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Lwandamina name squad to face Congo

Chipolopolo Boys coach George Lwandamina has a named a 33-man provisional squad for this month’s 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifier against Congo.

Lwandamina has included a host of players from the CHAN squad which reached the quarter finals.

Veterans Chris Katongo and Isaac Chansa has been included.

While the inactivity Stopilla Sunzu has been included there no places for Emmanuel Mbola and Given Singuluma, Emmanuel Mayuka has also been left out, the same with Chisamba Lungu who is recovering from his injury.

Goalkeepers: Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns) Jacob Banda (Zesco United), Racha Kola (Zanaco), Lawrence Mulenga (Kabwe Warriors).

Defenders: Stopilla Sunzu (Lille, France), Davies Nkausu (Free State Stars, South Africa) Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe, Democratic Republic of Congo), Dauti Musekwa (Zesco), Stephen Kabamba, Adrian Chama (both from Green Buffaloes),  Donashano Malama (Nkana), George Chilufya (Zanaco).

Midfielders: Lubambo Musonda (Gandzasar Kapan, Armenia), Rainford Kalaba,  Nathan Sinkala (both from TP Mazembe),  Buchizya Mfune, Jackson Chirwa (both from Buffaloes), Solomon Sakala (Warriors)  Benson Sakala (Power Dynamos),  Mwelwa Mwape , Clatous Chama (both from Zesco), Spencer Sautu,  Mwila Phiri (both from Green Eagles),  Charles Zulu, Salulani Phiri,  Isaac Chansa  (all from Zanaco).

Strikers: Winston Kalengo (AC Leopards, Congo), Collins Mbesuma (Mpumalanga Black Aces, South Africa), Evans Kangwa (Hapoel Ra’anana, Israel), Christopher Katongo (Buffaloes), Adamson Mulao (Eagles), Conlyde Luchanga and Patson Daka (both from Power).

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  1. As usual chicken has included amakula like Jack Chirwa and Patson Daka. And surely Munthali and Mbola should have been included. Chicken only likes players from clubs he has coached Buffaloes and Zesco. This is appalling.

  2. MUNTGALHALI ALSO CONSPICUOUSLY MISSING FROM THE SQUAD….Mbola is the best left back we have in the Country….Why onit him…..

  3. meanwhile, Janyy sikazwe will be at the centre with a whistle for the Nigeria vs Egypt in kaduna Nigeria. the team looks ok apart from the omitted Muntali Christopher whom in my view has matured enough to place a demand on game time for the national team.

  4. Bring back singuluma remove daka y is daka always in the team at chan he did nothing but you call him something fish with this boy

  5. chicken has been bribed by this boy p daka, y leave singuluma out of the squad and add a misfiring daka. shame on u ba coach, n u really have to thnk twice on ths one.

  6. No creativity in the mid field…chisamba,Lubinda mundiya and even maybe the out of form mukuka Mulenga cud hv made a diffrence

  7. MUNTHALI :suspended from all football activities for now..forget him
    MBOLA : that Left Back must be his come rain come competition
    SINGULUMA: must honestly be given another chance
    MAYUKA: worth a call-up
    DAKA.P : must be given a break..SERIOUSLY.. I fail to understand

    • Why does Patson always showup? we need experience and quality. Mayuka ommission is understable as he just swapped clubs. But we need Given and Mbola, for obvious reasons. Fellow fans lets keep shouting until these two are included.

  8. I don’t see the point of including Chris Katongo in the team. We have to accept that time flies. So we really want him to miss a crucial penalty before we understand that change must come.

  9. If not Singuluma then it is better Mbewe than than those unprofessional lads like Patisoni, Lu¢hangaha and like.

  10. Bane Twisakamana Pali Mbuya Wesu Daka,alakuli Demotion Ibumba Lyonse Ili Teti Balisende Nama Late Inclusion Tulakwata Bola Panshi People Easy!

  11. Useless coach, instead of including Mayuka to boast him psychologically since he scored last. This would make Mayuka even work hard. What is this Patson Daka paying these coaches Kanshi? If anything, this coach would have included Singuluma. Mxxm, useless as usual.

  12. Lwandamina is always at the drawing board teaching us how to get used to players and formulae that dont work . We need a press conference so that he tells us the truth behind player selection. Let patson shine at cosafa or chan then he can earn a place in the team. Singuluma is the most decorated african based player but why omit him.we have strikers that score even sate sate should have called instead of patson.

  13. Patson(Patasoni) was at Nchanga for over a season & managed to score only a single goal.He’s now at Power according to my knowledge,he hasn’t scored any goal,whilst Luchanga scored on his debut. I’m one person who is prevaraged to talk to some of this coaches & the truth is,the player in question is not the coach’s choice but just imposed on him by one top FAZ official.

  14. I don’t know the cham that Patson Daka applied, if I knew it I was going to give ignitious Lwipa and Kenedy mudenda.

  15. I thank Lwandamina should recall Singuluma, its not late. The coach should consider the critics. It will be very interesting to see who will captain the Chipolopolo! My money is on CK been senior of all. and good leadership skills


  17. Davies nkausu is struggling for game time at his club in south Africa is in the team while mbola is enjoying game time at his club and he is playing very well is not in the team what criteria is used to pick players in the team?even that boy Adamson mulao what is he doing in the national team?mr chicken its not too late call mbola and singuluma we need these two in the team

  18. Pa zed ,these people can let you go mad.selection of players very pathetic. More especially this patson boy& ukukwebele imfwa yabanoko mutanshi& nalikwebele (lwandamina) tabulwapo.if any go wrong you are to blame because even us fans tulacikopa & we surely select a team in fact on merit once given the chance. Then the rest mwapwishisha .MUTUBEPE

  19. Pretty good team. i have to echo a few choruses though from the public. Firstly, i would have given Mbola a chance. The guy has played almost every league game for his club. Surely he can add something to our team. Secondly, there a few players who get the nod even when they should not be in the team altogether. Nothing against Patson but his game does not deserve a place in the senior team. Yes he has potential but why are we rushing him. This was also the case with Kayawe Kapota until his own coach at Nkana said he is not ready. Then finally lets congratulate the coach. Apart from Mbola and Chisamba who is injured these are the players i would have banked on as well. I just hope Chris can sit on the bench without causing friction in the squad because as much as he is a lion heart player who leaves everything on the field we now have Kalengo who is a goalscoring machine and Chris is past his best.

  20. Why should he always asses? A coach like Lwandamina should naturally pick the best guns not a ‘pembela insokele’ for serious games like afcon.He should not fear any one on national duty otherwise he will be labeled as corrupt and part of the gambling cartel becouse when a fluke player misses everyone will understands but the wont know he has missed just to please a few individuals.

  21. Lwandamina takwata amano yabola. He has left players who can add value to this team, like Mbola and Singuluma. Mayuka can be excused as he is trying to find his fit. Players like Daka and Chirwa are not national team material.
    Davies Nkausu is also a shadow of himself at Free State Stars.

  22. Honestly mr lwandamina how how can you leave out singuluma, mbola and mayuka and take on patson daka and luchanga, are you serious with your selection, is it you selecting? You need to be BRAVE if someone selects a player you not to reject coz the one to blame is you, just think of singuluma of recently he has been scoring now tell me when did you hear or see patson daka scoring, and if you are not given a contract you start complaining? There is no need to have these chaps when we have skilled players like mayuka emmanuel naturally goal gater, singuluma master of dlibler and scorer, mbola emmanuel most everlapping full back and stop children defender, look at Daut musekwa you took to chan he was even failing to kick the ball, be careful with kalu he is intelligent look at what he did to jansa, so wake up and select your own team and that will help you no even in zambia but abroad as well. Just think twice and revise your selection its not too late, at least if you call them coz it will potray a bad picture if take daka patson and luchanga and you dont use them, then whats the point of taking them, ppo will think of something fish, we know you can do it, you are taking daka just to make ama formations ayakula fumya fye ama draw, please we dont need to be defending all the time, i dont remember elyo twate elepo bola ya touch kuli lwandamina.

  23. IYOO MWANDI CHIKULU CHABA PALI PATSON DARKER!!!certainly he must be the luckiest player of all time in zambia’s football history.

  24. Actually, this is a good squad. He has picked players who have worked together most recently i.e at CHAN. The players in that tournament had the mentality and hunger to prove themselves. Each of these players have shown composure and showed character in the games against Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mali, and Guinea.

    For the lack of goals, Mbesuma and Kalengoal are more than we need to put the ball in the back of the net against Congo. Those crying for Singuluma, Jacob and Mayuka do not realise that it takes some time for players to jail together. It does not mean that if Singuluma and Jacob are jailing well with their respective clubs, then they will jail well with our local players. The current team is just fine. Their mentality has been tested in recent games, and as for Patson Daka and Conlyde, The atmosphere and Team spirit surrounding their recent short stints are still alive to them, and they know that pressure is on them to deliver.

    I can Bet you that if we brought in Mayuka, Mbola, Jacob, Singuluma, we will crush like we did when Honor Janza brought in ‘Big Names’ to face Mozambique recently at home when we drew 0 – 0. Football is about Mentality… not just about big names. Ask South Africa. They will tell you

    • I bare to disagree, how many times has Patson been called to the national squad? How many goals has he scored? Lets look at Given, his got experience, atleast he scores when it matters most. Remember 2015 AFCON against D.R.Congo? Besides his been in good foam lately.If Isaac and Chris could be called, why hasnt Given Singuluma been given the nod?

  25. Goal Keeper Jacob Banda, Mweene is fibished and is not active at his club. The defence we had had at Chan is okey to take any team in the world. Then let’s have Cletus Chama and Lubambo in the wings. Midfielders include one defender like Adrian Chama or Buchizya Fune and Rainfold Kalaba. Upfront we need to see Kalengo and Mbesuma.

    We do not want Chris this time. Because when he scores no one can score. May be Chansa can come in as a Substitute, Spence Sautu and Conylide Luchanga.

  26. I seriously don’t understand y patson is always in the team, unless u tel me he is just a national ball boy tht I cn accept coz i dnt remember last he scored or jst simply hitting the woodwork or side netting. PLIZ Ba coach tubeko serious.

  27. Mr man i dont agree with your comment or words of supporting lwandamina entirely, just to cut you short just tell me the players you are supporting who scored during CHAN apart from the experienced chansa and katongo, all these chaps you are supporting were just running anyhow, nga lwandamina tasendele chriss na chansa ngakatwishi ifyo chalinokuba, this is why we are saying that he should have gone for experienced players, africa or world cup qualifying is not CHAN we need experienced players who can change this even in 5 minutes not players abakwebati limbi muli 5 minutes no kumyamo namuli bola, so the solution is singulu, mbola and mayuka must be called to join the squard otherwise we are going nowhere, with those formations ayakula defender from the first minute?

    • Ever since I was born, Zambia has only performed well when under pressure… Katongo is still humgry and still wants to prove a point! people like Jacob must not even be mentioned, because in the first place, he declined an earlier call-up, claiming he was not in the right frame of mind. Late those who are hungry play! Even simple Patson Daka wants to prove critics like you wrong. The likes on Singuluma are busy bosting having won accolades with Mazembe. He is reluctant.. Its all about mentality as I mentioned earlier. This squad is indeed a tactical selection. And we are beating those guys without conceeding a goal. Mark my words.

    • @Great Kanshis you’ve said well. Unlike some of these boys who don’t understand football. Those CHAN players are useless with the exception of a few. We need experience in the form of Mbola and Singuluma, and probably Mayuka. Otherwise what I saw at CHAN from these so-called CHAN players was appalling. If thats what you call football, then you’re a mediocre person.

  28. why leaving out mbola, singuluma, mayuka and jacob????????? lwandamina posako amano twalaponta ifwee drop mulao, daka, luchanga, nkausu, spencer,and chirwa wats wrong with us zambians kanshi wen it comes to team selection???? am very pissed ba chicken george listen to our cries its not too late. singuluma has never disappointed wen called upon i dont see why he should be overlooked. zambia is bigger than you ba chicken if u are being influenced then can u resign now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The real coach is kalusha. And he is useless together with ch Chicken. Is Evans na ka Patson better than Singuluma and Mayuka? They guys think upside down. Bring Mayuka and Singuluma you morons.

  30. 1.Kennedy mweene 2.kabaso chongo 3.kabamba 4.buchizya mfune 5.sunzu 6.sinkala 7.lubambo musonda 8.kalaba master 9.kalengo 10.mbesuma 11.sunami chris katongo SUBSTITUTES Jacob banda,kangwa,cletus chama,malama,chansa,salulani,luchanga,nkausu.singuluma shud hav bn called upfront coz he has speed and he z tall.ALL the best chipolopolo boys congo must fall

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