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Football house bungles again


Sibeleki on Monday Column:


LATELY, the local football controlling body, FAZ have been making shoddy decisions that seems preposterous to the fans, members of the fourth estate and other stakeholders. When it seemed contrary to reason and utterly absurd that Lusaka Dynamos would get a Baclays Cup slot ahead of Green Eagles, to Football house there was nothing erroneous about it.


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) arrogantly dismissed the reasoning of the entire football fraternity – born out of the commonplace criteria – and people who were advocating for justice to be served were portrayed as dumb. Not until Green Eagles appealed against the decision and subsequently won, it was probably when they ended up with an egg on their faces.


Fast forward to Saturday, another perplexing decision by the FAZ executive committee was announced and it has further plunged football house into revile. A tie-up announcement of Mr Adrian Kashala as FAZ General Secretary and the appointment of FIFA referee Janny Sikazwe as FAZ Technical Director.


The latter’s appointment as the FAZ Technical director has been greeted with jeers, unlike the cheers months ago when he became the first Zambian referee to officiate at the football mondial, in Russia. Yes, I remember writing on this blog that Sikazwe has now joined the pantheon of Zambia football – where most revered names like Kalusha Bwalya, Godfrey ‘Ucar’ Chitalu and the late Commentator Dennis Liwewe belongs.


However, much like the school of thought dissenting this decision, I think Sikazwe, as a referee has vacuum or dearth expertise tantamount to the position he has been elevated to. To public knowledge Sikazwe has only the nugget of wisdom to offer as a referee and a teacher by professional. Whether he has the nugget of wisdom to conceive as TD seems folly to me. Unless there is something that football house is not telling us.


If at all besides refereeing and professional teaching Janny Sikazwe has other qualifications for this role, it should be made public. Otherwise, it has been administrative bungle after another bungle. FAZ need to put they act together. These events are disservice vis-à-vis the PR of the federation.


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  1. I won’t go that far big steve. The sikazwe decision is curious as why he needs the whole technical director, he can still influence refereeing from a head of refereeing role. What great good is he going to as technical director and why did the old technical director need to be replaced?

    Similar questions about GS. There are no explanations given either. Perhaps Faz is need of a new media person…

  2. Kamanga the saying goes “Mpombo wi bilima aba bilima ta baya” Shikulu wa bilima shani. Hope ta ulayamba ukwiba i sha ba FAZ

  3. FAZ of Kalu had issues, but was better. Remember there were likes of Munaile, Miles Sampa, Kazala, Eric Mwanza. Just list them !
    Manje Kamanga ena was had only Ponga who just runaway.

  4. I personally know Sikazwe and I’m a cheerleader for his accomplishments but this is not a role for him. Clearly, someone aT FAZ has no knowledge of what the Technical Director role is about. Create a position that works to his strengths and area of expertise if you feel the itch to elevate the guy but not TD.

  5. Technical director/director of football

    Job purpose
    To manage and oversee the operational delivery of all aspects of the national teams away match travel,
    overseas tours,tournament
    plans CAF and world cup qualifiers home matches, creating event plans that maximise all available assets and
    inventory to ensure that:
    • Football department KPI’s are met
    • Financial controls are in place and budget targets are delivered
    • Efficiencies are realised
    • National team and Club Competition obligations are met eg AFCON, The MTN super league and lower divisions etc
    • Communication and cross functional planning across the business is effectively
    • Continuous learning is embedded into our culture of event management through an
    effective debrief process
    Key responsibilities
     Managing all aspects of overseas event operations and logistics for CAF Competition and World cup qualifiers away matches
    and pre and post match tours. Working cross functionally to ensure that event plans are
    in place to maximise all available assets and inventory and to deliver on agreed
    performance targets.
     CAF match management and CAF main contact. Acting as the principal point of
    contact for CAF/FIFA in relation to home and away matches including CAF/FIFA delegate liaison
    and management.
     Managing all site inspection visits for CAF away matches, pre and post season tours,
    ensuring that all the requisite information is collated and shared internally with key
     Liaising with key internal stakeholders to ensure that all requirements are met for each
    event type.
     Attendance at CAF/FIFA draws and workshops.
     Management of Cup Semi and Final planning and delivery.
     Assisting with the logistics planning for away games where required.
     P/L management – Setting budgets and assigning resources; ensuring compliance with
    finance policies.
    General responsibilities
     Compliance with National team/Club policies.
     Compliance with the National team /Club’s health and safety procedures.
     To undertake such other duties as may be reasonably expected.
     To maintain professional conduct at all times.
     People management and development.

  6. Editor why use big words, I don’t know why Zmabians think it’s good journalism to use words we need to research to know what they mean… The news should be simple and easy to understand, we want to know what’s happening not how much or how good your English is. Please keep it easy next time.

  7. If what Mingalato says is the real job of a FAZ TD then I do not see how Jani Sikazwe can fail to do this job.
    It just looks like an administrative job to me which any teacher can easily do.
    This is similar to what teachers when elevated to Head Schools.

  8. Mingalato has left out crucial things on the JD

    The TD is also in charge of the training of Local coaches on technical aspects of the game.

    He is the chief advisor of National team coaches and ascertains their suitability for role

    He is also in charge of National football development policy such as the youth Football policy.

    The list goes on the which if FAZ has not included in T.Ds JD then they don’t know what they are doing

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