  11. Patience is golden. Wada wants the boys to play good football. Give him time to instill that. Those being called to the national team are the cream of Zambian football. They are all very capable. No one should feel irreplaceable. I still see a place for a player like Boyd Musonda because of his work rate in supporting the attack and in pushing back into defense, tactically it may not be what the coach wants if he keeps drifting out of position. Workaholic nonetheless. Card. But players need to prove themselves in the league or at their clubs. Like Moses Sichone said: It takes time to build a team. Good football is Wadas phyliosophy. “We saw good football,” he said. We can suggest this player and the other to him, definitely there is back ground work with the personel he calls. And Chambeshi should step back a little. Maybe not really. Definitely not irreparable damage, Wada once claimed glory with Under 20 when Chambeshi was the coach. Coaches do work together, could have been gamesmanship to instill a sense of agency in the personnel on the pitch, we all know Chambeshi is from Nkana and so is Sate. There was nothing in there. We are going to the AFCON.

  12. Emmanuel Banda classic, should handed his game time with the National Team, problem the so called Coach he can’t read the game.
    Ask. Your coach to watch the videos for Under 20 World Cup nay he can know more what Emmanuel Classic Banda is able to offer.

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