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Player boycott, manager fired – Zambia U20 camp in a mess?

The Zambia under twenty national team’s preparations for the FIFA Under twenty World Cup in South Korea are in disarray with the players boycotting training and FAZ firing team manager Daniel Jere.

The U20 African champions have not been paid since winning gold in March.
But FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has stated that FIFA statutes do not allow U20 players to be paid allowances but his organisation has committed to paying the lads a token of appreciation which will be done by Tuesday.

However the players who were scheduled to leave for Spain on Sunday refused to train on Thursday pressing for payment of their dues.

The Cosafa champions where back in training on Friday.

The prize money due to FAZ for winning the U20 Africa Cup is USD 250,000.00

And FAZ on Thursday fired U20 team manager Daniel Jere and replaced him with Hastings Ndovi.

FAZ covered the dismissal with a statement that stated that the move was part of the continued restructuring of the team structures.

Jere has been with the U20 team from the time they started trials and assembled the final team in November through the Cosafa championship and the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

The team kick off the world cup campaign in four weeks time.

They will play Portugal, Costa Rica and Iran.

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  1. Self inflicted problems. I was concerned about timing of that firing. Why would FAZ try to mess up the team chemistry at such a late hour? Clearly the new guy is not welcome and if FAZ insist on keeping him they will be basically be killing team morale which has so far been exemplary. This is depressing.

  2. @$$hole Kamanga hasn’t paid the players yet? Even corrupt Kalu looks good now. Kamanga is becoming an id!0t. What is wrong with f00ls there in Zambia kanshi? If Kalu was not corrupt and arrogant, I would be backing him, but it looks like Zambia is a screwed up country,no honest people at all, everyone is a f@ckup, from the president of Zambia to the kid under the kamwala bridge, what a sh1thole it is.

  3. Yaba Kamanga. All this time I was thinking we had moved on from these issues and here we are again. What a sad development

  4. “A house divided cannot stand!” Please iron out this problem immediately before the boys leave. One of the major problems we have had before was unity (psychological) dominance. We had been losing major tournaments and games psychologically in spite of having good players in the past! If you noticed our first cup came because we were psychologically motivated and this was translated on the field. The U20 won too because they had conquered this problem and performed great as a result! Please don’t destroy this power! Remember Enugu before they came to Zambia? They were protesting at home and they lost terribly to ZESCO!

  5. Give them $10,000 each and call it a “Token!” Tell FIFA we gave them a token of appreciation and we didn’t pay them. Is that hard to do?

  6. ba kamanga are those the so called the long awaited balls you were anouncing to zambians awe ba kalamba thats mockery >kalusha ‘s ball s are far better than yours.tango balls not nursery balls.awe twasuula mwe.come and get them we dnt need just wasted your transport

  7. Firing n part of structuring? Vizungu ifyo mahhh? The truth is Kalusha is more knowledgeable in all football matters than kamanga. Reverse the decision u will destroy Even utusuma BA Mishima remember the senior team is going nowhere because of u kamanga. Give them land and part of money to use 20 years bakulu some of them they have children namafumo bapelaika BA soveko imilandu. So that when they go no pressure back home Ku BA pongoshi.imagin tata pay us money u won Africa cup n u are going to win world cup, elo ka Zulu kalanda at I zero BA Kananga tata kuwayawayafye tefintu.

  8. Africans always have a way of kicking themselves in the foot. Last I checked, they said the ‘delay’ in dispatching the money was because FAZ was collecting account details. Now this story. Even the bonus should have been given earlier. Nobody works for free in this world, even you Mr. Kamanga,would you work for free? Honestly this is just greed and lack of respect for our young heroes. And the firing, wonder whats that about?! All this will only bring about negative energy. Basics FAZ..!

  9. Ladies & gentlemen, assuming we have ladies on this blog.

    .Four weeks prior to Korea & we are subjected to this kind of irresponsibility.

    Let the boys get their dues. These boys give a 100% always! They do not deserve such treatment. US $ 250,000.00 is a lot of cash to resolve allowances / bonuses due to the boys.

    Give them.√

  10. I wud rather hv Kamanga at Football house than a thieving bastard Kalusha! However pay the boys in kind and sneak in a couple of tens of thousands behind CAF. Are u saying Rashford at Man U wudnt b paid at the world cup! Think Kamanga.

  11. This is a time bomb. I won’t be surprised to see them fail. This money issue caused some African teams in the world cup 2014 but it seems lessons are not learnt yet. Tell the players to return home and not go and disgrace themselves and Zambia.

  12. Iwe ka SLIM this Kamanga is an idi0t,a failure who got to that position simply by using his stinking lazy mouth and yet he has no idea on how to run the association ,about a month ago he said he is in a process of paying the boys but up to now he is sitting on poor kids money and just opening his LAZY MOUTH telling us bullsh1t.The fact is KALU is far much better than Kamanga period.Up to now he has not secured the kit for chipolopolo ,he depends so much on the government resources to run FAZ ,why cant he think outside the box and let the government supplement than just sitting there yapping and eating bananas like a monkey . He is a crooked business man I must presume , am very upset with this whole thing.

  13. So typical of us as Zambians, self-sabotage. Its as if when things go well we must create problems for ourselves. If they are not allowed to pay the players why did they let them believe they would be paid? And what was the rush to dismiss Jere? Is the person replacing him so extraordinarily gifted that he can add significant value to a system that has worked so well? Or is he someone’s friend? It’s like the dismissal of Dr. Kabungo, who is highly respected and did a great job with the team? That’s so unprofessional.

  14. honestly, I’m disappointed by Kamanga and faz, work done is equal to payment of money. no one can work for free. no-one will eat the FIFA constitution, PAY the boys period. even 100000kwacha per kid is enough out of the 250000us dollars. they worked for it. and imagine winning all the games and lifting the trophy, in my lifetime it’s not only history but the greatest achievement by a football team at under 20 level, at under 20 Afcon and Zambia to be specific

    • This is ridiculous. U20 players can’t be paid! Some of the boys are playing for Clubs in our main League. Do they clubs they play for say we can’t pay you because you U20? Imagine boys like Rashford,Jesus, etc being told to play for free because the U20

      Come on Kamanga. Actually the entire $250,000 should have been given to the players and Coaching stuff to share as motivation. The Team Managager should be reinstated with immediate effect. This move will kill team morale. The guy has worked with the boys they have chemistry.

  15. Hi guys I know you don’t know a lot of things at football house but let me tell you in 2012 the players who won the Africa cup got k50,000 each from $1.5 million dollars do you think football can go anywhere No.

  16. Ba FAZ, I wonder!

    1. What has the team manager done?
    2. When was the unpardonable sin committed?
    3. Why the punishment now? and
    4. Where was it committed?

    Common sense tells me pay the boys + technical bench, reinstate the team manager and NOTE that trips to SPAIN and KOREA is not a form of PAYMENT.

    In fact allowances due to them during these trips should be paid.

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