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Throwback Thursday: Match highlights Zambia v Zaire 1974 AFCON final

This week marks 42 years ago, Zambia played in perhaps one of the most memorable Africa Cup of Nations finals ever.

The KK 11 battled in Egypt against neighbors Zaire in the final of the 1974 tournament that was played over two games after the two teams drew 2 – 2 in the first game only for the match to be replayed two days later on 14th March, 1974.

The ZamFoot Crew last year traced the path of the team from first game at the tournament up to the final game when Zambia lost 2- 0 in the replay having held Zaire in the initial final game.

Amos Mumba –

The prominent thing with this generation was the passion with which they played.Carrying their own boots to training, sleeping on single mattresses in camp, washing their set of jersey for the next game and just the sheer attitude of never say die! The other thing was their stamina! They had a collective physical presence that would send shivers in your spine! Even the shortest of them all like Kaizer Kalambo, Milton Muke packed such stockiness that one would need a bulldozer to dislodge them from the ball.

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Watch the highlights of the game below….


Watch the goals conceded by Zambia in the final game below

10 Comments to Throwback Thursday: Match highlights Zambia v Zaire 1974 AFCON final

  1. Kasama Boy says:

    I wish our current Chipolopolo could replicate this spirit.

  2. Sibs says:

    This team had a BIG Heart. Its a pity only one team qualified to World Cup then otherwise they were supposed to have qualified together with Zaire for the W.C Finals in 1974 as runners up to Zaire.
    These guys never feared any team in Africa.

  3. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    I remember the finals in 1974 wen i was 33yrs old wen we drew the final wit goals frm young brighton sinyangwe and simon kaodi kaushi also a brace 4rm top scorer deadly ndaye mulamba a.k.a mutumbula (the assassin). Defensive errors by makwaza in the replay allowed mulamba 2 punish us 2-0. Great Zambian team with emmanuel mwape GK,edwin mbaso,ackim musenge,dick chama,makwaza,mapulanga,sinyangwe,kaushi,chanda bernard,boniface ‘chitapo fimo simutowe,simulambo. # that’s my granpa.#gonna leave it rite here

  4. kensplash says:

    mmmmmmmmm!no slow motion.However, one can clearly see that Zambian football philosophy is “bola panshi” and not the “chipantepante” type we have witnessed under Lwandamina.

  5. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    @Pungwa bro was jst reportin wht my granpa said wen i showed him that pic sumtime last year. Ba Zambeef Ooops Zamfoot were do u get these pictures?

  6. kampinda says:

    Won’t it be to have reunion of survivors (from both sides of the border) of those 2 Afcon classic matches? I’m sure they would appreciate it!

  7. Kalampa 4 lyf says:

    When we say football in Zambia comes from long way back with such great players those born in the 90s start disputing and saying irrelevant things.Bola kale ya amba mu Zambia.

  8. christopher says:

    The ones the brought the cup deserves some respect

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