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GBFC: Wada Nyirenda is still our coach

Green Buffaloes FC have maintained that Wedson Nyirenda remains their head coach despite media reports that he has moved to Mozambique side Ferroviário da Beira.

According to the Times of Zambia, Buffaloes general secretary Joe Nguni said Nyirenda only took a four days leave.

“Wedson Nyirenda is still Buffaloes coach, he has not resigned as far as the club is concerned. He got four days leave that elapses tomorrow (today) and he will be expected to be on the pitch with the team,” he said.

“I have seen pictures of Wedson on social media in Mozambique but I will choose not to believe because he requested for four days leave to visit family in South Africa. We will wait until tomorrow (today) if he does not report for work then we can start believing in those rumours,” he said.

Ferroviário da Beira Club chairperson Valdemar Oliveira said that Nyirenda had signed a one year renewable contract.

“Nyirenda was always a frontrunner and has the backing of the board. He is the right person who can lead Ferroviário to the destination we want to be,” Oliveira said.


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  1. Coaches like Wedson Nyirenda and Patrik Phiri must stop behaving like prostitutes!!these two coaches are not liable and can ditch any club anytime upon getting a new deal!!so now GBFC cant plan properly.thats why Patrick Phiri today has no job bcoz only a local club led by f00ls can hire such ever moving coaches!!!

    • @eddy don’t you think you are being a bit unfair on Wada Wada?…. of course nobody likes coaches that ditch clubs half way through but I think he has a right to chose what he thinks is right for his pocket & his family… if other clubs come with a better offer surely he should look at it other he will end up broke moreover if other teams are after him then he must be a good coach otherwise nobody would even hire him

  2. A club coach getting four days leave to visit family in RSA inside the season? Whatever you’re smoking at Buffaloes must really be hot stuff!

  3. Wow, the saga continues. Apparently contracts are nothing more than maybes in Zambia. From the players now the coaches.

  4. wada has alot 2 learn in footbal, one day he wil not be lucky. Gbfc pliz jst move on find sam1, who wil work 4 u try kabole o chilombo

    • Lol @ Discipline seriously the whole thing sounds like an extract from Tom n Jerry. Someone preferring to coach in Mozambique over Zambia can only be down to money and not ambition.

  5. Yeah, four days leave just a few weeks into the new season! If one does not share whatever they smoke such an arrangement becomes possible.

  6. Not for the first time here is an appeal to zamfoot to seriously consider putting up other football items for fans to discuss. Yes it’s a site for zambian football we get it, but seeing that there’s very limited news on Zed football at times would it not be nice to have fans discuss current international items e.g the ongoing champions league matches which I’m watching as I type this comment. Correct me if I’m wrong but sometimes we do go many days without any current news for discussion on zamfoot even when there’are important soccer items on the international scene. Point is can we broaden our scope while returning our identity as a zambian football site. Just a thought.

  7. When clubs fire coaches there is not so much outcry regardless if the coach was fired mid season or even just a couple of games into the season by the other way around a coach leaves a club and he is called names and there is so much outcry. It should be 50 -50…tit for tat. no animal is more equal than the other on the animal farm. There is no appreciation for coaches, they can be fired and given the run around, its about time they also made their own decisions. Wada wada go and make money and improve your life, forget the naysayers…..

  8. But didn’t Wedson just come back from Mozambique? How many times has he coached and lost this Mozambique Job? If I am not mistaken, this must be the third time around. and If that is true, then something is definitely wrong with the Coach.

  9. According to the Post Newspaper, CHIPOLOPOLO striker Emmanuel Mayuka’s future at Southampton is uncertain as the club is reportedly considering terminating his contract.
    According to a tweet by football agent @itkagent, Mayuka, who is out injured, may not be at the English Premiership side next season.
    The agent tweeted that the Zambian striker’s contract was set to be terminated without giving further details.
    “Southampton forward Emmanuel Mayuka is set to have his Contract terminated,” @itkagent tweeted.

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