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Chansa’s goal drowns Zim in CHAN opener

Zambia opened the Rwanda 2016 CHAN campaign with a deserved 1 – 0 win over Zimbabwe, thanks to an Isaac Chansa 58th minute goal.

With Christopher Katongo the only recognizable striker starting for Zambia, Chipolopolo coach George Lwandamina will be happy to have seen his team come out with 16 shots on goal with 5 of those on target and one resulting in a goal.

Skipper Katongo did not disappoint and he was first to threaten in the game when he planted his powerful header off target a Clatous Chama cross.

However, Zimbabwe had the better chances of the first half twice coming close. Jacob Banda pulled off a top drawer save in the 13th minute after Kabamba carelessly lost the ball from a corner clearance and Zimbabwe took advantage to unleash a powerful strike inside the box which the Zesco United goal-minder parried out for a corner.

Zambia responded immediately and came close with a ferocious shot from outside the box which the keeper failed to handle on first bite.

Dauti Musekwa was having a torrid afternoon at right back against a skillful Zimbabwean winger and his first half was summed up when he dithered on the ball and nimble footed winger stole the ball from him to go one on one with an advancing Banda only to shoot wide.

After the restart, it was Zimbabwe who took the game to Zambia and the early pressure almost paid off Kabamba was beaten to the ball by the Zimbabwean attacker who the lobbed the ball over an advancing Banda only for Mfune to clear the ball off the line with header in the 47th minute.

After that, Zambia stabilized with Mwape Mwelwa drifting more inside and it was not long before Chansa showed class when he ran onto a Clatous Chama cross which he acrobatically volleyed at the back post.

That was his last contribution as he was withdrawn for Conlyde Luchanga immediately.

From there on, Zambia dominated possession with half chances on both ends but Lwandamina’s lads held on to the end.

Salulani Phiri was named official man of the match.

Zambia next play Uganda on Saturday 23rd January in the late fixture.

Zambia XI: Jacob Banda – Dauti Musekwa, Buchizya Mfune, Adrian Chama, Stephen Kabamba – Jack Chirwa, Salulani Phiri, Isaac Chansa (Conlyde Luchanga)- Mwape Mwelwa (Spencer Sautu), Clatus Chama, Chris Katongo

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  1. Congrats team, I liked the pass combination and holding the ball on 77min – 79min, that was old school Zambian football right there in total control.

    • If I was to mark Chipolopolo as my student I would give 65% performance, lets just face it Zambia didnt play well, what was the point of passes that doesnt result into shooting at goal (You only get goals from shooting at the goal post!). Again there was a problem with midfield sending balls to the striker(s) Chris hardly touched the ball in the second half. I am pretty convinced the striking force is still blunt thats why it took Chansa a midfielder to even score. But why I gave a 65% ball control was spot on, players coordinated well, and defense was good. Having watched Uganda and Mali game, if we draw with either of them we will be lucky those teams were pacey and extremely eager to score than us. Pray we beat one of them but I doubt, Zimbabwe strikers were just stupid they would have scored at least 3 obvious goals, better face the truth than sugar coating my post. Thank you.

      • Joe Bidden, thanks for a good analysis. But do you think any of those teams will display the same type of game (fast pacey and athletic) if Zambia goes in and stamps its slow technical approach of passing and rolling the ball around? No!!, it will be a different ball game altogether. All we need now is to win one more and we are through to the knock out stage. Mali drawing against Uganda also did help our cause a lot.

        • What happens when a slow team plays a fast or pacey team? You need to be very very careful having to play a slow game doesnt mean you will hang onto the ball forever because a pacey team can/will capitalize on counters and since your body is not conditioned at that pace to catchup with them then what? Lets look at Chipolopolo Class of 2012 AFCON… shall we, Zambia was rated as one of the fastest teams in the torney, same Chansa and Chris were there… look at how Kalaba ran like a rabbit on steroids, he tormented any defence thrown at him, so why not today? Or we are now Born Again we need to take things slow? Watching Zambia play yesterday was somehow nail biting not because i expected goals from zambia… No I was so damn worried Zimbabwe will equalize any second, thanks to God they had stupid and blunt strikers or else we were beaten (theoretically).

          • That’s right. What works is that a slow paced team which is technically sound can easily distabilise and frustrate a fast paced team. All we need are players who are fast and who can quickly change from defence to attack and vice- versa.
            Yes what was worrying in yesterday’s game was the lack of what to do with the ball once some Zambian players had control of it. That can be dangerous.
            We should hope our “Chicken” George will put one or two players into the team that can handle those fast Baganda, and later on the Malians.
            We should also try and use taller players, otherwise we make lack the aerial control which our opponents could easily exploit. The way we were undone at the U23 tournament.

    • Hey if I bought generators that would power houses or business on rentals, do you think they would good market for that? Just a thought of making some money on the side.

      • May be in Lusaka,CB and Livingstone that’s a ferocious (borrowed word from admin) thought, would you mind giving a job to one of my family member as secretary? N way sounds am not good at marketing. Back to the topic Gatuso is still there, and I am sure he rediscovered himself. Spencer Sautu should learn a lot from Isaac, Sautu is potential to succeed Isaac now the lad need motivation from fans, Isaac himself, other team members. Sautu has aggressive attacking midfielder in my own understanding. Of late Zambia has been lacking Isaac’s services than it was in 2012. Isaac is aging and we can try to force someone who has potential qualities to fill the gap that Zambia has been lacking, Mtonga tried but I wasn’t lured. Truth be told 2012 had Zambian style of play like some of you witnessed in the afternoon in 77min-77min that was a Zambian flavor. Ba coach congrats and the boyz and men congrats.

        • Haha thats funny Zambian Buffalo, but yeah if they are trustworthy I will. I just need trusted people. Hopefully this brings more success to Zed football though.

  2. True ,the defense was also weak.zim missed 4 clear chances.mfune is a suspect. Goerge was not tactical to subtitute Isaac.

  3. Congratulations Chipolopolo. This was never going to be an easy game. A derby against perennial rivals and neighbors is always tough. Lwandamina has his style and it’s getting him results so lets just support him and the boys.

  4. Good game but we need to pick up our pace. We were a bit casual and slow at times and our defence got shakey a bit at some stages of the game. Overall i would say a win is a win. Good start

  5. Thisnteam plusmthe main team would be something else. I can’t wait to see the Kalaba- Chansa- Katongo-Kalengo-Mbesuma factor. Did I hear that Mfune is 36 years? The withdrawal of Chansa put Zambia under immense pressure. I am also surprised with the possesional football Zambia displayed.

  6. It’s always important to win the first game and how you do it is of little consequence. The defense stood firm and this being a derby game was never going to be easy. Lets support the team when they deliver. Some teams play well and lose while the opposite is the same. Sometimes you play badly and lose badly. And also play well and win handsomely.

  7. What kind of Zambian doesnt know where Nalolo is?
    Any way I forgive you for your ignorance. Nalolo is in the western province.

    Congrats Lwandamina & Co let’s treat Mali with the respect it demands

    • Hey fool, I didn’t ask for your ignorant opinion on whether I knew where Nalolo was or not, unlike you know it all wannabe, I admit to not knowing where the place was and google it before anonymous responded and from what I gathered, it is a new district formed recently, so kiss my butt with your Western province geography.

    • “What kind of Zambian doesnt know where Nalolo is?” What a stupid question to ask, so what if I didn’t know where the place was? If you that smart of a person why are you still stuck there in the village jobless and just wondering who you are going swindle some money out of just to survive? Dude, yes I didn’t know where Nalolo was so suck it up fool.

      • TC Soccerman hey hold your fire , by the way ceasefire ! Come on we are brothers its one Zambia one Nation, lets not hate each other.

        • @Zambian Buffalo, I was not intending a bad mouth, but the dude just attacked me for not knowing where the place was. I mean, it is bad to ask from people that know something? I would rather ask from those that know something about a thing than keep quit and pretending to know it all. People like BSimms reminds me of those foolish teachers that made us believe education was a hard thing to attain when in actuality it is easy. Bsimms, where I am we ask and people are happy to share the knowledge,we read stuff to research if we don’t know or just ask from those that know like I did, but apparent Mr. Bsimms thinks its wrong to ask and truthfully that is what is wrong with our Zambian mentality and society. Hey foolish Bsimms, if you should, ask if you need to and no one sane enough should take you for a fool.

  8. When was the last time we won a tournament group game? Too long.

    It’s a good start, let us hope it we can continue improoving.

  9. You guys can not celebrate your win without bringing Ghana into it. Ghana didnt qualify and Zambia has qualified and won their first game. Congrats Zambia
    These are matters of where you place your priorities as a football nation

  10. Daudti was a suspect he was always takin the ball backwards y? its dangerous to play that kind of football.Next game we want to see strong defence ad wingers to be accurate when passing the ball and fast.We need to see our traditional football go chipolopolo go we re behind u.

    • Those salutes, awe sure very impressive. More impressive that the win itself. Christopher Katongo nabanobe mwalionaika baiche. Thanks a lot, I loved those office cadet salutes, keep them coming. An Officer and a Gentleman.

  11. @ TC Soccerman, i value your contributions on this blog, you didn’t have to come that strong on the brother from Nalolo. I know he over stepped in his statement. You could have ignored him. Bloggers, i can only ask that we respect each other and avoid undermining each other’s views. Eyes on the ball.

  12. th standard of play was good,bt we can play better than dat.gud we won,th nxt attention is th 2nd game.hop we learnt a lot,mistakes,abilities,player strengths,skills nd a posibo perfect re-arrangement.all th best chipolopolo!!!

  13. Missed the game. Just watching now. It’s good we won. Play was poor poor. A number of players had no idea what to do with the ball. Every body was passing to Katongo. We survived today. Let us wait for Saturday

  14. The substitute of Isaac Chance was spot on because he had a yellow card.He (Chance) is a kind of player who forgets that he has a yellow card that could results into Red card.We thank the coach Chicken for the win.Irfan Kawri just came to help to prepare the team,may that was is role,in his coming to Zambia.The touches,pass and the centimetres of our players when passing was so near and it was amazing and overwelming.But we did not creat clear cut chances and movements or openings was poor.Its good to win but we shall not over praise our team.

  15. i vindicated that we wil win the first game but we still need munthali in central defence to partener with mfune, coz chama is a suspect, & malama on right back.

  16. Bantunse we are here to contribute and learn frm each other no need ukumwenamo abanenu. Its one Zed one nation we’ve won let’s jst celebrate.

  17. i still maintain its a useless tournament. lybia got it were are they now. teams like ivorycoat are more interested in their foreign based players as they are able to break into europe without the need for exposure. we should hav done everything to qualify for rio

    • Yeah, but Libya is not a trash of a team considering the war they have been going through for some years. They are not push overs as before say in the late 90s and early 2000s. So you would rather we don’t play in such tournament that exposes our players? Dude, please show some support for your country, you just don’t have to be negative all the time.
      “teams like ivorycoat are more interested in their foreign based players as they are able to break into europe without the need for exposure.”uh…We are interested in having our players in Europe too, but when they get there, they are pushed to the bench for reasons you and i don’t know. Maybe its just the stigma or maybe our players just don’t work hard after seeing a fat paycheck.
      “we should hav done everything to qualify for rio”..I don’t know what you mean there, but who told you we(as a country) didn’t work hard? On behalf of the players, I am sure they wanted to make it to Rio and worked hard, but the other teams were better. It is what it is. Stay positive.

  18. Congrats boys and grease to your elbows. However, i have something am holding against the team’s performance. To be honest and and truthful the boys did not perform to our expectations. Quiet alright there were some few good passes here and there, but generally the passes were so poor. Taking of the ball behind when catching your opponents off guard when it comes to counter attack was one of the many areas we were lagging behind. Sautu is one such a suspect in that area. The mid field after the removal of Chansa became weak and there was an element of re-laxity after we had scored. The front line though active somehow it was blunt. The defense needs to improve in ball clearing. Our wingers did not do much to help us, both wingers appears to be trading in the deep mid, therefore weakening the chances of the front liners to penetrate the opponents defense. Againest Mali we should conntrate much in holding the ball and avoid high ball and not giving them chances fro free kicks. Reason is so simple, those chaps are tall and our lads are to small in stature. Avoid body contacts because our boys are not all that fit as compared to those Malians. Otherwise we stand a better chance of warping then. Congrats once more.

  19. Whatever the results, reaction to positioning, when attacking or defending or worse still, when counter attacking should be our serious thought in the next game. Players should have a sense of creating spaces in all these situation.

  20. Good display of a passing game but lets remember what those Spanish experts that came for coaching clinics told us – our game is too slow This was what was on display yesterday. we need to add pace to our game and not have an attitude like we are playing a training match. West Africans will rip you apart with aggression.

  21. Well said TC Soccerman. As for Pungwa, you are spot on bro, we need to improve our pace. I saw a bit of it when Spencer Sautu came on late in the game. The question is whether he can start in place of Clatus Chama in the next game to bring in that pace and creativity. Otherwise, good work Zambia.

  22. Its good we won- Bravo to Chipoloplo. I agree with everyone saying we played a passing ball but at the same time we were slow. True- we really need to add more pace and a bit of power to our style of play. Off course Zim is not a small team and they played very well at some points. The good thing is that we were able to resist the force and ultimately come out with such a score line. We need to add more flavour going into the last two group stage games. All the best.

    Whether this is a forum for creating tension vocal wars I can not comment. The only thing I can say is that Zamfoot is striving so hard to keep us up to date with soccer happeings involving our very own people and both within and outside.

    Zamfoot I salute you!

  23. Bloggers, why are some of you blogging as if we lost? Lets not be negative all the time. So start by first congratulating the team for winning the first group game against our Southern neighbours, who incidentally also wanted to win. Then you can start pointing out the weaknesses in the team.

    Don’t just start by criticising as if we lost the game. These are tricky games where you are actually exposing some raw talent to big games so be positive.

  24. Ba lwandamina your players are thoughtless every time they get a ball they run out of thought,always going backwards.your defenders are amateurs also that kabamba guy should improve thats not chimpombwa ,daudi musekwa was okay but careless at times he needs to know that a mistake at the back is a goal.
    in summary premier league players are below average if it was not for ck and chansa we would have not won any game at this tournament.

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