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Niger arrive to face Chipolopolo


The Niger national team has arrived in the country ahead of Wednesday’s Morocco 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Zambia to be played at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

The Nigeriens touched down at the Simon Mwansa International Airport at 14:25hrs aboard an Ethiopian Airways plane.

Niger head coach Rohr Gernot said his team is in the country to win.

“I never go into a match thinking that we cannot win. We are looking for a good result and that means we do not want to lose; we can get a draw but possibly a win.

“We failed to score at home but that does not mean we cannot score away; we will try to score here because our target is to win two out of the remaining matches. We think we can qualify with eight points,” Gernot said.

The West Africans are accommodated at Moba Hotel in Kitwe.

The game will kick off at 18:00hrs.

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  1. War ravaged and impoverished Niger have arrived on time. Compare this to peaceful, middle income Zambia’s travel arrangements. Ha, ha, the things that happen pa bola ya pa Zed. Anywhere, we are Zambians, what can we do but to continue hoping for a miracle to happen in order for us to qualify

  2. The nigerien coach ll OUTHINK the zambian coach esp with such a massive confusion in camp and also the pressure from the fans!!

    This game ll be a battle of a tactical mindset and I can the rohr outsamrting the zambian local coach!!

  3. Hahaha…they plan to win two of the remaining game. We know they lost at home to Cape Verde, so they must know they will surely lose on the road to Cape Verde, so the two remaining winnable games would be against Zambia and Mozambique! My, my, my, how the mighty have fallen!

  4. I am packing my calculator because after Wednesday, I will have no use for it. If Zambia beats Niger on Wednesday, I will own up and say I was wrong.
    The overflowing arrogance by FAZ has not helped matters. We started advising them to strengthen the technical bench when Chintu successfully managed to lead Kabwe Warriors to the bottom of the league table but, as usual, they opted to take the arrogance know-it-all route till the Minister echoed our sentiments. The writing has been on the wall. You cannot qualify to tournaments of the Afcon’s magnitude when everything is done in a shambolic manner. When they apologized for the chaotic manner they organized the Cabo Verde trip, I was the first one to call for a ceasefire but little did I know they were spoiling for a repeat of the same act in the very next trip. We cannot run football like these guys in the FAZ Excom are the only people capable of administering football in this country. We cannot afford to watch helplessly as the country is steadily heading towards a triple figure in the FIFA ranking. They will defend this by saying they do not believe in the FIFA ranking. Being a delegation leader has now become a permanent source of income and the guys are taking turns. Apparently, they are so efficient when it comes to flying out to play a friendly games where they expect to be paid handsome allowances. When it comes to that, no planes are delayed.
    I know Janza has been frustrated by this clique and is now letting it out on innocent players. I will not take anymore confusion at Football House which has now adversely affected our team. People started hiding behind the Afcon 2012 success and started creating revenue streams using FAZ. You will be out of that building come 2016 and no amount nshima buying for poor clubs will save you from being kicked out of office. Even if the team proves me wrong on Wednesday, it will assume the role of whipping boys in Morocco.

    • ROK spot on . I have been saying that as well ,someone would want to destroy our football in this nation which is our pride but its like all us have given a deaf ear. We failed to qualify for the world cup because someone got something takataka arrangement . Why should a delegation travel in time but players travel on the actual day . Its a shame that among the 1994 sqaurd only Kalu is active . I don’t trust Kalu. On tomorrows game ba ROK what is yo prediction ? My opinion Zambia 4 Niger 1

  5. I’ve been calling for a total over hall for a long time now let’s replace these FAZ guys Kalusha and clue with experience administrators like Ponga Liwewe and Nenani Banda come next AGM am told they are now ready to take over at FAZ having seen things go from bad to worse

  6. You cannot seriously respond to the Minister’s call to strengthen the technical bench by quietly and secretly flying out and romp home with an academy trainer, given the abundance availability of coaches with proven pedigree. Tomorrow if we dont beat Niger, this Nico chap should be put on the next available flight back to his home to continue coaching academies and Janza should also be excused to go back to his job where the impact of his failure would be inconsequential. Nico would require not less than five years to adjust from academy football to full international football and we do not have a luxury of time to wait for that long.

  7. Zamfoot Thanks for deleting my comments which were just a mere statement of facts. Whilst I take cognizance of the fact that you reserve the right to delete any comments you deem unfit for publication, I cannot be cowed into blind support of the incompetence being exhibited by FAZ.

    • Have now started suspecting that Faz have agents on this site and most especially admin . Ba ROK don’t mind them . We can’t allow FAZ to be run like a shop

  8. Lets all admit that Zambia is currently not producing international material interms of players and we have to concentrate as to why??. Who will point at a Zambian player currently very prolific in front of goal, either a defender , striker or midfielder. Our players should learn to take chances , and when you choose to be a soccer player, it should be a career (you can even ensure your legs with Madison or Professional Insurance) because that’s your career and that’s what makes money for you. Each player should know that every time you put on that jersey and enter the pitch , the result should be a win, to push your opponent to surrender by scoring more goals and celebrating less whilst on the pitch.
    Also, our School league should resume as that is our best nursery for upcoming footballers, we cant rely on the few academies around. Maybe the MPs should get involved by using CDF to grade and create more football pitches , running tracks and also drilling boreholes next to these grounds for watering. It doesn’t meant all this can be done once but with a process in place, it can be achieved gradually.

  9. We have talked enough its time to ACT let’s go to the levy mwanawasa stadium in numbers on on wednesday and demand for resignation of Janza.he is not a coach worthy our National team! Ngani pa Nkana ngaliyakale

  10. The very simple reason for zambias decline is poor management and lack of continuity as very few players from age group teams have replaced the veterans in the team who in my opinion have been really poor since mid 2012.

  11. Most people might say it’s unpatriotic of me to say that I don’t want Zambia to qualify for Morocco 2015,but this is the best thing that could actually happen to our football.failure to qualify might just be a blessing in disquise as this would allow proper regulations to be put in place aswell as structures to avoid inconsistency and mediocre organization.let’s take an example of Ghana who if memory serves did not take part in one AFCON tournament put their house in order and have gone on to play at three consecutive world cups,their youth teams are amongst the best if not the best in Africa,they have invested so much in their youth,QND are now reaping the benefits of good planing and investing in youth teams.the AFCON,COSAFA aside our junior teams have achieved more success than our main team,recently both junior chipolopolo teams have qualified to their respective AFCONS with relative ease as compared to their senior counterparts who are struggling to beat teams they should go rolling conclusion I hope they don’t qualify for AFCON to spear our worn out pride of being former champions.

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