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Zambia U20 disappoint in opening match

The Zambia U20 national team started off on a poor note in the Senegal 2015 Africa Youth Championship after they went down 1 – 0 to Mali.

Zambia conceded in the 74th minute from a free kick on the edge of the area which beat goalkeeper Mangani Banda.

It was a game of two halves which saw Zambia dominate the first half but failed to test the Malian goalie in the 45 minutes.

Things turned around in the 2nd half as Mali attacked Zambia from the first whistle and their efforts yielded a goal in the 75th minute through Alasane Dialo.

This was after Spencer Sautu was had hit the cross bar from close range.

Zambia also lost captain Lubambo Musonda in the 21st minute due to injury.

Zambia XI

1. Mangani Banda 3. Peter Mulenga. 2. Benedict Chepeshi 15. Alex Mwamba 13. Kapota Kayawe 12. Benson Sakala. 11. Larry Bwalya. 18. Spencer Sautu. 9. Charles Zulu (Dave Daka) 7. Patrick Ngoma. 23. Lubambo Musonda (Patson Daka)

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  1. Hmm, until they realize they are not there. Your problem is u think u are good but u ain’t. Afcon first round exit, under 17 first round exit, under 20 first round exit. I hope by this time u know where u belong in Africa football.

  2. Aaaah,where is mumbi,paradox and the rest? are they ashamed of their own website?..a typical zambian.tommorrow they will come back with another hallucination that only occurs in their dream

  3. Every thing in Zambia is a mess, the team had no system, no proper passes, no ENERGY falling all over, strikers were unable to win 50-50 balls from Malian defenders.
    To cap it all the Coach spoiled everything during the half time break because the team came back without a purpose.While the Malians came with more energy and purpose to win, Zambians were a shadow of themselves through out the 2nd half.

  4. @Don, kikikik! You just cant help yourself can you? on what grounds will your half baked talent team beat Ghana? Wow you lot can talk.

  5. I will not criticize these boys. I still think they gave a good account of themselves. They took the game to the Malians especially in the first half and had some good moments in the second. The injury to Lubambo Musonda did not help matters as i felt the team lost one of their play makers in the final third.

    • You must have watched a different game!The display in both halves was pathetic.There is literally nothing to write home about .A very disjointed performance that should be forgotten.Yes we do over hype our selves!We have had better youth teams than this one!

  6. Ghana will certaily fall in the next match, watch this space!. First games are always unpredictable and very unbalanced.

    • USELESS BRAGGART! That’s all that your country is known for, yupping and yakking big after gulping down cheap bottles of ZAMBIAN BEER! Look

      Maybe, there is a truth afterall in the saying that, ALCOHOLICS ARE USELESS TALKATIVES!

      These people never learn from their mistakes cuz, whenever they come for any competition and Ghana is there, they concentrate on Ghana leaving the other teams to beat them! A similar thing happens in the WC qualifers and the same thing ll happen in this AYC but at the end of the day, they forego whats important, WHICH IS THE WC QUALIFICATION AND NOT WASTING AL YOUR ENERGIES in beating Ghana!


  7. Patson Daka(Darker in Dakar) will score 10 goals against Ghana and bunch of losers(shout africa)…..Football belong to the west in africa

    • Delusions of a GRANDEUR!

      put the wee down otherwise the mental institutions ll chain!

      Mediocrity GLORIFIED RAT!

  8. This is going to be painfull but for those who read will understand. ZAMBIA AND SOUTH AFRICA will never be on the level of the west africans because of genetics. the west afticans have the sports gene and it shows all round the world. BLACK PEOPLE DOMINATE IN SPORTS FROM USA TO EUROPE hate it or love it but history shows they are ALL from WEST AFRICA during the slave trade..west africans are physically more capable than southern africans. and no infastructure can help south africans be on the level of the west africans because its not about how many stadiums you have in your country bit rather the genetics of the people yhat win games..south africans have the best stadiums and facilities but can never match the west africans because luckly the west africans have physical genetics..I Dont belive in science but I do belive that it plays a major roll in all our lives. Word to the wise

  9. I strongly advise zamfoot to stop reporting on cosafa and zone six sadc games. Is this not the same team they say won that sadc tournament in Zimbabwe. The same tournament ngoma was scoring hattricks? Let us stop deceiving ourselves with such cheap stories in the media. Let’s report the truth and that truth to me is that we have failed to compete at continental level. I’m taking a break from this site I need to attend to serious issues in my life I don’t have time to keep commenting on failure.

  10. Zambia may have lost the first battle but not the war. We can come back.Ghana has the technique and tact.Our consolation is the body frame of the Ghanians is about the same with Zambians 50-50 balls will be fairly fought. Watch out GHANA.

    • Body frame doesn’t play football but common sense does and Ghana ll outsmart zambians with their COMMON SENSE FOOTBALL!!

      Ghana ll beat Mali too despite their so called tall frames becasue is not about physicality but rather COMMON SENSE!!

      Ghana has been beating Mali from time immemorial though they are taller than us!

      Use your brains to think, u lil MORON!!

  11. Well hard luck to the young men. There’s always the next game. Still a talented bunch with bright futures. Losing is part of the game, with a young under 17 like Patson Daka getting groomed for the next step. As for my Ghanaian friends, since when was it a crime to support and encourage your team? Also let’s slow down on the insults that isn’t necessary. This is just football, let’s all enjoy the game and let’s respect each other. Just when things got better, now we are back to this silliness.

  12. Zamfoot should consider deleting some of this filth being spouted here. Some people are clearly hell bent on destroying the integrity of this site. And I am specifically referring to Ghanaian fans who have chosen to come here and turn this into a “us vs them” on every opportunity. And to my fellow Zambians, don’t feel the need to defend yourselves against such useless attacks. Feel free to express your love or misgivings as fans of Zambian football. We have been through tragedy, through some spectacular lows and some amazing highs together. Don’t let those who have not shared in your love for Chipolopolo, KK11, or whatever take that away from you. These people know nothing of Dennis Liwewe, nothing of Johnstone Bwalya, Ucar Chitalu, Alex Chola, they even deny you the joy of having beaten Italy, and on every turn they will wave UEFA, Series A, EPL stars in your face, but so what. We are a team that lifted a trophy after 4 generations with players playing Congo, China and South Africa. Bottom line is you can keep your stars, coz regardless of where we are whether knocked out first round, second rd, or at home, we will support Zambia and a bunch of Internet hooligans will not change that. So far as am concerned you can keep your west africa, Chipolopolo is not a jersey we wear and take off…we were born Zambian, like us, hate us, laugh at us, whatever son. You might win tiday, but we’ll be back tomorrow still cheering our own.

    • See the. Ghana website & u will understand why our West African friends are bombarding us here. The likes of Mumbi & Paradox (military man) insult our friends for no reason. Yes, this is football & we should equally be civilized in our approach.

      • Bakalamba Kalasa ikalenifye yama, Mumbi and Paradox have there own reasons! Positive thinking aka realistic is 100% right! I am wondering why Zamfoot has not been deleting some of the comments but if we ill comment about FAZ and Kalu ati your comment is awaiting moderation. Yet hooliganism from some WAF is being tolerated. Its a pity that you are supporting mediocre, limbi tamuli bena zed bati? buti bumi? win or lose Still Zambian, over hype our players still Zambia and that is my mother land,

  13. It wasn’t a game of two halves Mr reporter. It would have been 1-1 if you say the halves were shared. we shared the first half and they had the second half.
    we just have to beat Ghana on Thursday for us to remain in the competition. I still have high hopes for our dream team.

  14. Senior team suck, junior teams suck and you fuck still don’t get it? Freaking Kalu isn’t doing anything to resolve the problem. When Ghana was playing friendlies in Europe where was our team? Useless worst Faz president of all time.

  15. The whole freaking game we were outplayed. We’re going nowhere and I hope we continue to do very bad so all those still drinking Kalu’s Kool aid can woke up to reality.

    • Your whole thought process seems to be upside down. How does the game’s results link up to Kalu? Are you one of Zambia’s exports to Euro or USA who has failed to make it and blames Kalu for it? Or maybe you are one of those suckers who wanted something from Kalu and he ignored you, so is to attack him no matter what? Get a life and offer solutions not every time we read a comment from you its PULL HIM DOWN.

      • Ba bolapazed namwe don’t attack me for pointing out the truth. To answer your questions, no I am not any of the above mentioned for one. Got here on academic grounds with no government corruption money as a lot idiots looting the country including the anointed one Mr.Kalu. don’t attack me for pointing out what you don’t see or maybe just in denial as most Zambians. Just because one is a homer doesn’t mean everyone else should be a homer.

      • The game’s results link up to Kalu as he is a Faz president and when leadership fails, everything fails including team performance in case you don’t see that, or maybe you choosing what to see. What I see is failed corrupt arrogant self centered Faz president who is leading with a remote control from South Africa as evidently you are OK with it.

      • Oh by the way, the u-17 got paid $500 for just ended tournament, what a joke when in fact Kalu is large in SA, when should be in Zambia doing what he’s paid for and not using Zambia. I think the players are now seeing that this is all about the anointed one and his desire to keep cashing in, while those that are sweating on the pitch ain’t even getting their well earned bonuses. Call me negative all you want, but somebody gotta tell it as it is since y’all chickening out and letting Kalu piss on your heads and think it’s ok.

  16. This is the result of picking a team with personal interests. A few years ago Daniel Jere and his cohorts formed what was know lusaka under 17 select to hatch the boys for personal benefits. This is now the team you call under 20. Those players who are directly owned by ZSL clubs were either frustrated during the process or dropped…This team shall never do well coz of corruption…..

  17. Sad that we lost a captain. Zambia is still in the race and we have got all the rights to support our team. Any way we beat ghana in terms of our football site. Gsn is total rubbish.

    • Mumbi dont’t worry about these leeches from West Africa invading and insulting on your site. For Lubambo i think he was rushed into this game, he was not fit.

    • You, buffoon, are there constantly . Talking about better team or website? Never will u accept your mediocrity . Compare yourself to Ghana at ur own peril . Most importantly, just qualify for the World Cup in 2018 & u will be on the world map of soccer. GHANA IS ALREADY ON THAT MAP.

  18. You waste african should not count us out yet!We are not done.We are still in the contention.By the way we will continue to support and love our teams regardless of the outcome.
    Some of those waste africans could not even qualify to this year AFCON and some are always best losers.You choke when it matters the most and it will take you a century to win anything meaningful.

    • Waste Afrcans? You “surf” Africans, we are talking about football & not water polo for u to be surfing. How dare u compare urself to the pillars of African soccer?


  20. We shall let the 90 mins talk. We are competitive and shall sweat to the end to get our desired results. We or lose we are Zambians. We are who we are.

  21. of course you have no option than to hopelessly support your toothless team.if you wont support your toothless team then which country will you support? we have already reach the peak of our support curve that any additional support from a southern african will diminish the curve.mumbi,i warned you that ghanaians will take over zamfoot when you used to invade gsn with insult.dont surrender,stand firm to witness the fruit of your labour.afterall only few of you have insight to know that your football is in the bin whiles most of you have the common trait of false hope as the u20 coach.EMPTY BARREL MAKES THE MOST NOISE INDEED

  22. Gaddafi my ghanian brother please reduce the insults, everyone has the right to support his team. No need to insult people,yes we can brag about our team but insulting others is wrong. Abeg reduce am.

    I hope we will have a Ghana vs Nigeria final can’t wait to see us defeating Ghana again

  23. Give me 11 zambian virgins(If u av any left) and i will induce them with winning first 11 from nigeria that will help ur national team….People Like Patrick Daka will be bench warmer aka patrick kluviert replica….Let me impregnate some Fostina,Lila,Kalunga,Mwenya,Saraphina and some other un-chibukulized zed girls from tonga,bemba and other villages/tribes…..During there 9month of pregnancy,They won’t eat cassava leaf….They will be tall and hansome

  24. it should now be obvious even to the most ardent die hard Zambian fan that our junior team is at best average and that there is nothing exceptional about it. when this team matures, it will not be better than the current Chipolopolo team. Our team had no proper shape or system of play and we relied on feeding off loose balls. The goal we conceded was amateurish. How does an entire wall leave its position to go and attack the ball? The goalkeeper was left exposed without a wall to block the freekick because all the players rushed off. That was a coaching problem. The boys also did not look fit and were falling all over the place. And we had such high hopes! Come back to Cosafa where you belong boys.

    • I agree with you.We lack the very basics in footballing lessons.If that wall had not moved,the goal would not have gone in.This coaching problem is actually a club challenge.Our league is fraught with average coaches and its a pity that we are looking at the future national team with these average players.

  25. We were the people who invited these Ghanaians here. Before the 2012 afcon match between us and them, some people went to their site, insulted them,gave them our site address and dared them to come if they were men. After beating them in 2012 afcon, we went there, insulted them and made a mockery of them and their team. People even used the death of their president to tease them. Today, they have flooded here with others. We are just reaping what we have sown.

    Ghanaians, people make mistaked and so have we. We apologise. Let bygones be bygones. Let now live like brothers, friends and above all, Africans. Let’s tone down the insults, support our teams and make tactical and analytical contributions on this site. Love you all.

    • A reasonable and well cultured person indeed. We need the likes of u in Africa.
      Go to the Ghana site & find Mumbi calling us baboons. Paradox is not there yet BUT he may follow. We tear ourselves into pieces & thereafter ask for help to make us whole. OH, AFRICA!!!! When shall we learn from our mistakes?
      Thank u, brother wise man for your admonitions .

  26. Amos Mumba…
    It is not a must you pick all ur players from the league. Don’t you have gud football academies where you can pick young talents from.
    Nigeria for example is made up of mostly players from Football academy, most of them are foreign clubs dat participated in 2013 U-17 are not even in the team.
    The team is mostly academy players and some that secured club football with Nigeria clubs.
    The scenario make the boys hungrier to make a name for themselves and catch up with their mates in foreign leagues.

  27. Faz shod prepare themselves for empty seats in the stadiums if the under 20 exit first round.i forecast poor cash inflows from games involving the senior team. this is very worrying from our national teams.

  28. Facing Ghana a weak opponent like Ghana we should be able to collect all three points and beat S.A In the last game,then we will be through to the semi finals.Not all is lost

    • Could not even draw with Mali & hoping to beat Ghana & your masters, South Africa’s Bafana Bafana? DO U LIVE IN OUTER SPACE? Ok. That is understandable if u are from another hemisphere.

  29. Again, better preparation is the key to success in any competition; you can’t follow same failed procedures and expect different results. I’m not talking about travel arrangements please, play tougher opponents during pre-tourney matches. It makes a big difference. Good luck

      • U always write long essays here!

        We are tired of your long essays and is about time, u learn how to summarize and BY THE WAY IS THR SHIFT KEY ON YOUR LAG– TOP OR NOKIA BROKEN?

        Learn to space out your LONG THESIS CUZ it strain the eyes!! Lol

        U Lil twat!

        • @Gaddafi,abeg chill on positive thinking ,hes not one those droplets of faeces that always attract flies in here.One of those droplets was making mockery of Adiyiah and was like WTF,what has Adiyiah got to do with the topics been discussed here?
          @positive aka realist,uor compatriots have been pushing sane minds like uors down the abyss,by dragging the good name of GH with it even though WE have nothing to do with whats been discussed,so it will b stooge on our part to look idle whiles our country is been derogated by those DROPLETS,hence us replying in with equal or more potent poisonous potion.
          u cant b chewing sugar cane in the house and asking who brought flies to that house? tame uor pepo be4 it degenerates to something else…..

  30. @Badosqi.Our weakest link is the lack of these academies and lack of support to those who make efforts to try putting up the same.Previously,we had one academy run by the son to one of our former republican presidents Mr Banda which succesfully gave us a number of good players some of whom represented us at the Canda world youth cup.This is no longer the case.We have now resorted to getting players on the fringe of playing first team football in our local league who may not be very active because they are mainly bench warmers at these clubs.Ghana is more organized in their youth development structures and this can be attested by their continued success at this level.

  31. It is very sad to see Zambians comparing themselves with Ghanaian soccer. U win on afcon & u feel u are better than us. So pathetic. Where were u when we were playing in wembley? Pls show some respect. Honour your father & mother by so doing u will live long. Otherwise u making a first round exit. Come & wash our bowls & learn to obey your masters. Cheers

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