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Nyirenda outlines ‘SSSD’ philosophy

Baroka coach Wedson Nyirenda is confident his knack of making history will rub off on the Limpopo outfit, much as it did during his time in Mozambique and Zambia.

Nyirenda previously led Zambian side ZESCO United to their first ever league championship in his first spell at the club in 2007, and achieved a similar feat after guiding Mozambican side Ferroviario de Beira to their first trophy in the club’s 92-year history in 2015.

The former Chipolopolo boss now believes Bakgaga could also benefit from his midas touch by winning their first piece of silverware under his tutelage.

Things will happen [at Baroka]. I’m just gifted with that gift of turning things around. I do not know how it happens, it is God’s favour,” said Nyirenda.

“So, with good co-operation here, everyone working together and pushing … If we are pushing in the same direction, I think we are going to achieve greater things than we imagined.”

Prompted for his football philosophy and how he intends turning things around at his new club, Nyirenda, who played for Kaizer Chiefs during his days as a striker, says he has a very simple concept known as the ‘SSSD’.

“My philosophy ties in with a concept. It’s a very simple philosophy, I would like to see a team that is highly athletic, entertaining and winning – those three things,” he explained.

“You cannot entertain people in football yet at the end of the day you are losers, so my philosophy holds on those three things.

“To hold that philosophy, I also have a concept which supports it. I call it the SSSD. The first ‘S’ stands for ‘Strength’ – the team must be strong; the second is ‘Speed’ – you must expect to see a lot of speed in terms of our play, the way we attack and defend must be quick.

“The third ‘S’ is ‘Skill’, and the ‘D’ is the mother of all, which is ‘Discipline’ – when we say we want to play like this, this is what we have to do. When we say we’re not going to eat, we don’t eat – that is discipline. So, ‘D’ is non-negotiable. Without discipline, you have no place at Baroka.”


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  1. As the old adage goes “talk is cheap!!”

    I wish you all the success in the PSL, but at the same time would advise you to follow another old adage “actions speak louder than words”.

    Don’t talk too much so early on, just do your thing and prove yourself.

  2. Just try by working on your humility. Being humble will help you to work with others and you will consider others to more important than your pride,then players and the Baroka,administration will be willing to work for you.

  3. zamfoot stop unnecessary articles of Wada,live and let others live let settled matters not be disturbed! Profile local club coaches do you want to see him fail in the PSL?

  4. Zamfoot stop following Wada let him settle give the update on the chipolopolo coach the qualifiers are around the corner what is kamanga saying or is it another another debacle forcing chambeshi on the national team?
    However we wish Wada all the success but a reminder pls is tough and these teams are not patient with reaults or philosophy
    All the best prove them/us wrong Wada

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