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On the Delinking of the league

Immediately the appointment of Brian Mulenga leaked as the new CEO or rather the first CEO for de-linked Professional league, I got a call from one football administrator who sounded like he knows exactly what he is talking about.

“Bwezani, who is Brian Mulenga and what is background pertaining to the game. I for one needed a name that we all would agree at once and say yes, this one can do it.” Said the man.

I asked what type of person was needed then and he continued.

If you look at the structure of league management team, they are people of influence, South Africa for instance, this is why the South African game has for more money than ourselves. Ask how much money ABSA are putting in in South Africa as compared to us here, Ask how much money Supersport is putting in South Africa and what they are putting in here. Bwezani we need people with influence and I hope this Brian comes with that view and he is a man of influence. The delinking is about money, nothing else.”

Told that Brian could have been one of the core people in the restructuring committee and mapping up the Transitional season, The Football Administrator states and brings in Kalusha Bwalya and Kamanga in the debate.

It goes beyond that, Look Kalusha Bwalya and Andrew Kamanga have got different abilities, but the best way football vsn benefit out of them is to work together for both of them. Because they all bring a different dimension to the game of football”

While I was wondering where this was going, the man continued

” Because you see Kalusha, can easily bring in sponsors but bringing in sponsors is one thing, how about the ethics, the governance issues, around managing deals and all that, this where you bring in a guy like Andrew. Bwezani the best way they can improve the game is to compliment each other.

And back to the CEO of the Super League

“For me am very much worried, because I have been looking forward to this and they just needed to bring in a brilliant guy and I hope Brian is because I don’t know him.

He concluded
“It’s not about restructuring believe me as people are going to sit in these meetings and decide fates of the clubs. Money is the issue here and we need someone who seriously understands the dynamics of this cause.”

I continue gathering views of people on the Delinking of the league from the Association.

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  1. it’s time to forge ahead. Kalu’s time is gone but we needed him to support kamanga and work together to take football in Zambia to great levels.

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