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Janza shifts Daka from U23 to senior squad

Zambia U17 national team captain Patson Daka has been dropped from the U23 squad that plays Botswana this Friday in a Senegal U23 CAF Championship, the tournament were the teams qualifying to the Rio Olympics will be determined, after being named in the senior team that will participate at the Cosafa Tournament.

Daka was initially named in the final 18 man squad released by FIghton Simukonda on Friday but FAZ confirmed today in a statement to ZamFoot that the U23 coach has since roped in John Chingandu to replace Daka.

“Patson Daka has been included in the senior squad that will be traveling to South Africa on Wednesday for the Cosafa tournament. In his place Fighton Simukonda has brought in John Ching’andu from Zesco United,” Tembwe said.

Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza said last month stated that he had not pulled players from the U23 squad as the nation had learnt lessons when the U23 team failed to qualify for the Olympics after then senior team coach Dario Bonneti pulled players from the junior squad for senior team duty.

Janza who has spoken highly of Daka who he played 90 minutes on his senior team debut in a friendly against Malawi said the young striker has everything and had hoped the boy would score against Malawi.

The U23 leave for Botswana on Wednesday evening.

The full U23 squad:

Goalkeepers: Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco), Kenny Mumba (Red Arrows);

Defenders: Benedict Chepeshi (Red Arrows), Boyd Mkandawire (Napsa Stars), Kayawe Kapota (Nkana), Alex Mwamba (Power Dynamos), Jack Chirwa (Green Buffaloes);

Midfielders: Benson Sakala (Chicago Magic/USA), Shadreck Malambo (Red Arrows), Lubambo Musonda (Power Dynamos), Lameck Silwaba (Mufulira Wanderers), Kelvin Mubanga (Power Dynamos), Aubrey Chamulwanda (Nchanga Rangers), John Ching’andu (Zesco United);

Forwards: Moses Phiri (Zanaco), Patrick Ngoma (Red Arrows), Friday Samu (Green Buffaloes), Solomon Sakala (Kabwe Warriors)

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  1. Seems mr Janza is desperate 4 a face saver aftr a poor showing @ AFCON. Whilst his colleagues r takin developmental sides he’s takin almost a full strength squad which means if he fails 2 redeem himself KUPYAMO THIS TIME.

  2. Patson Daka has NOT been dropped. He has merely been drafted in the senior national team. It’s high time the small boy shows everyone what he is made of. The stage has been set for him!

  3. I thought Janza said he would specifically not take under23 players last week, as it was Dario’s mistake, and here he is doing just that!?!?!

  4. Janza is silly, what purpose is one player Daka going to serve the senior national team at this nothing tournament Cosafa??? Terrible…..

  5. Seen from afar. I have been trying to support Jsnza, but his lack of consistency on and off the pitch has left me jaded with this man. Rodgers Kola could have been on this team while Daka was with the under 23. It’s time to start the interview process for the new Zambia national team coach.

  6. Oh just rubbishing,Kalu just want to market the lad as we all know Ma Rangers,Daka’s team,is Kalu’s pathetic supporter hence the move.I thought the Olympics are more than the useless Cosafa but these clowns all they care about is just money.

  7. @Discipline, You are right, confirmed sources indicate Chiefs wanted to have a closer look at Patson Daka.The powers that be based in South Africa are behind the move of the small boy. HIS stage is the U 23, The boy is perceived as a money machine.At this rate Zambian football is not going anywhere. HOW i wish Zimbabwe should qualify and boot Zambia out of COSAFA. FAZ IS JUST TOO SELFISH.Surely is Patson better than Rodger KOLA?

    • So you and you foresight want him to play for Nchanga Rangers all his life? So what’s wrong with chiefs having a look at him? Nimwana wa nyoko?

  8. You see ba@Gabs these clowns like just playing with people’s minds.I thought national pride comes first then then the rest.

  9. for sure kalu just want to market this boy nothing else, any one can see what u ar doing. yo arm is just to fill in yo pocket, not to develope zambian football.

  10. So that is what is behind this boy playing Cosafa instead of the more important Olympic qualifiers. With his greedy mind-set doesn’t Kalu know he is bound to make far more money should the boys qualify for the Olympics….turns out people at FAZ are not only greedy but short sighted as well.

  11. I think Chisamb Lungu being made captain at his club Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast is worth a special mention….well done lad.

  12. SMALL Steve, Seen from NEAR and all you haters sounding like analysts or fans, please get back to me if Patson signs for Chiefs and don’t open your mouths with speculation, it does you more good than harm.


      • If only you are as noble as the word itself but too bad you spend time fault-finding instead of team building. We have plenty under 23 players and so do we have plenty Senior team players. And going by the basic rules of football, the coach gets to pick players that suite his game plan and that my friend is not upto you or me. So let sleeping DOGGS lie! Tapali efyo wingachita in fact ngaulefwaya ka IKULIKE!

        • kikikikikikikikikiki, I wanted you to come out and speak than sticking to some politician phrase. I for one like Daka , like borrowed words from Hummer call a spade a spade. For how long are we going to allow tax payers money be wasted on the same pipo like Bonwell Mwape. Wen are we going to end the trend of sidelining some of Zambia’s sons. Its a shame that you can even say let sleeping DOGGS lie!Football at the moment has reached its worst peak. Why hung myself? Because of the love I have for the game? Hell no I am not a coward who will opt to choose that path. Tell Kalu and his followers that I do appreciate what he has done for mother Zambia a player not as an admin to hell with you. We cant have something to say because we fear ba Kalu and his Vuvuzelas will verbally attack us. You don’t have any right to my opinion mistele. Your dictator Kalu has made sure that some of the notable players not to play for mother ZAMBIA, all he thinks and to which yourself supports with your whole heart like, Kola, that Zambian in Indian or Italian color striker, including admins like Munaile, Adams not add value to the development of our soccer. Never mind punctuations. Kalu is busy running our FA remotely, how I wish Mwanawasa was here to call yo dictator to come back and rent in Kabulonga, may his soul rest in peace. Wake up before its too late brother man

  13. This situation has got both advantages and disadvantages so let’s look at it on both sides, I mean Zambia has got plenty of players for us to be crying for this one particular player, so if him playing for cosafa ‘ll open the door for him then why the hell should he be deprived of that? His absence ‘ll give chance to another player.

    • This situation has no advantage… We have not learned a thing. If Janza didnt pick him and i was Janza i wouldnt play him. Simple. Fools interfering with fools.

  14. It is not Janza who drafted Patson in the senior team and it is not him,Janza ,per say who chooses who to draft in the team one need not to be a rocket scientist to know or see that.Moreover it is not that we want the lad to be at Rangers for the rest of his little career,no,it is not that we as football fans do not want him to be at Chiefs or were ever,no,the thing is the way he the coach came out like he has done it in a noble way which was not the case when there are much more players he needed to have a look at,like Kola and leave the lad work with his fellow Kidos to chase the Olympic dream unlike the stupid Cosafa.Or maybe even Kalu himself do not believe in these players hence the luck of patience on his part and just want to cash in while the lad is still inform.

  15. You are not taking a walk, you won’t succeed. I can make a line up for Zambian football team without seeing the characters. Herve Renhard learnt that about Zambian football very quickly. Find the strikers and midfieders, then balance the defence and the wings then you will have a national team. I hope you know what i mean.

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