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Match Reactions: We lost but we are not out – Chilombo

Hector Chilombo (Head Coach, Zambia)

Being the first game, I would have liked to win, but we lost. We played well and did not create a lot of chances. We lost but we are not out. I’m happy for my boys, because they have shown that they can improve. We will remain focus and work harder in the next game. We have to recover and win our next game against Ghana. The tournament is on and we will fight on.

Spencer Sautu (Midfielder, Zambia)

It is a pity that we couldn’t take our chances. It is a learning process and we have learnt our mistakes. They (Mali) had one opportunity and they scored from it. We hope to take our chances in our next game.

Fanyeri Diarra (Head Coach, Mali)

I’m happy we won. Victory in the first game is important since it helps you to tackle the other matches. We met a team that is strong to beat and it is essential that we got the three points. I knew it was not going to be easy against Zambia. The three points will take pressure off us for the next game. Zambia did very well but luck was on our side.

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    • Always having nightmares at the name of the African giants. When you beat Malawi, Madagascar, Lesotho, Mozambique and Mauritius, you feel like you are a giant? It is killing a fly with an AK47. Continue in your dreams, brother.

    • hahahaha nice one Mumbi. Zamfoot should use that as the next headline ” Zambia aim to blackout some stars”

  1. Mali coach, Fanyeri Diarra believes Zambia really exposed the weaknesses in his team despite their slim 1-0 win last night at the Caf U20 championships in Senegal.

    Mali defeated Zambia 1-0 in Group B’s second match of the ongoing African U20 Championship in Senegal on Monday.

    The Junior Eagles claimed the winner in the 68th minute after a close-fought first half, which Mali coach Fanyeri Diarra described as a good assessment for the strength of his team ahead of upcoming challenges.

    “When you go out there and start scoring freely, you really can’t evaluate the capability of your team. But in such a tight game against a good side like Zambia, I saw a number of weaknesses in my team which were exposed because the encounter was tough,” Dairra told supersport.com.

    “It is a win even if by a slim margin and logically we should be happy, but what I really care about right now is how to fix the defects I saw in my team ahead of our next game.”

    Diarra declined to divulge where those weaknesses were situated in his team in order not to sell his game plan cheaply to their next opponents South Africa.

    “I have told my boys not to, for one minute, think that because South Africa were beaten by Ghana 2-0, they will be an easy adversary.

    “It even makes it harder because nobody wants to go back home at this stage. I believe the Amajita will not be ready to bid bye-bye to the tournament, but will rather fight and revive their campaign,” he said.

    Mali are no newcomers to the competition, having finished third once in 2003 and fourth twice in 2011 and 2013 since the format of the tournament was changed from U21 to the current U20 in 2003.

  2. Mali are no new comers so u think, but Ghana are new comers. Also, Ghana will be an easy adversary. Ok, Thursday is not far away, we will see. Another first round exit beckoning.

  3. We have nothing to lose in the match against Ghana as we will be the clear underdogs. The boys will have no choice but to play for pride which will just favour us. Ghana come into the match as one of the book markers favourite to win the tournament and will be out to prove that on match day!

    • Why should it bother Mumbi when Ghana is doing well in soccer? We never thought of u until after u Mumbi & paradox started throwing insults. All becos of the fluke 2012.

      • fluke 2012 ???? lol who played in that final? Teams that earned it. Zambia deserved being in that final coz they had an awesome tournament. Not even Yaya toure could do anything about it.
        It was our time & Chipolopolo rocked! where was Ghana @ that moment? At HOME planning for 2015 Afcon finals & they did it tho not good enough!

  4. Guys please lets lower the teasing for now, its becoming too much . What if they beat us on Thursday, we will also run into hiding so minimize the too-known

  5. Yes Iam now disgruntled let this so called U20 chaps come back home and continue herding goats. We are tired of football mediocrity and the But-We-Played-Well cliche. It is just disheartening supporting these chaps all they do is bring back miseries – and more miseries.

  6. No one is asking u to support any other team, besides it will be foolish on your part to support another country whiles your team is there but what u people must know is that teams like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and others are better than yours. The earlier you accept that fact the better your country will grow in football. Your problem is today you beat one of African giants and then you think u are a giant.

  7. Ghana has eliminated Zambia from all football qualifers that we are paired at!!

    In 2003, all African games, Ghana, eliminated Zambia from the competition thru penalties!!

    In the Olympics qualifers, Ghana again eliminated Zambia in Kumasi when we defeated them!!

    Comes 2011 africa under 17 qualifers and Ghana again eliminated Zambia from the qualifers by beating them in Accra!!

    In 2014 senior WC qualifers, Zambia and Ghana were in the same group and as usual, Ghana defeated them thereby eliminated then from the WC qualifers!!

  8. This seems to be a common problem at all age groups in our national team setting. Lose the first game and then talk tough. It’s almost like a lot of energy is expended on singing on the bus instead of on the field. People like Lwandamina have been successful at this level but yet we continue to sideline them for heaven knows what! Ba Kalusha baseleko, the head of the snake is toxic and this is manifesting itself in our performance on the pitch.

  9. Sometimes its good to be honest and the truth of the matter is that we don’t have a team to talk of, period! Chilombo should not lie to people that he can beat Ghana when deep down he knows that’s an impossible task! Our team is the weakest at this tournament and statistically our team has made more mistakes than any other team! If this is the team for the future then I would rather we stick to our old tired legs that won us AFCON! Chilombo is a useless coach who couldn’t motivate the boys at half time and they went back as if they had just been told that their mothers have died back home while the malians went back fired up! Patrick Phiri used to do a better job. The current team cannot be compared to the teams of 1999 and 2007 by far far far!

    • @Anita, you have hit the nail on the head. The 1999 and 2007 junior teams are far superior to this U20 side. What was it that made us think we had a world beating junior team. It was painful to watch that match against Mali. There was no visible strategy, no clear formation and our boys couldn’t keep possession. Honestly, how do you start using the goalkeeper as a sweeper where he is involved in those build up passes without any cover should he misplace a pass or slip. Crazy stuff. I was horrified to watch that match and am not even sure how we managed to qualify.

    • I agree with you but sticking to the Afcon 2012 i shall never agree as if they were as good as we would want them to appear, they’d be playing for top European countries but not even one which even smalller countries like Gabon and Benin have!

  10. so to our ghana brothers, enjoy teasing us. i know u like it this way. guess the 2012 defeat will still linger on with pain

  11. So Mali which has never won this competition before is no new comer to this competition, but Ghana which has won this competition 3 times and 3 times as runner up is new comer to this competition. Very very funny people indeed.

  12. hahaha..ghana is new to this competition.so if you analyze game this way,why wont you loose? error premises leading to error results..@ANITA,YOU ARE VERY OBJECTIVE AND PLAIN.LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE NOT MARRIED SO THAT WE CAN MINGLE,MY GOOD FRIEND “DALISO BANDA” AKA F~15 WILL HELP IN THE ARRANGEMENT..hehehe





  13. Visit Ghanasoccernet…. No comments!!! All supporters want green pasture in Southern Africa. Its a dream of every West African to travel down south. Lets go Zambia, Lets go South Africa.

    • A black county with a WHITE PRESIDENT IN 21 CENTURY is still living in the past!!!

      No Ghanaian ll dream of coming to Zambia to mine COPPER after all copper values are nothing to write home about in the world market!!

      U village champion!

  14. @soccer daipa,why do you associate yourself to south africa? the fact that you are in the same region does not make zambia “rsa”,and rsa “zambia”.if you are talking of RSA,yes they are rich and they are not zambia.but if you are talking of zambia,then my question is “WHY WILL A REASONABLE HUMAN BEING TRAVEL TO A COUNTRY WHICH GIVE JUST 500 DOLLARS TO THEIR U17 TEAM AS A REWARD,FOR GREENER PASTURE?” a west african might come to zambia for different purpose but not to survive.only 20% of you afford 3 square quality mill (which anita and f~15 are part) per day so moving from ghana to zambia is just like moving from frying pan to fire.i will never make reference to mali:who gave each u17 player a house or ivory coast~house and car.

    • Kekekekekekekeke DAMN!! WHY DID U SAY THIS MR GHANABOY?

      COMMON MENN!! THIS IS NOT A FIGHT BUDDY Hhahahahahahaha..

      Errrm!! I BELIEVE ANITA AND F~15 WILL NOT LIKE THIS BUDDY Kekekekekeke.. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Your idiotic ghanaian brothers are all over Zambia looking for teaching jobs you fools. And yet you’re there putting Zambia down. Morons! Ghana is a filthy ravaged country full of okadas. Okada infested country. Indeed you’re from the waste of worst of africa.

    • And from your comments, one can tell that you’re still on the baby milk bottle. Especially you ghanaboy chimpazeee. Fusteki iweee.

  15. In the current under 20 team, there is no midfielder who is the class of Andrew Sinkala, Ronald mbambara, Calvin Chisha, young Simutowe, Emmanuel Zulu, makufi benard, Perry Mutapa of that 1999 squad. No one comes closer to the above players and I mean no one from the current pulangaz!

  16. Enough with all these attacks…… You guys should show some maturity.

    To Zambians, what was your preparation like, was there any real friendly matches before the commencement of the tournament.
    Flying eagles of Nigeria played against the best four teams in Nigeria and the U-23 team. They defeated the 5 top rated teams, traveled to ghana to play their under 20, drew 1 and defeated them in the second match.
    Ghana team also traveled to europe after playing nigeria for there preparation and played a couple of games too.
    I really can’t remamba zambia playing any real significant friendly as preparation for this tournament.

    • Zambia only had the one friendly against Senegal. Oh, and they actually arrived early which apparently has become a great feat by our lackluster Football Association.

  17. But why the sudden turn of events. So many here had high hopes for this team, but now after one loss it has become a hate forum for the young men.

    What we are forgetting is that at least there was a clear and deliberate plan to try and build a team that could compete at this tournament. FAZ put together this team during the zone 6 championships to try and get them to grow together. Things have not worked out according to plan, rather than sit here and cast blame one should go back and start to rethink where the plan was flawed. Perhaps a better coach, perhaps more preparation, perhaps the selection process or development process for the team was not sound. But what is clear is that if we can keep a production line of youth teams that can consistently qualify for continental football, then the wins will come. When was the last time Zambia even qualified? Stop sulking, there are too many good football brains on this site for us to not offer solutions and ideas.

    I have always stood by the idea of FAZ teaming with the Ministry of Education to create a schools regional soccer league and continue investing in school football. Also to introduce a youth coaching program, so that these young boys have an understanding of tactics at a young age. We all grew up playing long balls or relying heavily on our individual ability without understanding tactical or technical football and that is Zambias current failure. Its not all doom and gloom, its time for analysis and taking hard lessons in how to win.




  18. @positive thinking, It is obvious one friendly is not enough for this competition. Is it not the same senegal Nigeria defeated 3-1 in front of their people. Team Nigeria still had to play lots of preparatory matches even though the flying eagles is among the favorites for this tournament.

    • Agreed. The admin has been very docile when it comes to preparing teams for tournaments. The senior team also only played one friendly, and yet were told to make the semi final. This is why guys like TCSOCCERMAN are saying the admin is useless, well quite honestly they are not helping the situation.

    • U suck like your prediction!

      No matter what u predicts here, GHANA IS AFRICA MOST SUCCESSFUL UNDER 20 NATION OF ALL TIMES, winning the FIFA WC and taking all the awards!!

      We know how to play in touranmemt and that’s why the former Mali coach call us the GERMANY OF AFRICA FOOTBALL!!

      We PEAK AS THE TOURNEY PROGRESSES and we are more deadly in our SECOND AND THIRD MATCHES that’s the reason why Zambia ll be BASH ON THURSDAY!!!

      We have a STRONG FOOTBALL MENTALITY than u!

  19. jealousy at it best.why dont you predict zambia and nigeria in the final? wait,how many predictions have you got right since you started following football? you will wake up when ghana destroy your men.can a dead man even wake up?..a west african country lifted the u17,senior afcon and they are lifting the u20 as well..focus on hunting and gathering

  20. Idi Amin Ghadafi, we understand the pain you go through when your players are racially abused in european legues. Us here in Zambia we are civilized and we don’t care to have a white president in 21st centuary. We are able to win afcon in this centuary and celebrate the trophy with a white president.
    I personaly dont care about ghana’s football success in ancient times including their pains of slaverly suffered under the in their own slave coast land.

  21. @mumbi,i thank God that you have not been endowed with the ability to analyze football correctly.try farming because you wish what can never happen.
    by the way,why do you celebrate independence day if you were not once slaves? your freedom has been given but your brain is still being colonized until you realize that zambia is different from south africa.who knows,maybe you are still living on trees or in caves covered with sticks or even a neolithic version of daub and wattle

  22. It is a pity that somebody at this 21st century will put himself and country under a white guy called scott….What a shame

  23. Ghana won the U20 World Cup in 2009

    Ghana have recorded 80 points at the Word Youth stage and remains the only African team to lift the trophy.

    The Black Satellites are on course to qualify to yet another World Cup after their 2-0 win over South Africa in their opening 2015 African Youth Championship in Senegal.

    The Ghanaians are the powerhouse at the youth level on the continent with a remarkable feat at the world stage.

    Coach Sellas Tetteh guided the team to win the World Youth Championship in 2009 in Egypt and remains on course for another shot at the title.

    The team must negotiate their second group game against Zambia on Thursday to secure passage to the 2015 World Youth Championship in New Zealand.

  24. ghanaboy, u are going too far. If u dont know Zambia helped RSA to gain its independence in 1964. But let us limit our discussions to football, after all u should appreciate the fact that Zambia has a nice football site where u can express yourself freely than entire west african sites where u can find 3 coments or nothing. Welcome to civilization!!!!!!

  25. I find it funny when this ghana claims to be the most successive country in africa with most success in youth level. Is it not funny?
    U-17 level Nigeria is the most successive team in the world 4 world cups and 2 CAF cups.
    U-20 Nigeria rule Africa with 6 CAF cups and 2 world cup silvers. Ghana only has 3 Caf cups and 1 U-20 world cup(I don’t know maybe they have 2nd place medals too)
    U-23 Nigeria is an olympic gold champion, a silver and bronze champion in All Africa games. Ghana a gold medal in All africa games.

    So ghanians why the fuss about being the most successive team in africa in age grade football. Yes you have done so well, won lots of trophy but still you are not the best……

  26. I find it funny when this ghana claims to be the most successive country in africa with most success in youth level. Is it not funny?
    U-17 level Nigeria is the most successive team in the world 4 world cups and 2 CAF cups.
    U-20 Nigeria rule Africa with 6 CAF cups and 2 world cup silvers. Ghana only has 3 Caf cups and 1 U-20 world cup(I don’t know maybe they have 2nd place medals too)
    U-23 Nigeria is an olympic gold champion, a silver and bronze champion in All Africa games. Ghana a gold medal in All africa games.

    So ghanians why the fuss about being the most successive team in africa in age grade football. Yes you have done so well, won lots of trophy but still you are not the best……
    Nice one “Monpelle”

    • Ghana is and remains the most successful African under 20 side of all times and is a fact!

      Whether u believe or not is a fact!!

      We won the FIFA under 20 and we were the first to do so!!

      Besides, we are the only africa nation tohave qualify consecutively to the semi finals in our six appearance at the tournament!!!

      Ghana again has never lost a single match in regulation time till that record was broken by France in turkey!!

      All your six championship titles are nothing compared to the FIFA WC and is no coincidence that we are there!!

      Ghana has played against the best of the best in the under 20!

      Accept it my friend!




    • Ghana was the first black country to win AN OLYMPIC MEDAL IN FOOTBALL!!

      We were the trailblazers and open the floor gate for u and Cameroon to win gold!!

      Show some respect!

  27. Ok…now lemme tell ya’ll something interesting…I wouldn’t dwell too much on the hating just yet if I was a Zambian about to meet Ghana honestly I will be thinking about the 5-0 trashing imma receive from them…Ghana as u keep telling us are your wives…your customers…your small girls….well, senior Zambia allow me this opportunity to tell u that your wives Ghana has now seen the need to move from the “missionary position” to a more comfortable position known as the ” horse riding ” position please let us all enjoy this encounter whilst it lasts n believe u me we gonna have a loooooong ride this way….i promise u guys that we shall ride this way till eternity…my husbands….enjoy ur lose till Thursday muaah…love ya’ll

  28. Oh I soo miss this site….damn…where de Amandlas…at?..i gotta hear what’s to said about Ghana this time round….i mean the last time I was here Amandla was looking to fix us in a coffin…ooh that’s not how to treat a customer

  29. U-17 medals Ghana vs Nigeria
    Gnaha 2 times champions 2 runners up and 1 bronze
    Nigeria 4 times world champions and 3 times runners up
    Ghana 2 times champion and 1 runners up
    Nigeria 2 times champion, 2 runners up and 1 bronze

  30. Gaddafi no disrespect to ghana is first african nation to win an olympic medal.. But that is not what will are talking about here.

  31. @idi amin by that same logic Ghana should show respect to Nigeria for being the trailblazers at the u-20 when they won silver in Saudi ’89, but I don’t see you show any respect. All you did was brag how Ghana are the only African champions at U-20. The truth is Ghana are the most successful U-20 at the world stage followed by nigeria.
    While Nigeria are the most successful U-23 Olympic side followed by Cameroon.

    • Yes naija, is the ultimate champions in the under 17 and they were the trailblazers of course but Ghana has overtaken naija as Africa most successive under 20 side!!

      The under 20 WC is a BIG DEAL cuz it has produced half of the talent that grows to be become SUPERSTARS!!

      Messi, Diego folana, saviola, essien, Mikel etc were there and for Ghana to eliminate Brazil to win it is a big achievement!!!

    • Shut the hell up,u LIL GENETIC GOOFE!!

      U are nothing than a HOUSE ZAMBIAN NEGRO BEEN lead by a WHITE SLAVE DRIVER !! Haha!!

      No serious country ll take Zambia serious when they realized that, these BUNCH OF SPOOKES are still colonially enslaved in their own yard!! Lol


      • Wow. Do you actually think you are making sense? Its either you are very young or you seriously need help. I am not even trying to pick a fight, but looking at some of your comments one has to really wonder what or who they are dealing with. Smh.

          • You piece of dog shit. Go to your hellish ghana site and leave us alone. Why being obsessed with Zambia. Is your ass itching, P.I.G.

          • No bro…I feel sorry for you that’s all. Because one day you’ll look at what you wrote and be disappointed. Just as much as your fellow Ghanaians probably are. Trust me, I don’t think you have intellectual capacity or the grammar to hurt my feelings.



  32. Yeah Mumbi…ain’t that a shame that Zambia keeps failing in competitions that rats and apes do well in…grow up man cos u sound like a 15 year old now…wake up and smell the coffee…Ghana will trash u tomorrow

    • Why can’t you for once you idiots behave yourselves? Just like you like invading other people’s countries, you also invade other people’s websites. Morons!

  33. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! @ Kwame, thats coincidential STAR – RATS. I did’nt meant that my man. Was just responding to Gh boi who broght in sex styles of horse riding.

    • U DONT MEAN IT BUDDY!! —Hhahahahahahahaha DO U Umm!!—–>

  34. Look at that…saying I brought in sex styles…we still gonna rape your guys tomorrow on the pitch…and relax man…I won’t be dragged in your war of words…

  35. We waiting to annihilate Ghana again in the semis if they survive their group. 9ja has already spanked them in their own backyard after drawing first match last month.

  36. I don’t care whether you are Zambian, Nigerian, or Ghanaian, insults should come to a stop.At this rate, we will end up insulting our own parents as it seems there’s insult indoctrination.

  37. it all started with a painful 1:0 semi final win Zambia over Ghana. followed by another 1:0 win for Zambia against Ghana. they have then hated us with a passion.

  38. It then continued with successive victories over Zambia and even robbing them of a world cup spot after 3free points….and we have dominated you with passion ever since

  39. “Being the first game, I would have liked to win, but we lost. We played well and did not create a lot of chances. We lost but we are not out,”Chilombo said.

    “I’m happy for my boys, because they have shown that they can improve. We will remain focused and work harder in the next game.

    “We have to recover and win our next game against Ghana. The tournament is on and we will fight on”.

    SO THIS MEDIOCRITY RUNS IN THE BLOOD OF MOST ZAMBIANS IN EXCEPTION OF THE FEW I KNOW. HOW CAN YOU BE HAPPY OVER A AN ABYSMAL PERFORMANCE LIKE WHAT WE ALL WATCHED? Every Tourney is a learning process for Zambia. the question i always ask myself is that when will zambia be ready for any tournament? women u17 was a learning process, afcon 2013 and 2015 was a learning process,CHAN qualifier against Minnows Zambabwe was a learning process, U17 was a learning process and now u20 is now a learning process after a high expectation and over hyping of untested players. PATSON DAKA comes to mind first.
    – See more at: http://www.ghanasoccernet.com/2015-ayc-zambia-coach-chilombo-eyes-ghana-scalp-on-thursday#sthash.IvWGRetO.dpuf

  40. Nigeria through to world cup already…. Can’t wait to see the remaining lads in europe joining this team for d world cup tournament..
    My 2013 U-17 boys flogging every team in world since 2011 since their U-15 tournament.

  41. Flying eagles on course to winning Nigeria’s 7th caf under 20 cup.
    This is not over bragging but no team in africa right now can stop these boys, refer back to their U-17 triumph if you want to argue against me.

  42. Badosqi wait until you meet the world conquerors at the u20 level. You are just a local champion. Winning 6 AYC titles without a single world title.Shame on you local champions

  43. I dont see any team beating Ghana at this tourney. Not even our own brothers who makes a lot of noise. I cant wait to see Ghana play Naija. Any game between Ghana IS Naija is treated as a final irrespective of the competition. But hey u cant take it away from nigeria, they have been holding the flag high along side Ghana on behalf of the continent at the world stage. Just imagine an Africa without Ghana and Nigeria.

  44. Hahahaahhahahahaha Racozy and who are the world champion…Ghana abi???
    The same ghana my boys flogged in the U-17 level with an embarrassing 6-1, the same ghana we defeated few weeks back in ur country..

  45. Ghanaians will have no business coming to a Zambian website, if not for a certain mumbi who is obsessed with gsn and comes there to write nonsense everyday.

  46. Ghanaians would have no business coming to a Zambian website, if not for a certain mumbi who is obsessed with gsn and comes there to write nonsense everyday.

  47. More often most Ghanaians do not even have the time to write comments on gsn, let alone on a Zambian website, but for certain commentators like mumbi, paradox etc.

  48. One fact: Ghana is only behind Argentina and Brazil, as far as the fifa u20 tournament accumulated points and ranking are concerned.

  49. Badosqi if you have forgotten this is under 20 level and not u17. And winning friendly matched doesnt make you champions when the tournament starts.Ask the pre tourney champions SA. They won all their pre afcon matches but couldnot win a single game in the tournament proper. You can also ask the COSAFA champions they will tell you. They won all their games in cosafa tourney and also during the qualifiers with Patrick kluivet(PATSON) and Messi(Musando)destroying all the power houses in football like Lesotho, Botswana,Zimbabwe,Sao Tome and Djibouti

  50. Ghana u20 beat Nigeria u20 4:1 at the Ethiopia 2001 tournament, the heaviest defeat Nigeria u20 has ever suffered from an African side. That Ghana side went on to win silver in Argentina, only beaten in the final by the host. The team included Essien, Muntari, J. Painstil, John Mensah, etc.

  51. Yeah you are right but trust me this present flying eagles team is a bomb… They’ve been together since U-15. And they are one hell of a beast when it comes to goals.. Breaking the record of the Highest scoring team in U-17 history, flog the best teams in Naija league and scoring like anyhow in this U-20 tournament.7 goals after 2 games…
    Foreign stars like Ihenacho, isaac success, Chidiebere and others are not even in the team yet..

    Wait till the U-20 world cup.

    • Ghana ll still beat u!!

      Ghana and naija matches doesn’t follow form pattern and a recent typical eg is the CHAN tournament in south Africa where naija were beaten and eliminated by Ghana though they were demolishing other teams!!

      Forget about the fact that, this team has been togather cuz when they meet Ghana, that’s is irrelevant!

  52. Hahahaahahaha rascozy too much are u…I never knew u could speak the zambia language like that….i remember a certain John who has gone into self exile claim that Messi Paston will take the U17 tourney by storm….hahahahaha he did tht perfectly and has quickly graduated to de U20 seamlessly whilst killing minnows like SA Ghana and Mali

  53. Ghana has reached semi final in all its 6 appearances at the world U20 level. Losing twice at final against Brazil and Argentina before winning finally against Brazil with 10 men. Until 2013 edition when Ghana won Bronze, Ghana has never lost any game below a simi final level in 32games.

    1 Gold
    2 Silvers
    1 Bronze
    2 Fourth place

  54. Many Ghanaians including myself did and still admire Zambian football. During the 1999 ayc in Ghana, Zambia had a player called Zulu. He was a delight to watch, and many were those who tipped him for greatness. Unfortunately he didn’t live up to expectation, and I still do not know why and how.

  55. hehehehe gaddafi, ghanian team can’t stand the flying eagles. We are talking about U-20 you are talking of CHAN. where is the similarity.
    Let us hope that you guys will make it to final bcos that is the likely place we can meet unless you mark your register behind Mali as usual.

  56. hehehehe gaddafi, ghanian team can’t stand the flying eagles. We are talking about U-20 you are talking of CHAN. where is the similarity.
    Let us hope that you guys will make it to final bcos that is the likely place we can meet unless you mark your register behind Mali as usual.

    • Ghana has been beaten Mali from time immemorial and just recent in AYC IN ALGERIA, we were in the same group and Ghana bashed them again!

      Ghana, ll qualify tomorrow by eliminating Zambia but we ll still beat Mali in the final match!!!

  57. The site has now turned into a battle field between the homeless mad street kids of Kumasi/Accra and Boko Haram sons. NB except Kwame, badosqi and Zambians.

    • mumbi that’s harsh on the naijas. book horam is a sensitive issue. but i agree with you concerning the homeless kumasi kids

  58. mumbi, please try to use another name when you want to attack us. Boko haram is no childs play and a lot have lost their life in the battle against this terrorist.
    Show some respect these people.

  59. Patrick kluivet(PATSON) and
    Messi(Musando)destroying all
    the power houses in football
    like Lesotho,
    Tome and Djibouti……kikikikhki hahahahaha gagagagaga

    • Imwe guys y twalekela ba mukukulu ukututuka pa lubansa kanshi!let them respect us ichi chintu chesu opo tuyumfwisha bwino nga twalusa umupila.

  60. KWAME NKRUMAH…saw your comment up there about me making too much noise about laurels. Well those are not noise, we call them bragging about your achievements and anyone can do it.
    And there is no rule against doing it. All we need to do is to respect other people’s country, we do not need to attack others politically or resort to bad nickname to drive home our points.
    GUY If you have it, flaunt it.

  61. Wow french teams dominating and eliminating media-overhype English clubs. Chelsea this week arsenal next week. Not a single english could make it to the last 8. French league with 3 slots dominating english with 4 slots.
    If premier league should continue like this, UEFA may reduce the 4slots to 3. Give the slot to german or french league.

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