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CAS: FAZ flawed to expel Kazala, Siwale

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) flawed with the procedure leading to the expelling of Richard Kazala and Blackwell Siwale from the position of vice president and Executive committee, respectively.

According to a ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) the entirety of the produce should be refreshed.

Apparently Kazala and Siwalle where not given a chance to speak in their defence prior to their expelling at the 2017 AGM. Misappropriation of funds is the charge laid against them.

For starters, CAS has directed FAZ president Andrew Kamanga, within a fortnight to provide Kazala and Siwale with a copy of charges and supporting documents which he provided to the Council, without submitting new evidence.

Within 28 days, the duo will then produce a response in defence to the charges levelled against them. The response will be sent to the General Secretary Ponga Liwewe, who in turn must include it in the agenda of the 2018 FAZ Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The council shall at the AGM in March resolve a motion to either dismiss the duo from the Football Association of Zambia.

In a phone Interview with the ZamFoot Crew , Blackwell nodded to have been in recipient of the letter and that it is not a pseudo. He confirmed that he will be at the FAZ AGM in March.

“The letter is not a sham. I can confirm to be in recipient of it and I will be in attendance at the AGM in March,” he said.

“Like I have always been saying, the procedure leading to our expelling was wrong. We had the right to be heard which was infringed.”

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  1. Suspect is not guilty, not until proven guilt.Those are principles of justice. Next time, we hope FAZ, will follow the procedure .To avoid embarrassment, FAZ should endeavor allow people, they Ave accused to defend themselves. They should avoid interference, when it comes to justice. This will dignify themselves and the perceived wrongdoers.FAZ should apologies to these two,for exposing them to public shame,and,more especially for not following procedures in handling their case.

  2. I think it’s a lessons to many of us.Never expose a perceived wrongdoer,to public shame. The reason is simple,we want them to change. And they can only change if they realise that, they command a measure of respect from the public. We don’t want to destroy people with our ambitions. We want to help them change for the better.We should strive to look for the good in all people .If we look for the bad ,we will find it,because man born from a woman is not perfect. And make mistakes.

  3. The majority Zambians on this blog are pin heads. When u catch yo lady in a compromising position with another man, and, take the law in your hands; it does not exonerate the lady from guilt! The fact remains. Kazala & Siwale stole money and shared with other committee members! Flawed procedure does not clear them of guilt!

  4. The key point,give them a platform to defend themselves .after that you can judge them.However it is act of love not to shame the wrong doer.The true God does not embarrass the wrong doer.instead he helps them to repent and then he forgives them.

  5. We can be pinheads according to your wisdom .but remember slim,”we all stumble many times. We Ave made a lot of mistakes in life.we offend people,best friends, and The true God,But we Ave been forgiven.We enjoy life because God or loving people kept our mistakes confidential and forgave us.Am not supporting wrong doing,am just emphasising the need to be balanced when handling sensitive matters which borders on people’s dignity and respect.

  6. kazala n siwale in mbwalala ishikalamba sana they think filya baleiba mu kalu redeem ofyobakalaiba namuli kamanga now basanga kamanga aleteya

  7. The councilors can vote to lift their ban from football activities but never should they be allowed anywhere near football house. The guys are thieves and we do not want dirty hands at FAZ period!.

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