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Chipolopolo ready to slay


For a long time,there hasn’t been such high anticipation for a Chipolopolo Match as there is at present as the day draws closer for Chipolopolo to battle the Brave Warriors of Namibia.

The expectation have always been there and will always remain that way but doubts were always lingering going in every game over the last 3-4 Years chiefly due to questionable selections, indifferent form and not really knowing which Chipolopolo face will turn up for an encounter among many reasons.

Fast forward to August 2018,the first selection made by new Trainer Sven Vandenbroek immediately lifted the hopes of the greater majority of fans. From the authors perspective,here is what has created the hype about this Chipolopolo assembly.


A hungry man is a dangerous man,even worse a hungry team. Mixed results have been posted and the home loss to Mozambique in this qualifying series is still playing on some if not all the players’ minds knowing what precarious position it has put the team in.

There is no other way to redeem the situation but to win away and these players know that and will do whatever it takes to do so.

Anger of underachieving is a good driver in getting results. The players know how good they are as individuals and how well they can function as a team, 4 of them won the AfCON as team mates and they would want another shot at it. There can be no greater inspiration than knowing you have all it takes to hit the target and all it depends upon is none but you.

Salulani Phiri could be the enforcer on Saturday


The players that were side lined by the previous technical bench will want to prove they are good enough and justify their inclusion in the team. During that period they were out, all had indicated their willingness to don the Zambian colours and now that a chance that has been relished for a while is presented, none of them will want to pass it up. They have fans and a coach to repay for the faith and trust shown in them.


Every one that has been called up has shown good form for their clubs and even Kennedy Mweene who is nolonger 1st Choice at Mamelodi Sundowns has been excellent whenever called in the last few weeks for his club and it is perfect timing to have him back. The Mazembe contingent of Kalaba,Kabaso and Sinkala have just made it into the quarter finals of the Champions league, Mwepu and Daka have been playing for Salzburg every week, Sunzu is at the top of his game once more in France ,the lads from South Africa are playing good football too and the inclusions from the ZSL have been splendid for their clubs. Apart from the injury doubt of Augustine Mulenga,all are fit and ready to go.
Winning is addictive and something that no one wants to let go of, the form the players are enjoying will serve the team well and hopefully keep the good times rolling.


The quality of players in each department is similar and works well for continuity of a style of play, application of constant pressure on the opponent and allows us to play in so many ways. This selection regardless of the final match day squad gives dynamism and ability to switch as and when required depending on match progression.
The numbers are good and even more impressive, the quality. The blend of both Youth and experience makes a good balance with excitement, calm heads and motivators all in the squad. All these are good pillars of a team.


No one has seen these players play together in over 2 years and even further, no one has seen Sven’s team play in a competitive game. Not knowing what to expect especially from the general fans just makes it more exciting. Taking it a notch higher, our opponents don’t know what to expect as gone are the days when it was easy to predict Zambia’s line up. Namibia will be dished up with a few surprises and that should put Zambia in a strong position from the onset.


From the time Sven was appointed he has been positive about what his team can achieve and he has also expressed his own desire to succeed. He has a short term contract to see him through the remaining 5 games and he will have to make a mark using the same for his own future either as Zambia coach or a different team. His situation presents an opportunity for him to announce himself to the world.

The task is not easy but the expected and desired result is well documented, beat Namibia and everything gets back on track. Namibia will be a good starting place for this. They have troubled Zambia lately but on the evidence of the outlook of this Zambian Composition,it is not amiss to say Chipolopolo are Ready to Slay.

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  1. The Zamfoot writers are the best this season!! They are in form…!
    From that Livingston football story, all hopes for winning are back.
    The only threat of our game now is FAZ.

  2. Good analysis Zamfoot. Love it. Though the best Enforcer in the squad is Andrew Sinkala. That’s the General in the middle of the pack.

  3. This article is a testimony that Zambians have so much faith in Chipolopolo and know what they are capable of doing but people like Wada wada wanted to kill the team witj his stubborness.
    @Sibs did you mean Nathan Sinkala?

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