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Player Rater: Zambia 2 – 1 Portugal U20

The Zambia U20 national team walloped Portugal 2 – 1 to make a good start to the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup. It was a game where Portugal did the playing while Zambia did the scoring. And what mattered the most on a difficulty day was the team spirit and the winning mentality in the Zambian team.

The ZamFoot Crew rates how the boys performed on the day as they lead group C after the first round of matches.

Mangani Banda – 8/10

A good performance by the Zambia U20 #1. He brought some assurance to a rather shaky back-line. Apart from a first half moment where he dithered in coming out to pick a looped ball over Solomon Sakala’s head, his performance was solid and he was unlucky to concede from a rebound after he had made an excellent block in a one on one situation.

Shemmy Mayembe – 5/10 

One of his less assured performances in the Zambia jersey. He seemed jittery and was always looking to just get rid of the ball without when in possession.

Prosper Chiluya – 8.5/10

One of Zambia’s best on the day. Very good timing when called to defend. Hardly caught out of position. He aided attack very well and pumped in crosses.

Solomon Sakala – 6/10 

A tough day at the office for the skipper. But he showed leadership as he was willing to throw everything on the line to stop any shots from coming through. He was always quick to cover for Prosper when he went on his marauding runs upfield.

Moses Nyondo – 7/10

A solid calm performance at the back. Found himself well positioned to block a shot on the line in what would have been an opener for Portugal.

Boyd Musonda – 4/10

A poor performance on the day. he failed to cover his lines and hardly completed a pass the entire game.

Edward Chilufya – 7/10

A very good spirited performance. He ran his socks off to make the numbers in attack but was always the extra man in midfield. He continues to carry the team through with his goals and he finished the rebound with precision.

Fashion Sakala – 7.5/10

He did little to impact the game for most spells but you cant take away anything from his brilliant individual play to score the second goal which sealed the game. He was also involved in the creation of the first goal.

Enock Mwepu – 8/10

He was the calming factor in the midfield. He fought hard to win the balls and he was able to slow down the play by holding on to the ball to give his colleagues some breathing space. What shot to get the rebound off the keeper. Earlier he had released Fashion with a neat long range pass.

Conlyde Luchanga – 6.5/10

He looked better on the day and saw his well taken shot only saved by the goalkeeper in what was Zambia’s first chance at goal. He did not do very well in holding the ball up and allowing others to join him upfront.

Patson Daka 6/10

He looked sharp and was fighting hard helping Zambia defend from the top. His beautiful lay-off set up an inviting ball for Luchanga which could have easily been the opener in the first half. He was substituted before half time after a nasty collision.


Emmanuel Banda 6/10

in for Luchanga before half time. Gave Zambia a different threat going forward with his long range shooting. He worked the keeper with a cracking shot from range. He failed to stump his authority in the midfield but his presence made a difference in helping the midfield stabilize.

Siame Musonda 5.5/10

In for Conlyde Luchanga. He was brought in to give the team some wide play and ability to hold on to the ball. He did not impact the game enough to trouble the Portuguese.

Coach Beston Chambeshi

A big win for Quick Silver which leaves his team on the verge of qualifying to the kockout stage with one more win. It was always going to be a difficult match against the European semi finalists but he picked a win.

He kept reshaping the team throughout the game first with the forced substitution of Patson. Emmanuel Banda sloting in midfield was a good choice. He later pushed Chilufya in central attack with Siame going wide, this suited Siame seeing that at Lumwana he does well in holding the ball and running at defenders on the flanks.

Chambeshi however needs to rethink his holding midfield position as that was the weakest link for the team.

12 Comments to Player Rater: Zambia 2 – 1 Portugal U20

  1. Vinkubala says:

    Otherwise, we all had some delicious extra-hot chicken – Nandos

  2. Colle says:

    I agree with most of the ratings but I feel Fashion should get an 8.0. Patson did not do much, a 5.0 would be fair. I have always not been comfortable with Boyd Musonda in an anchoring position since i first watched this under 20 team. How he played on Sunday is just about what he does – losing position and shooting wayward.
    Musonda and Mayembe were our weakest links during the AFCON and yesterday, they carried on.

  3. Jeke says:

    Collie, you took the words right out of my mouth, Mayembe & Boyd Musonda are most definitely our weakest links, couldn’t Emmanuel Banda maybe do a better job?

  4. Anita says:

    Chambeshi should have found a replacement for Boyd Musonda. The games being played there needs someone who is able to make good passes and know good positioning, its not about physical approach all the time. i fear the lad might cost us a red card or penalty in the coming games.

  5. Positive thinking says:

    I don’t know about the Musonda rating. I think you fail to give him credit given the amount of space he had to cover especially on the counters. This was especially difficult when your full backs were pressing high and you had Mwepu also pressing. He seemed to be very good at winning 50/50 balls, but he did have a hard time cutting out passing lanes. YOu also forget that most of Portugals opportunities came from the wings and not the middle which is a testament to his performance. I honestly think his performance was better than the 4/10 he’s been given. It was at least a 6/10. Edward Chilufya for me was amazing. His work rate on that team was impressive. Looking forward to some great things in the upcoming matches.

    • Kuku says:

      That’s what they call a destroyer. He can improve, but that team operates with a destroyer in Musonda. I agree with you post boss.

  6. I do think that you have not rated Emmanuel Banda properly because if you watched the game properly the introduction of Banda changed the game so to me he deceived a 8/10 and to me i give man of the match to Enock Mwepu

  7. Jamaica 2000 says:

    Ngosa Sunzu should be given chance to play in the mid for Boyd Musonda. He can as well help the defenders. This will solidify and seal our defense from threats of any nature. Conlyde Luchanga must be benched to give Emmanuel Banda space, then he can play as a super sub. Shemmy Mayembe must give way to other capable defenders. This guy is too weak. He costs us a lot with loose ball.

  8. Sibs says:

    The Captain Solomon Sakala had a bad game. He was leaving his man free most of the time. He got booked, though he was encouraging the other players to come back and defend when we lost the ball. He should be given 5/10 or 4/10.
    Enock Mwepu was my Man of The Match. Controlled our midfield, never panicked and was a joy to watch.

    Our boys won a game which we did not play very well. We could not string passes together and midfield was dominated. Lucky Portugal left their scoring boots home.

  9. Tc Soccerman says:

    Anyone knows where we can buy the new Jersey? I have searched online and don’t seem to find anything other than the old Nike uniform. Anyone with a link for online purchases, please share. Thanks

  10. soccerguru says:

    Boyd Musonda cannot pass a ball to save his life….His passing is shockingly poor…..very very poor…. Zambia u don’t think….how can u give Emmanuel Bandai 6? The team was unbalanced till he came on…..He changed the game…Mwepu man of the match for me….closely followed by Emmanuel Banda…..Iran will be slaughtered tomorrow

  11. Kasama Boy says:

    Wishing the best to our team.

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