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Botswana referee Itumeleng Beauty Methikga denies Copper Princesses a COSAFA title

Botswana Referee Beauty Itumeleng Methikga is the most popular name among Zambian soccer fans this evening and it’s not for a good reason after she and her team denied the Copper Princesses the 2020 U-17 COSAFA Women’s Championship.

Methikga was assisted by Lesotho assistant referee Fuman Mokheti and Nadipha Menze of South Africa while Ntheboheleng Theresia Setoko of Lesotho was the fourth official and Puseletso Mokhosi of Lesotho as the Match Commissioner.

Methikga and her team denied Zambia a clear in the 73rd minute as Tionge Sambo scored a clear goal before Tanzanian goalkeeper Aisha Mrisho clashed with her and Comfort Selemani.

The ball went from Sambo’s legs passing between Mrisho’s legs and crossing the line but in a bizarre decision, the lineswoman had her flag up for a foul as it was not offside, a clear goal denied.

Zambia was again hard done by the Botswana referee and her team as they gave Tanzania a fake penalty when Aisha Khamis Masaka tripped her self in the box in the 93rd minute, Koku Kipanga stepped up and scored to send the match to penalties which the East African guest side won 4-3 to lift the trophy.

Zambia was dealt a bad hand by the officials who made poor match-changing decisions.

Punishment for the poor officiating can surely go a long way in calming down the upset Zambian fans and consoling the unfortunate girls who were robbed of gold medals and a trophy.

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  1. A clear goal denied by a referee who couldn’t separate two incidences. One a clear goal and another a keeper beaten and later colliding with another player! About the penalty I think it was the right call. The Tanzanian player was clipped from the back.

  2. Am sure she was trying to revenge her boyfriends’ loss to the chipolopolo, it’s ok but we will beat your men again on Monday fool!!!

  3. That referee and team deserve punishment over poor decissions on zambian clear goal and rewarding fake penalty if cosafa officials they mean well to promote football for southern countries

  4. I watch the match the Tanzania player tripped her self, the only problem i saw is that the Ref she’s usules stupid and in idiot, I’m not from Zambia

  5. I agree with your analysis of the two incidences. In addition it is clear to me that the three match officials just don’t know the rules of the game. Surely they were not the best referees to handle the final.

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