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Janza is being indiscipline, says Kambwili

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has warned Chipolopolo Boys coach Honour Janza to stop talking about his contract and rather concentrate on the African Cup of Nations.

On Thursday, Janza revealed that he hasn’t been offered a contract. He also complained of the poor travelling arrangements.

“Honour Janza should not give excuses. It is the wrong time to start talking about this,” Kambwili said.

“He has been on the job for the past six months and he has never talked about being given a contract so why should he start talking about it now?

“To me that is indiscipline and I to warn him that this is indiscipline of the worst kind.

“Let him stop being indisciplined and trying to bring excuses. If he knows is he going to fail let him just tell us we fire him.”

Meanwhile FAZ general secretary George Kasengele said all travel and logistical arrangements for the senior national team were handled by the ministry, adding that FAZ was only consulted.

“We did not want the team to travel in batches. According to flight schedules, if the team was allowed to travel on Tuesday it mean’t that they were supposed to travel in two separate groups which could have disturbed the training.

“How do you have one group training and another in transit? So we consulted the team and they refused to travel in batches. In fact the decision to travel on Thursday came from the team,” Kasengele explained.

“Thursday was the only day which had an open Ethiopian Airline plane that could carry the whole team at once. In fact before that we even considered chartering a 40-seater ZAF plane to carry the team, but we were told it was not available.

“Otherwise all the payments and travel details are handled by the ministry, we are merely consulted. If you ask me about how the Under-17 team is going to move into Niger, I will explain because that’s my responsibility as FAZ, but the senior team is entirely handled by government. So it is the issue of players travelling in batches that we did not agree to, hence settling for Thursday,”  Kasengele has been quoted by The Post Newspapers

Prior to the AfCON, FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya said Janza had earned himself a contract by meeting the benchmark of qualifying the team to the continental showpiece.

“I need a contract as a way of respect. I will be playing with teams whose coaches have not just contracts but good contracts,” Janza said.

“On top of that, they can’t even move the team in time and want good results. It’s a joke!’’
Chipolopolo, who were initially scheduled to leave on Tuesday, will leave South Africa today and arrive tomorrow.

“Arriving on Friday, just a day before the tournament, it is now a challenge for us to settle. I am not happy with the delay in departure,” Janza said.
Janza last week said he was okay with the team leaving for Equatorial Guinea five days before their first match, saying the time was enough to acclimatise and settle.

But when queried on why Chipolopolo delayed their departure to Equatorial Guinea, acting sports director Raphael Mulenga referred all queries to sport permanent secretary Agness Musunga.

“Yes I was handling that (the travel arrangements) but get to the PS. I am just a technocrat who just takes instructions,” Mulenga said.

When contacted, Musunga who referred the query to Football Association  of Zambia, said the government worked with FAZ to facilitate the trip.


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  1. but chishimba uku ipokolola. Anyway all the best to the mighty copper bullets. First match we beat zaire, we gonna be in the quarters.

  2. thank you very much for shading light on this one, a lot of bloggers were busy blaming Kalu on the travel arrangements.
    I guess you must apologize to him.

  3. Hon Kambwili,No No No,don’t interfere by hiding behind your office. You were suppose to release the money on time.don’t hide the all issue is in public. No politics here. that is intimidation,as such you were suppose to arrange this weeks ago.also Janza you can’t go to the media to express your dissatisfaction .learn to use the right platform.

  4. Chishimba Kambwili has no right whatsoever ever to threaten Janza. He has a right to complain. He must have obviously complained to FAZ and thought that they were not listening to him so he had to complain to the media. He has every right to ask for a contract. FAZ and the Ministry of Sport should man up and take responsibility!

  5. With all respect to the zambian team, i dont think this is an easy task to either sides. However from 2012 to now the zambian team is regressing while the Congolese one is coming up and geting better after every single game. Also looking at the curent line-up of both teams I see Zambia loosing the game against DRC, mark my words.

  6. I agree with you Kay Chishimba Kambwili has no right whatsoever ever to threaten Janza. He has a right to complain.
    Kambwili should not bring PF confusion into football. Is there any one out there can take this man somewhere?

  7. Fat Kambwili likes threatening people. Is that how a leader/public figure should talk about people who work for him through FAZ? I don’t think Janza is the right man for this job, but if he is the one with team right now, then he deserves respect in form of a contract, whether short or long. I hope these idi0ts are paying Janza and paying for team instead of campaigning and donating to losing/unfit presidential candidates in hope kickbacks and covering up for the Qatar corrupts allegations.

  8. Please I hope that this Chishimba Kambwili’s party will lose the elections so that this guy is fired for good how come him only knows threatening. It is in human to only think you are always right everytime mr minister. Everyone has got a right to complain if his not treated well sure even for a big tournament like the AFCON a National team can arrive late at the game’s? I guess you were just busy on your campaign’s to safe guard your job mr minster and you forgot about the National teams arrangements. We are in a democracy were everyone is free to talk there minds never should you treat people like we are in a dictatorship and I for one has never liked your managerial skills sir because you only knows to threat people, 20 January is around the corner remember everyone knows you including HE Edger Lungu, don’t think that he is not recalling you attending the other PF conference that you voted for Miles Sampa. He will have to form his own Government if he wins the elections still and people like you might never be given positions

  9. Faz should settle the issue of Janzas contract because this, coupled with the fact that Ministry of Sports failed to make proper travel arrangements, may affect the performance of our beloved National Team. We should hav been in Equitorial Guinea a many days ago. This is unacceptable. I hope the Boys are able to rise above these obstacles and give us a Great Performance…Let’s go Zambia!

  10. Ba bwana ba chishimba mwaitaya. Actually u r the one who is indicipline by frustrating a person who is on the verge of excuting a huge national responsibility. I blame both FAZ and government for shambolic travel arrangement. Faz dont run away that u were merely consulted. U failed to advise properly.

  11. Kambwili is the most useless sports minister we’ve ever had. Kambwili is the one who is indisciplined. The neckless guy has no courtesy at all. Why say that to your national team coach? Kambwili is just a thug and hell knows why he is even minister. Nonsense.

  12. Whoever forms the next government should get rid of Kambwili or maybe try him at another ministry,all this man knows is threatening people and giving ultimatums.Let him go back ku ministry of labour aleshupana nama Chinese

  13. When someone is guilty that is the way they behave.the Minister and his clowns failed the National now to cover it’s wrong wants to blast Janza,who I also feel would have not gone to the press to air his concerns when he knows where to find his employers.

  14. Let’s face it gentlemen why now Janza?? The isue KaMbwila z burstin abt z abt Janzas Contract why now not a month ago?? Those are silly excuses Janza has already been defeated phychologically now z looking for a scapegoat. Kalu z Janzas personal Friend they both knew abt this ,Janza should hv jst resigned!!

  15. But why should Janza complain now, this is because he is very sure that he is going to fail at afcon, the only way JANZA can get a contract is to get it before Afcon.

  16. How on earth did this Kambwili chap end up being a national leader. We actually expect national development with clowns like this at the top!!!!

    Kasengele please spare us the bull crap. “If they travelled in batches it would disturb the training” do you think you are speaking to kids?? Now because of that retarded decision they will not train at all how does that add up in that thing over your neck you call a head. Do you honestly believe that just because you were consulted it vindicates your office of these bull crap travel arrangements??? Now everybody is trying to cover their arse by pointing fingers at the next person. Who ever wins on the 20th please get rid of all the clowns in all the ministries and Kalu please just walk. At this point you can walk with your head high over time you will lose even the last bit of respect you have. We applaud you for delivering Afcon 2012 but its time you walked. we cant keep on like this and your generals don’t even want to take any responsibility.

  17. Zamfoot please keep us updated on the accommodation situation with the team seeing Congo are still battling to get decent accommodation.

  18. while kambwili. analysts from soccer africa have completely written off zambia with TK sayn thta it will be a miracle if zambia qualifies out of the group stages and also jacob mulenga might be heading to china

    • Only the Nigerian Idah Peterside gave us a chance. He said last night that Zambia and Cape Verde will pull through to quarter finals from group B.

    • TK and his jokers from Soccer Africa are just a bunch of useless analysts… Chipolopolo will be Champions of Africa once again !!!!!

  19. Chikambwili you re being a fool….what of other teams did they travel in batches? u failed u would arranged the team to travel last week period, you fat foo.

  20. The FAZ circus continues…’s just unbelievable. Firstly I think there’s so much political interference in Zambian football. I doubt this immature, clueless and stupid Kambili fellow understands FIFA’s regulations and repercussions of not abiding by the federation’s convention in that regard. I mean, a minister threatening to fire a national coach…..what is Kalu and his minions at FAZ employed to do? To globe trot and eat money from Qatar and transfer of players? Secondly it’s really shocking that FAZ, who’ve been entrusted with the responsibility to oversee the running of football in Zambia at all levels, have failed to learn from the Cape Verde and Ghana travel failures after all this time. And the annoying thing is non of these fools is accepting responsibility. I am certain that the national team’s prolonged stay in South Africa, playing lower division teams, has everything to do with FAZ’s failure to organize proper pre-tournament preparatory matches and travel arrangements.Dissolve the current management team and bring in fresh and competent minds. All the best to Zambia and Bafana



    Is that the best u can say? Why didnt you give JANZA a contract? coz you were also seeing him coaching. Do even know what JANZA is going to be called there(E-GUINEA)? HE is ZAMBIA,he loses – zambia loses.

    Go back to your office and decide what to do with JANZA before its too late because you are running out of time in that office…..

  22. This PF government has to go. Kambwili and Co are also to blame for the cape Verde disaster. They are inefficient and reckless. Their focus was the election campaign and they forgot about the national team. Kalu is also a weak administrator. Why does the national team camp at his house in South Africa all the time. Why didn’t they camp in West Africa and fly directly to equatorial Guinea. They could have camped in an ebola free area just like what Drc did. Why is he always camping in South Africa? I’m suspicious.

  23. On Soccer Africa, TK , Claudia and Jeff said Zambia won’t go to the next round. Its only Pastor who said Zambia and Cape Verde will come from the group stage. For me Zambia has what it takes to come out from the group stage. DRC and Cape verde will go home. Zambia and Tunisia will go through mark my words. These are my predictions

    • I can agree with you though I can also give Cape Verde a chance in place of Tunisia. So Zambia/Tunisia or Zambia/Cape Verde. Most North African teams with the exception of Egypt to NOT perform better in afcons being held South of the Equator. Thats why I am also of the view that even Algeria in group C will struggle and may not qualify to the quarter finals. As for DRC, they many have players, but they do not have a team. I am not sure this time, they just pull a surprise.

    • TK and his jokers from Soccer Africa are just a bunch of useless analysts… Chipolopolo will be Champions of Africa once again !!!!!

  24. It shows clearly how ignorant a minister like Kabwili can be to fail to handle a simple matter and goes in public to threaten a Good hard working Zambia coach who is away to bring honor and respect to the nation.Whats so difficult to give Janza a contract?.Mr Minister you have a signed contract as a minister so what about Janza Boss?.We are well informed to know what you are up to and stop being backwards like the time of UNIP days where threatening people used to a weapon.You have eaten enough to back to the land and stop wasting peoples time talking Nonsense ok!.I wish its your last statement and you will not have a chance to utter shit like you are not a minister.

  25. Iwant to warn kambwili that football in Zambia is not in his pocket,janza has the right to complain over a delayed contract,even a casual work like house boy must be given a contract either verbally or formal,now if kambwili warns Janza, is this warning a contract?Mind you kambwili you have only less than 100 hours as a minister of sports guaranteed to you,while Janza is still a coach in Equitarial guinea.

  26. but who suggested that teams be moving in batches,,,is it not you guys in administration??? so y say no in public,,,!!!and I thot the AFCON dates were announced were back last yr if not the other year in 2013,,, so y didn’t the logics put in place…!!GET SERIOUS ,,,these are some of the things contributing to our negative performance,,,!!! don’t we learn from our past experiences that once we delay to get to our destination we always fail to perform???? if u have forgotten ,,I can remind u what happened to our lAST WORLD CUP QUALIFERS in Kumasi,,we went late,,,as if that not enough we repeated the habit,,and just during qualifers in CAPE VERDE it was the same ,,we went late….”’ so maybe tell us what we should expect”’

  27. I expected in that big fat neck to come out sense but shame Kambwili mudala just shit coming out of you?.He cant even recall anything cause all his focus is money money and now see what you can tell the nation.Reverse your statement and call yourself indiscipline as this is very well what you have shown us and that you don’t care. Janza, You are a humble servant of the nation and for you to say what you said its because its not fair and will support you all the way. Kalu please no verbal contract boss just sign it and send it to Equatorial Guinea by DHL fast.

  28. Some of u should Finish up Writting your Thesis or dissertation For Submition, So That You Can Obtain Your Doctrate In Insultology

  29. As a country if we continue accepting this failure to take responsibility and just throwing around the ball to no actual person to provide an answer, our country will never progress. Travel plans are straight forward logistics that were supposed to be done a month ago…….

    Things are not right and change in our attitudes and work culture is needed… this is mediocrity at its highest…..


    I wish the boys all the best…..

  30. Fellows blog, I have noticed something our 2013 afcon jersey had no star, why? We should have a star when playing in Africa. We are the champions of 2012. FAZ what is happening now ? We need that star.

  31. FAT ALBERT at it again. he wants to bring politics in football..Janza is right to complian because PF only act at the last minute like on Fuel prices.

  32. The right hand doesnt know what left is doing. I dont know how or why FAZ can let the ministry handle travel arrangements especially after Ghana. I dont know how Kalu even can let that happen.

    We cant get to the afcon on time how on earth is zambia going to qualify for the wc.

    This Faz is appalling now. And the minister should just keep his mouth shut, least he draws attention how bad his ministry is.

  33. I sometimes think there is a serious disconnect between this man’s brain and his mouth. How do you talk about indiscipline when you are talking about another grown man like he is your child. This lack of respect for our local coaches is part of the reason we fail as a nation. I would tell him to kiss my rear if I was Janza.

  34. Hahaha, this minister is silly. How do you [Kambwili] define “indiscipline.” I don’t see any revolt if Janza ask for a contract. The man was a little hesitant hoping to be approached with a deal, which never happened. I’m even wondering if the FAZ is paying him at all. This minister is obviously belligerent, take care of Janza he deserves it.

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