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Nkana fire Saileti, Kampamba

Super Division club Nkana FC have fired assistant coaches Zeddy Saileti and Gift Kampamba three games into the 2015 league season.

Nkana have not picked a win in the first three games and reports emerging from the former champions camp indicate that the executive has seen lack of synergy on the technical bench as a factor in the team’s poor performance.

Team manager Charles Chakatazya has also been relieved of his duties.

Saileti has been part of Nkana’s recent success helping them return to the Super Division and at one point served as interim coach after the demise of former coach Masauso Mwale leading the team in Africa.

Gift Kampamba joined the technical team in July 2012.

Both Saileti and Kampamba played for Nkana.

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  1. The biggest culprit is Beston Chambeshi why live him and sack his assistants. Ba Kalampa supporters like Uncle Bob whats your take? Sure division is smelling in your noses if not carefull. Prominent players have left and the rebuilding process is difficult and in the end some pipo become sacrificial lambs.

    • Ba Brave, my stance on Bestone who is good at turning good teams into average ones is well documents on this BLOG. We shall just live it with patriotism for our team. My dream coach is Big Figh-please dont complain Brave Rangers,kekekekeke

  2. Why should the assistants take the entire brunt of Nkana loses.I thought Beston Chambeshi is the head coach and besides,these two younger coaches were not given a chance after the demise of Coach Masauso.In my humble opinion Ba Bestone is part of the problem and should have been the first to be shown the door. This is a wrong move by the Kalampa executive!

  3. That’s crazy. Aside from a situation where the assistants are undoing the good work of the head coach, I don’t see how firing said assistants and maintaining the head coach fixes this situation.

  4. Why fire assistants? something is not right here! As head coach you take the heat if your team is not winning. Getting rid of Saileti is very retrogressive as this man was part of the good technical bench led by the late Mwale that propelled Nkana to success now all that good work will be erased by Beston and Kalampa will struggle….Shame!

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